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  1. Just watched Patriot Games. Still a great movie that does not age.
  2. By engaging the " third sector", yes. There are many arseholes in government and I hope that changes soon, but it seems everything they do is ripe for negative posts on here. Most of these things are not being debated , just criticized.
  3. Why do some people pick holes in every single thing this Government does, or have any connection with ? Quite sad really.
  4. That was well thought out. Why is it not being done already.
  5. ATC backlog is not an easyJet problem and I doubt very much if they would compensate anyone because of that. It has to be the fault of the carrier to allow compensation to be claimed
  6. Because you would moan even more about higher taxation More importantly though it is that community spirit again that people enjoy and take pride in.
  7. Yeah I know that. Wasn’t too sure what your comment about scanners at Noble’s had to do with volunteers clearing rights of ways though.
  8. But the people want to help and feel part of the community. I have been on voluntary work things in the past and fount it rewarding. Obviously it also saves taxpayers money, so those who don’t like it still benefit from it.
  9. Sounds like you have been given something that hasn’t agreed with you , branded or otherwise.
  10. I can’t see what’s not to like about this group. There should be more community schemes in my opinion, can’t see your gripe at all. Looks like it is something new to complain about.
  11. Don’t have an answer to that, but pharmacists would not issue inferior medication even if you GP prescribed it. ( I don’t think so anyway )
  12. You highlighted side effects. I said people should read the leaflet that will inform them about such. What’s wrong with saying that ?
  13. People just need to read the enclosed leaflet as with any meds.
  14. Just heard Rob C on the radio explaining that it was just a typo, so the FOM didn’t see a 5.1 % increase, but a 2.5%. Who’d have guessed ?
  15. Only thing in your I would argue with is your view that “ motorsport “ gets all the funding. The two wheeled side does yes, but they have virtually killed off rallying and even stifled Dereks events or future ones.
  16. I would not miss the TT tbh, but would like to see the so called FOM enhanced and sidecars added. Far more variety as opposed to the TT when about 4 races are more or less the same. 2 strokes, sidecars, classics and maybe one race for so called superbikes would be good. Hold this in July and forget the June and August ones
  17. Yes. How very dare he dress up to raise money for charity.
  18. Yes a lot of people come here, but why are we told the numbers are up every year when clearly they aren’t Still only about 1/3 of the visitors that used to come
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