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  1. dilligaf


    Is there an error in that last bit ?
  2. dilligaf


    I didn’t post this earlier as I thought it was fake. Having now seen the pic from a different angle I am guessing it is actually a fuck up
  3. Google again and you may find the figures are accurate
  4. But Stu was correct with his figures wasn’t he ? Surely the fact that it did not fit the latest mold , says more. Think I will buy a couple of bandwagons as they seem to be always full
  5. So just how old are you ? You sound like student.
  6. Absolutely agree. We won’t even be allowed to call them “snowflakes” soon,
  7. So my first assessment was correct. You are a twat. How do you sleep at night?
  8. You are a twat. I just hope to hell I don’t know you in “ real life “ Now fucking dare you
  9. I appreciate you mean well and Of course I know how clued up you are. however if I had a family member in Abbottswood ( sp) I would be devastated to see what was happening
  10. Each and everyone of those 12 people were human beings with loving families. They are not just fucking statistics, they were real people with real families. How dare anyone just talk about them as statistics. What has happened to us for people to use numbers instead of names. Society has degenerated of late as it seems “social media” has taken over from decency and morals
  11. A building firm would not be considered self employed would it. That is what the 3K is aimed at
  12. I think Cannon fodder was not too far of the mark.
  13. Not a “ blip” to a dozen families though and many more to come.
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