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  1. Thanks all for 10 years of interesting banter Shame it comes to this.
  2. Sultan, I think I will ban myself now by posting the PM you just sent me. Just how old are you.?
  3. Quite simply isn’t it ? If you don’t like it here, just fuck off elsewhere,. No rocket science involved. We managed before the “when Is” and we will manage without them. Simple as that.
  4. Oh. Ok. Yes Me and mine are good. Glad “ Glad “ is fine. Doing my best to keep the gob shut, but failing badly at the moment. Just can’t stop saying it as I see it. That apparently is not the thing to do, so just posting by the day. Strange forces are afoot.
  5. Nice to see that you are back as a mod. Hope all went well with your family issues It doesn’t look like I will be here too long so thanks for all you have helped me with in the past. Good luck .
  6. I agree about the kids on Prospect Hill, but the guy knew it was not his land, Some dipstick in the CS cocked up, but it is still not his land. I don’t know anything about what was involved in the so called biospere bollocks, but ATEOTD, he is out of order.
  7. Correct . £3000 on a bike is mental.
  8. Keep digging. Look at what you post. You claim to be many things on here , from a big employer to some sort of climate expert. I believe you are neither , just a bullshitter. You won’t bully me off here believe me. You have tried for over a year now, and all you have achieved is getting me a few more bans. Take a look at yourself. How do you think people view you ?
  9. Yet another infantile reply. Keep it up.
  10. Long story, best told by W H himself. Ian L may not be a saint, but he has done more for our trains, buses and trams that the previous lot put together. Time will prove that, if you can’t see it now.
  11. The Price isn’t always right eh ?
  12. A large order of Humble Pie has been ordered from Amazon as we speak. I always thought that was on South Barrule because of the millions of stones lying about. Not ashamed to say I was wrong. Hanging my head in shame.
  13. I always find the staff at the welcome centre friendly and helpful. Maybe it is your demena/ dementia. I never could spell proppa
  14. That is just my front garden. The Villiers site will be my home and back yard.
  15. Not sure about you (?) but this is not the Stone Age we are living in.
  16. Wrong. on your thinking , I will claim North Barrule as mine.
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