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  1. I heard no Stones songs at all. I call bullshit. We must have heard two different events. Maybe there were two different sites for the music as we could now and again here the stupid boom boom bass from somewhere else.
  2. That means nothing. As sad as it is, there is a rider dead for every 150 yds or less. That means that if memorials are erected, each one will be in clear site of the next. Visualise riding around the course and seeing all these memorials, time after time after time for over 260!!! That is the saddest part of these events
  3. Why did your mum ask you if she had put clean underpants on?! She was riding pillion
  4. Apart from the fact we are paying for it and watching it, nothing really
  5. But not in front of a huge audience
  6. Geoff was an absolute encyclopedia on the tt and mgp Lots of folk did not like him because they did not understand him. He shot from the hip and gained my respect for that. Gone too soon in my opinion.
  7. Every rider, Travelling Marshall or course car driver MUST have the knowledge that when they ride or drive on closed roads, there is NOBOBY else on there, no matter how wealthy or stupid they are, or how good their legal team is
  8. Yes, I am sure you are correct, what ever the fuck that means in this debate.
  9. Will there be a lap or a ride out to celebrate that event ? It is really sick to actually think there is a rider dead for about every 150 yards of the course.
  10. Not from the ratio of drinkers to deaths, or riders in the island to deaths.
  11. He was flagged down, told that he had the thing wrong, had the chance to put it right and drove on? Well said Max. That is why I cant believe he has the audacity to say it was not his fault. Not sure this is a one off TBH.
  12. As I just said. You are showing yourself up here.
  13. You are showing yourself up here.
  14. Most of us would hold our hands up, eat loads of humble pie and pay a big fine and accept 6 points. However, some are of a different opinion and think they are somebody because they can talk the talk and talk proper too. It does not matter what barrier was there if any. How the fuck can you not know the road closing times. What is more important, fixing your tent or obeying the law. I used to Marshall, but mainly for rallies, but I met quite a few like him.
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