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  1. Oh yes, I know that, but I meant the disease caused by smoking could not be passed on, like Covid-19 and flu. I used to smoke in front of others, but looking back, I may have harmed them. Hate smoke now. Not smoked for almost 20 years.
  2. Not spin at all and you are becoming obsessed.
  3. Smoking related deaths are nothing short of suicide. You can’t transmit that to other innocent folk.
  4. Not easy with his comments at all. He is in the legal profession and should know better than to joke about rape. I don’t care who takes the piss out if me for being stupid, but I will not stand for beIng called a supporter of a rapist. JW needs to man up and explain why he thought it funny.
  5. How low can you stoop to try looking cool and savvy. For the one millionth time. When I knew WK, he was what I said, a likeable rouge.. He never failed to get a different woman every night as he had the gift of the gab. Did not see him for many years and was shocked to see rape accusations . Would not give the time of day to anyone convicted of rape, no matter who they were. I do not support him. Have never supported him and never will support him. Shocked that J W thought it was funny to suggest I thought it was ok to be a rapist. Even more shocked as he is the Mod who decides what is acceptable on here. It was not funny in the slightest John. You have banned me twice in the past for what you call, “being sassy”.All that has happened is yet another thread has been hijacked and the floodgates of shite opened.
  6. Correct. I have a very wide view of humour and that includes work by KBW Roy Chubby Brown, Manning, and most of the current risqué comedians. BUT being accused of supporting a rapist is NOT funny. Rape has to be the worst ever crime and if I live to be 100 years old, I will never, ever support anyone convicted of that crime. That turns my stomach having a wife and daughter. I have no problem being derided fir stupid posts, or being ignorant, but please. Never say I support rape. Not sure what JW was thinking posting what he did.
  7. Pam Crowe was horrendously arrogant and ignorant. Nasty woman in every way. Glad she was binned.
  8. I responded to a question as to whether there had been a female capable of becoming CM.
  9. The only one (in my lifetime) to be good enough was the real Claire Christian. Nobody else comes close.
  10. I dread to think what this world holds for the next generation. Feeling sorry already for my kids.
  11. Nice post from a poster who gets banned as often as I and others, for what you are accusing me of. You are partial to a bit of swearing and ranting yourself fella. Or, am I mixing you up with the other TSOS ?
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