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  1. FFS . Ask him for his resume. He is easy to talk to and would be pleased to help you . Get over yourself FFS.
  2. Ok this is my last post tonight. I don’t know who Mar D is. Is it Mardi Gras time again ?
  3. My last post tonight. How sad are you when you have to search for back up. Night Night . Don’t take it out on teacher tomorrow.
  4. Really ? I don’t think so kiddo
  5. Maybe I am just jealous ? In reality though, he is no fool, is very qualified and does not deserve the shit he gets on here
  6. Only my business because you spew your bile on a public forum. Why not grow a pair and tell him to his face ? Yeah, I see why you can’t
  7. I take exception to the remark that JW does not tell anyone else to go away. I am one of your “ knobends” and I would have preferred to have been told to “ go away” rather than get the countless bans and suspensions . So there
  8. That’s why we love you
  9. You don’t know him then.? If he was what you think he is, he would not have the job or the woman he has. Think about it.
  10. You are right. He is an easy target , just like me I suppose. I will not comment on his posts again
  11. No you aren’t. But you had to post that anyway
  12. You are mental mate. Don’t you have a forum in bear country to bounce your insane thoughts off ? JW did drop you a hint.
  13. Don't have a problem with this at all. Why all the fuss. They can't win , can they.
  14. Equally scary for the artic drivers having to drive so close to pedestrians. Is there a simple solution ?
  15. That may be so on first arrival in a different country, or when pissed. She was none of those was she ?
  16. “ There is no dark side of the moon. Matter of fact, it is all dark” From one of the best tracks. Ever.
  17. You go up to the capital. It is that simple
  18. Well yes, that’s what I was saying. Parts of it are in different parishes.
  19. Ha,ha. Yes, I read that too quick.
  20. Just how big are wheelchairs becoming ? Nothing wrong with what is there now. What a lame excuse.
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