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  1. The reality is that you are not fit to wipe her shoes. Get real. Claire Christian is and always has been a lovely lady and a bloody good minister. She paid the price for what people thought about her father,. ( rightly or wrongly) Far too many people form opinions without the knowledge or having lived in the era to understand how things work. Claire is as genuine as you can get and it irks me to see arseh***s getting a cheap laugh out of mocking what they don't understand. You really are a despicable person Mr HF
  2. dilligaf

    Xmas decs

    But we still could not afford a Hovis loaf
  3. Absolute quality post
  4. We still have one , purely because we are charged for one in our internet contract Having said that, the land line phone has caused the internet to fail on occasions
  5. But what are the new regs ? The previous ones were spot on I thought
  6. Now that has to be a complete piss take. Anyone with more than two brain cells sees all the good stuff being put to one side for the select few and all the crap piling up day after day. It must be like a secret society for the elite tip wombles. I think the staff forget that they are paid by the rate payer. Hope to f**k they are very embarrassed by this award. What a joke.
  7. Does not work on landlines
  8. Do you, Kate Costain, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband ? For richer, for poorer etc etc
  9. It is quiet on here tonight, so my guess is that most of the awards haters are actually down there getting free nibbles and fizz. My wife is there, so I think I will ring her and ask how many guests are wearing dickie bows and tin foil hats, or have conical shaped heads.
  10. No it isn’t. It may not be what you want but many think it is pretty good. If you want pop music played by school leavers there are other options available. More talk and more interaction with the listeners is what local radio is about. I can’t fault it and hope they are not put off by the haters, especially on here. There are a lot of hard working, dedicated staff at Manx Radio, who don’t deserve the sh** they are getting.
  11. dilligaf

    Xmas decs

    I am a bit younger, but we had next to nothing, not even a car. Our dad rode his pushbike to work usually 7 days a week. We often got second hand toys at Xmas along with one new one. Our parents went without to keep us fed and clothed, but we were happy and never ever were jealous of better off kids. We all played together and walked to school together.. I really feel sorry for the last two generations of kids who are never satisfied, no matter what they are given. Christmas was the happiest time of the year for us. Can’t say the same these days.
  12. Yeah, that does fit, but changed when half the job was done then. Makes sense, the speed some drivers belt along there
  13. I will bet you that there are more cars on UK roads with dodgy or completely fake MOTs, than total cars over here in the Isle of Man. I bought a car in UK with a dodgy MOT
  14. As far as I can see, this has been changed in the last few days.
  15. On the subject of safety ( ? ), does anyone know why the road from Onchan to Baldrine, is 50MPH now instead of unrestricted ? It is 50 mph for TT and FOM, but I wonder why they have changed now !
  16. I predict that you won't hear back for a very long time and if/when you do, it won't be very much fun at all, and neither detailed nor considered. They'll think you're some time wasting nutjob, and you'll get just the usual government bureaucrat fob off. If you think you can change anything like this single-handedly, you are actually deluded. Hm.
  17. I can remember when testing of HGV's was first being mooted and a local haulier discussing on the Mannin Line and saying that if it was implemented then he'd be shutting up shop.... The best thing about the introduction of testing, was that the HGV drivers got decent trucks to drive instead of some of the death traps they used to have.
  18. Rog, if you think so badly about us Manx, where we live, how we live and what we drive, why bother joining and posting on Manx Forums.?
  19. This forum can be as funny as anywhere on the net sometimes. Long may it continue.
  20. Only one word applies here...……………………….MENTAL
  21. If you are considering staying with Barrie, bring some butties and a sleeping bag. You know how tight he is.
  22. Everything is scarier than her. She is (was) fit as f...
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