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  1. You are manxy and I claim £1, in these lean times
  2. Jesus. I can remember getting a second one
  3. I certainly do, but going by your last few weeks postings, I am not sure you are the same poster of old.
  4. I was in short pants then and the Telly was black and white
  5. Sorry, but this IS Manx Forums. Everything can be agreed or disagreed
  6. Would one start a sentence with “Us English” or would one say “We English” ?
  7. Not sure what you mean by pre EFW. When did glass ever go there ? Glass is used by. Corletts, maybe at one time wrights aggregate. cans have always been baled and exported, same with paper. It was at one time held at the EFW plant then loaded into trailers and shipped out. I believe the. Corpy now do this Cardboard was also baled and shipped out, but this may have ceased now as it gets wet at the tip and is then useless for recycling. Maybe just burned now.
  8. You never cease to make me laugh.
  9. Correct. Just look at that idiot “Lambo something “ on Facebook. How the hell can you take somebody seriously when they have half their face covered in stupid ink
  10. Don’t even go there with the tights. When I got paid off, we were broke. I thought the only wayout was to rob a bank. I took a pair of the wife’s tights from the laundry basket and went down to Barclays. Put the tights on my head and went into the bank but being polite, joined the queue Never got any money, .....I must have got turned on by the tights, as when the Police arrived, I was just stood there having a w***
  11. Having said what I did, one can say “ us Manxies”
  12. Ok. You English should describe yourselves as “we English” I am sure th3 forum experts will be along soon to tell me otherwise
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