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  1. More likely a warped sense of pride. Like cutting a huge fart in an open chamber and shouting ‘No applause from the balcony please!’ for comedy effect. You are far and away too smart for us. Why didn't we think of that ? Jesus H etc.
  2. His job is to apply the rules. This he did. Imagine if the plebs were allowed to cheer or jeer at will. I am no fan of the man but I totally agree with him here. It is not a soap filmed with an audience
  3. Very different though each case. Just read in the local rag that two idiots are writing in the comments/ letters section that the idiotic woman who crossed the road was unfairly treated as she was tired after a long journey to the island from somewhere obscure. There is testiment on Facebook from a guy who was there and said she was egged on to cross the road as a dare. She was told to stop several times but didn’t and carried on to cheers to cross the road. She deserves the large penalty for her stupidity alone. People like her cause fatalities. Shame the writers in the paper did not think about this before trying to defend the stupid bint.
  4. Well I must be as thick as people say MrPB is, because I can’t see why everyone who uses the public roads should not have to be insured. That includes all vehicles, pushbikes, horses and anyone else legally using the roads. It does not matter what age they are, or how often they use said roads.
  5. That’s good value. Amazing more don’t do it. Well quite. But no one is arguing against cyclists having whatever level of insurance that they feel is appropriate for them. They're just arguing that it shouldn't be compulsory. What is suitable for a regular cyclist with £1000 of kit may not be fair to impose on a 10 year-old with a £50 bike. So what about the car driver with his £50 Micra. Does he not need to be covered ?
  6. Dictatorships rule...  Sort of wondering what Slinky, Rhumsaa and Gladys make of the present running.
  7. In all fairness you are most people, aren't you ?
  8. I have been away for 5 days and now having scanned more threads see that Paswt has been banned for a week for simply trying to counter a vicious attack on his families integrity, yet SJR continues to post malicious comments about one of the longest standing members of this forum. You could not make this crap up.
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