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  1. I have probably barred myself by answering your feeble post, but I feel I have to say that I have never ever encountered a person so fe3ble and arse licking as you. You were once a decent poster with balls, but you have given in now that you have had a ban or two, and now kiss arse whenever you think you have said too much . Does that make you you feel proud ?
  2. Not yet. I had an alert that you had not read the post so to be kind, I repeated it
  3. You really are pretty shallow l are quite shallow
  4. I would suggest they do as I have 9 warning points and on a final warning
  5. Which one of those is a reference to virginity?
  6. This whole thread does not make sense, because posters are not thinking straight.
  7. FFS. I have tried to drop hints. Is that not enough?
  8. Whatever. You read it here first though
  9. Says mummy’s boy. Who had to leave here for an easier life Have you seen the film “ 40 Year old virgin”
  10. I don’t know you well enough to divulge anything, sorry
  11. In two weeks time you will be saying, “ dilligaf was right “
  12. Not at all. you are also missing the skeet
  13. Who has applied ????? I will leave it there. Amazing that even the know it alls, don’t know it all
  14. I would agree with that, even though when I last spent a night there, mobiles were not a thing
  15. She is only holding the fort until the next disaster is in post
  16. I am happy with what we get apart from being ripped off when abroad
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