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  1. Why am I thinking “White Chicks”........Movie if you didn’t know.
  2. Why would that cause you concern. .?He is a decent chap unlike most of the chancers Who are looking to double their pay.
  3. Still far more credible than the fruitcakes. Only two or three can ever be elected without the loony fringe intervening..
  4. An£keeps saying .... yeeeeees, well yeeeeeeeees. Prick
  5. That would be the ultimate anti vote. He is a complete fucking moron with as much sense as a fucking hamster.
  6. Well yeeeeeeeeeeeees. Knob. Fowler, not you Teapot.
  7. As much as I love the restaurant, it is a walk in, not a drive through. Plenty of parking nearby and pedestrian access always open. Owning a business does not give you absolute control of the roads outside your premises . Same as it is not the job of Government to supply tourists for the hotels , Who can’t be arsed to advertise. ( Covid-19) being outside this argument .
  8. Still Reynolds isn’t it ? Is Baker not minister for that dept and Spake operations manager
  9. Seems to me he was just “grooming”, the same as if she was under age. Surely someone with the need for Psychiatric help is in no position to consent to such behaviour or treatment. Still a bastard in my eyes.
  10. If that is not a case for an 18 sentence, then nothing is. What a bastard to abuse someone so venerable for his own sexual gratification. That poor young lady needed support and trust, not the attention of this sleezeball. (Sp). I hope there is a criminal case here too as he needs taking out of society. If he isn’t locked up for this, then we should just unlock all the cells in the Jurby Hilton. Bastard.
  11. Our island was also awash with loads of VAT money. Different times to where we find ourselves now though.
  12. And why he is here, what he wants to achieve, why is he so mental, why does he want to raise 2,000, 000,000,000 quid to build a floating world. The guy is crazy , end of. Should be in care not in government.
  13. Good result. The Policemen and women don’t need thieves in their fold. These scum , like the Scots guy, Ray Forbes, are not welcome, not liked and should be eradicated asap. We don’t need scum on our force. Well done to whoever brought this case.. We need to have a trustworthy force . We don’t want these chancers. Feel very sorry for the genuine coppers who give great service to our community.
  14. Oh, sorry. Must be getting mixed up with the CID Focusssssseessss. See the same reg cars knocking about and thought they were the STs. Getting old and confused.
  15. Like on the Marine Drive ?
  16. They still have the Sts225 or 265 don’t they ? BTW the BMWs are pretty quick too.
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