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  1. Nothing to laugh about though is there. If you are self employed ( like me) then you need a cushion to protect you in situations like this.what is hard to understand about future proofing your income. Taking the moral high ground does not pay the bills.
  2. Do you not think it sad that a poster like me can be the focus of attention when this virus can potentially fuck us all up. Shallow people everywhere.
  3. No it is childish behaviour that we should have left behind us many many years ago.
  4. Yeah, when a moderator says “ piss off” you know you are right.
  5. Not me being pathetic, is it. Howie asked us adults to act as such. Some people don’t understand simple requests.
  6. This is why Manx Forums are a joke outside the circle
  7. Tomorrow will be one full fat and one semi skimmed
  8. In the small fish bowl that is Manx Forums, you are probably ok with that thought. In the real world though, you are a fish out of water. Just saying for reality.
  9. Does any business have a legal right to access by the public. ? You may own the building, but you don’t own the access. The Gov. pay for the access to your property.
  10. Does it really need scrutiny ? What’s the problem here ?
  11. A bit confused to start with, then realised it was tongue in cheek.
  12. How can any Government condone Buy to Let. Totally taking the piss. Cancerous behavior.
  13. Yes , I would love to. Roxanne woke me up. No point in posting on an empty head, same as drinking on an empty stomach.
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