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  1. Well, many a true word spoken in jest.
  2. Never been one, no. Why would that make my opinion worthless. We have two offspring who went through the system, as did my wife and I. I would say about 10 -15 % of teachers we encountered were fantastic. About 30% were average and the rest were useless and hindered children’s educations because they just were not any good at teaching. Some just see an easy ride for 40 years then a barrow full of gold bars for their retirement. Just to add, we met several teaching/ classroom assistants who were head and shoulders above the teachers they worked with.
  3. Give them fuck all. They need to ask themselves why they chose that career path. Using the fact that we can’t attract many new teachers to move here as a lever to try to force more pay, better pension and better hours is disgraceful in my opinion. Should be grateful they have jobs with bloody good sick pay and pension not forgetting the hours. As for trying to compare teaching here to the UK is ridiculous
  4. He isn’t even half the hat. He’s mental.
  5. He is a fruitcake. Full stop. How the hell these idiots are even allowed to a stand beats me. This is not democracy, it is lunacy
  6. You should look into the witch hunt to get rid of MM
  7. I still think Butch should have stood. He would have walked it. Nice guy with his heart in the right place. No stranger to South Douglas. What a shame. He could have been someone who made a difference. Sad that so many nobodies are hoping to get a place at the trough.
  8. Looking into the past regarding Onchen Comms, it could be one of 2000 people
  9. Something smells fishy here, yet not a fanny in sight.
  10. Oh no it wasn’t. We evolved after that giant fella threw a rock from Norn Iron which landed half way between there and that England place.
  11. I can’t make him out at all. Total fruitcake is what I keep thinking.
  12. Would you please PM me. Maybe not good to let people speculate atm ?
  13. Unions always end up killing jobs. May take a while, but it is true.
  14. I have no idea who he is. Getting a bad press though. What did he do wrong, or what did he do at all ?
  15. Sadly Labour Governments ensured that there was always 2 or 3 men employed for every post. Like car, bike, and heavy machinery production, Britain was never going to be competitive . Never will be as we can’t ever play catch up.We handed most industries to the Far East many moons ago. They call the tune now. So much fir the British Empire. ( it was sold out to commie union leaders)
  16. In my day it was tar balls, usually from hot bus shelter roofs. You had to be able to run fast though
  17. Where are they getting their figures from though. The Clyde ,Liverpool or Ramsey. That is the cost to build in Britain no doubt. You must remember the days when the SPCo had 3 sets of dockers in Liverpool and as any shipping company or builder failed, those staff had to be taken on by any firm surviving. That is why ships are being built in Korea
  18. What was the reason then than most children received not a lot of support from their teachers. Teaching, like nursing and policing, has to have the right people doing the job for the right reasons. Nobody should be entering these professions for the money or any other reason than seeing it as a vocation and doing their best for the population. We are lucky to have loads of great staff in those roles, but from personal experience, teaching is the one that attracts some who should not be in that role. We were lucky in the main to have some fantastic teachers for our children and they benefited greatly from those special people. We also had to deal with a few who were appalling and should not have been employed. Those few are the ones who ruin it for the many. I have heard some great stories of how kids have been helped by their teachers during lockdown, but that makes the slackers look even worse. Children deserve the best education we can offer. They don’t often get a second chance.
  19. That post evokes the image of those little wind up “ racing grannies”
  20. Looks to me that a nutter is posting about nutters
  21. On the news at 5 O’clock, Mr Woodward repeated that he told the Gov during the take over, that they would be looking at around £75,000,000 to replace BOTH the boats and said looking at what was the likely cost of the first , they were about on track to be in that area.
  22. dilligaf


    Pretty sure have not read them at all.
  23. In what way do you mean “ we get all our testing from the UK” ?
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