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  1. Take a day off from being a prick.
  2. Only by posters who don't like being corrected or made to look stupid. Ring any bells ?
  3. To start with I know how to spell "well". Secondly, I have not been asked any challenging questions .
  4. Oh, he must be right then. Being musical and maybe funny. !!! Just sounds like a prick to me. I have a high IQ too btw. Edit to add xx
  5. This case highlights why so many people have no faith in our justice system or even the police. Why has this not been appealed. It is a joke and a young life has been put at risk because of this vile persons fetishes. I just hope that Bates never feels at ease with what he has got away with.
  6. and also very intelligent. Shame he wastes his time acting daft.
  7. You may be posting in the wrong thread fella.
  8. Says some bumfluffed faced yank with 2 brain cells. Ok he must be right. Bollocks.
  9. To be fair to Barrie though. If he had not been so vocal and tried so hard to be seen as somebody special on Manx Radio and more so in Isle of Man Newspapers, he would have received more respect from the public. In fact he came across as a complete tool. Why someone with his knowledge and background sought that fame is anyone's guess.
  10. Especially with his mop and bucket in hand
  11. I am sure Barrie knows his stuff as regards shipping bananas around the place, but from cleaning shithouses to defence lawyer is a bigger step that Neil Armstrong took.
  12. No. Just drawn freehand. Good eh ?
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