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    No, you don't think that and, no, you don't earn that as a general HGV driver.
  2. dilligaf

    Me too

    Well there is enough shit to keep her in work for many years to come. Believe me
  3. dilligaf

    Me too

    I tend agree, but the shite she has had from the top is scary. She is now safer to expose that , now that the culprit has jumped overboard.
  4. dilligaf

    Me too

    But she was treated like shit, by people she is now exposing. Same people treated far more people the same way. No wonder they jumped ship Edit to add, keep up Sid
  5. He didn’t get it did he? Like cavendish. it fell on stony ground Edit to remove my silly edit"
  6. dilligaf

    Me too

    KB can be seen as a complete and utter shit stirrer, But love her or hate her , she knows what she is saying these days and having fuck all to lose is saying what she thinks. She is 100% on the ball regarding our health service. I was never a fan of hers , but she is the only person prepared to stick her neck out and call a spade a spade. She knows her stuff and I hope she will open that can of worms that will expose the top of the table in DHSC. People don't know the half of it.
  7. Don't know who the so called jeweller is, but there is a hundred miles between a jeweller and a trinket seller.
  8. I will give a little hint here.# D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F
  9. I did think it may have been the idiot trump, but was not sure what a perv looked like for the other one.
  10. Don't nudge the rider next to you if you do not like "gravel rash"
  11. But that is the buyers fault. If you are not going to be home to accept a delivery of an online purchase, why the fuck have you ordered online anyway ? If you can't be home, designate a safe place for your parcel, get in the queue, or buy in Douglas. (FFS)
  12. If the cap fits etc. ( or slides off )
  13. I like Ramsey too and I don't live there either. We went to Ramsey on Saturday afternoon for a tootle about and our daughter pointed out that most people there were of retirement age. She was not too far wrong TBH. I pointed out that Ramsey, for some reason gets better weather than Douglas, so not a great surprise that many folk choose to retire there. It does have some run down areas, but Ramsey has a lot going for it. It has the best park by a mile, a nice harbour, many quaint pubs and buildings and the wonderful sandy beach running for miles heading north, to name just a few of it's good points. ( not forgetting that the staff in most shops actually wanted to be of service ) The last thing Ramsey needed was a fucking stupid big marina to overshadow the whole town.
  14. As I see it, there are three Wright’s on here. Two of them are very intelligent, the other one is you. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  15. Absolutely. Facebook and so called social media is feeding the brains of millions of idiots unable to form opinions from real sources.
  16. But the local radio station SHOULD give all politicians airtime. The more the better. I would rather listen to our elected bods and hear what they are doing with their time and our money, that listen to the shite that is Energy ( oxymoron) or 3 fm.
  17. My view was that PGW was trying to ridicule JW or at least undermine JW’s superior knowledge. I just felt it was outside of the usual tit for tat banter , Nothing more
  18. Can I have two please. Not. Free shipping from USA ? I love a bargain
  19. I don’t think posters should try to ridicule a Moderator though.
  20. I saw you wearing that Bay City Rollers T-shirt.
  21. Yes, teeny boppers and those not interested in local life or our community. They are more than welcome to 3fm or Energy.
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