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  1. 100% correct. It really is that simple. Everyone seems to have an excuse for their failings though.
  2. If one even tries to subscribe , one is told no subscriptions are available at present. One can but try. On the other hand one can be banned far more easily. Speaks volumes
  3. Absolutely. 100% on the money there. Nothing more clear than that. There will be a few chancers though. We weren’t all created equal.
  4. I thought you were staying on a music theme and was referring to Michael Hutchins. Sorry Quilp.
  5. Yeah, but a rebellious one, don’t forget
  6. You may not be far off with your maths fella. I still feel that for us to be allowed to express our views, we should all put into the kitty. Without sounding perverted .
  7. Hitchens ? Are we on the removal thread again. Sorry , but I don’t know who you mean. I only think of Hutchins.
  8. I agree. But you are losing ground now you have changed your avatar for some snowflake looking guy, from the powerful image of Zappa A bit like changing from Dave Gilmour to Boy George
  9. Just noticed that I am not down as a subscriber again. I have been sitting on the sidelines for a while, but don’t mind paying my dues. Been paying for a few years now and think we should all put into the kitty to pay the costs of keeping the forum going. Why have I not had a renewal request or something?
  10. No it is not pointless at all. It will be a new venture and experience for many and an absolute winner for even more. A great idea and money well spent. You are missing the great resurgence in biking . Even from the point of view of road users, it has to be a plus if cyclists use the railway tracks instead of the roads. I am totally behind these schemes both for their pleasure and for us car drivers to have less cycles to be wary about.
  11. Why should there be an issue with law ? HQ said again that the whole thing hinges on trust. If people are already looking for loopholes or ways to escape the quarantine contract, they shouldn’t even be thinking of going away. What the hell is wrong with people ? They are handed a gift , yet want to use it, then abuse it. If our locals can’t accept that they must isolate on return, then we have a nation of morons. God help us. ( not that there is one )
  12. Then they are not staycations, are they ?
  13. Woodbourn Road, Bucks Road is the problem. Never seen such tailbacks.
  14. dilligaf


    Is there an error in that last bit ?
  15. dilligaf


    I didn’t post this earlier as I thought it was fake. Having now seen the pic from a different angle I am guessing it is actually a fuck up
  16. Google again and you may find the figures are accurate
  17. But Stu was correct with his figures wasn’t he ? Surely the fact that it did not fit the latest mold , says more. Think I will buy a couple of bandwagons as they seem to be always full
  18. So just how old are you ? You sound like student.
  19. Absolutely agree. We won’t even be allowed to call them “snowflakes” soon,
  20. So my first assessment was correct. You are a twat. How do you sleep at night?
  21. You are a twat. I just hope to hell I don’t know you in “ real life “ Now fucking dare you
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