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  1. Have used them in a previous life, great team and I hope they can find alternative employment quickly.
  2. The layout is terrible....not helped by people just keeping the trays on the table until they walk round to the scanner and pick up again. Can be solved with twenty quids worth of perspex! But apparently its all the traveller's fault.......
  3. Defend ourselves from whom? (or who....never can work that out!)
  4. Can we just jump straight to the 2018/2019 season thread instead....... As we watch from the Championship.......
  5. That's the curvature of the globe for ya!!
  6. Remember the days when threads were locked just because of bags of tools and unfinished holiday cottages.....those were the days!
  7. Cant we get Amy Burns to trace the IP addresses and confirm once and for all......
  8. At least you found a picture with a plane in it......
  9. If only there was some sort of other empty derelict open area near the prom.....
  10. Change and choice....not something we like too much on the Isle of Man yessir......
  11. Wouldnt say Jake Bugg was past his best......that's the only one that really appeals to me, but at least there is a variety of acts to choose from. Not something we are usually blessed with over here.
  12. Just announced - eclectic mix for sure! OMD - 20 February 2018 Jake Bugg - 22 February 2018 James Blunt - 18 June 2018 All tickets on sale Friday 29th September
  13. Rally IOM had one of its largest fields in many years....which in itself lead to a number of the issues that has arisen in the MN article. Some points raised are very valid, some just sour grapes from a few BRC runners. Listen, learn adapt.....or just throw the towel in. I would certainly prefer the former.
  14. Is it rally related.....they are using Marine Drive on Rally IOM? So perhaps drone filing as opposed to racing?
  15. Start with banning the MGP first.....baby steps and all that!
  16. I would imagine its past the houses down towards the bus shelter.....but not 100% sure I am afraid. Apologies for the mild inconvenience :-)
  17. They clearly didnt have enough "connected" shareholders.......
  18. On this weekend. Stage Maps attached Lots of cars over First stage is the Douglas Prom stage on Thursday evening - first cars due off 19.00 ish. Well worth a look. Good luck to anyone involved! Enjoy. Rally IOM Map.pdf
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