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  1. No . Not at all . Do you have principles ? Do today’s kids have principals? No thought not. That is the basis of your future government? Well done.
  2. Please explain why I am being a dickhead . My kids don’t drink, smoke or take drugs. Is that what the problem is ?
  3. But those with clear heads each day may be preferable to someone floating in on a cloud of pot. Can’t speak for you , but my two have fuck all in common with this idiot. They are of a similar age, but a million miles away from his thinking. Thank fuck
  4. Up the Tooting Front and all that eh ?
  5. You could always drive a bus like Bernie May. ......................Sorry
  6. Wrong end of stick. But not unusual for you eh . IW doesn’t have to accept my request for him to add me to his list and I appreciate that. What is wrong with that ?
  7. Cheers for that, but the knee may be a priority. Both knackered, but appreciate the problem with lists during these shitty times. TBH though my heart issues maybe will dictate what , if any surgery I have.
  8. But aren’t Sure just using MT’s infrastructure and using accounting to be different.?
  9. Totally disagree. Leaving it there as not prepared to argue with someone I may need soon. ( and someone I hugely respect )
  10. I will and always have done for more than 40 years, vote for a candidate with life experience, some decent amount of business acumen and plenty of common sense. As I see it, that it three things this guy does not have. Pot smoking rock stars don’t make good politicians in my experience.
  11. dilligaf

    TT 2022 ??

    It’s on borrowed time now. Surely no decent society can welcome more deaths every year, just to sell a few t shirts and fridge magnets, or to fill a few “ home stay” beds.
  12. Sad thing is, that the sympathy vote may get the idiot elected by default. Look at Trump.
  13. Plus One. A fuckin* idiot not using the great brain he was given. I am at a loss to understand why such a clever man can act like a complete fool. He can’t even have any respect now from his friends or family. Maybe thinks his YouTube followers are his support.
  14. Should save his pennies then for his habit.
  15. dilligaf

    Next CM

    Probably couldn’t spell the title. When told, “ this is your Batman” he would ask “ where is Robin”?
  16. I reckon you are way off thinking he is typical of young people his age. Typical people are not wacky or using dope. Many are , but not the majority . He would not have made Dinner Monitor at school , never mind Prefect. Screaming Lord Sutch of the IOM
  17. Character reference maybe ? 🤣🤣
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