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  1. Can anyone recommend a good joiner please?
  2. Can anybody recommend a good one on the Island please? Thanks.
  3. We had the same for about 5 mins, it's back on now though.
  4. Your house . I have a feeling I'm not gonna get any straight answers here lol.
  5. How do you mean? We went to The Marine last Sunday, twas lovely as usual. Just wondering where your fave places are? Looking to try some different places in the coming weeks...
  6. Where would you recommend for Sunday lunch?
  7. Please text me on 464313. Thanks, Clare
  8. Anybody got any going spare? If so, please message me.....thanks!
  9. Anybody got any going spare? Please message me if you do....thanks!
  10. To raise money for Children in Need, Anna is donating all proceeds from her Horoscope EP to the charity. Any sales made today and for the following seven days will go directly to Children In Need. Buy it, buy it, buy it....! It is soooooooooooooo amazing! Check out the link guys.... http://www.stereoscout.com/scoutpress.htm Also, Radio 2 have Anna's EP and are taking requests all day today, so pledge some money and get it played!
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