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  1. Maybe you should be kissingJW’s arse instead of shaddowing me .
  2. If any forum is run on what you post, then it is doomed to failure. OST
  3. So is TSOS your bitch or alga ego ?
  4. I have paid my subs for the next two years at £40. Bin me off and refund me. Be my pleasure. Too many arseholes on here .The forum is Infested with people like TSOS. You are welcome to him Sad thing is that the arseholes on here don’t pay subs, but take it that they take control.
  5. Face the childish idiots as well please, then reimburse my £40. That will do as an intelligent response. Cheers
  6. Inform TSoS too please. The man is insane.
  7. But you have 100 times Posted confused emojis against all my posts. I find that very suspect. Can you not find a partner to abuse instead of looking online for victims ? Or maybe you have already.
  8. This is proof that our mental health service has messed up. They will save you eventually, so don’t get too upset.
  9. But you are posting emojis to every post I make. No matter which thread. Do you think people don’t see that ?
  10. You are probably about 98 % wrong, but don’t let that worry you.
  11. But the Comms have no say whatsoever. Nor should they.
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