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  1. http://douglas.im/index.php/info/item/226-town-hall#.XazeXrNFw2w Seems to call Douglas Borough Council now
  2. It is Douglas Corporation, are you even slightly Manx, yer idiot. Think again Wally.
  3. I also recall Daisy Scissor Hands
  4. And we all believe that story ,don’t we ?
  5. dilligaf


    Not a real " reserve" though. just an interest getter. The real Green Meanie was a belter of a bike and Granty did a great job on it, but in the real world, that means Jack Shit.
  6. dilligaf


    But they will still be just bending over for the last remaining old TT fans.
  7. dilligaf


    I agree with you. The imported head of Manx National Heritage seemed to care little for the Manx people. It was a case of me, me, me in that interview and what I think is correct and what you need. the chap is in the wrong job, in the wrong country.
  8. A bit like the TT figures really
  9. No. Just once you have left school and become an adult, your views are sought on many things. But don't worry, your time will come, just wait.
  10. Am I ever anything less than civil ?
  11. A couple of MHKs just proving that they should never have been elected @nd should not get back in
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