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  1. So you have gone to the dark side. ? Why pretend to object to the idiots, then join them .

  2. Sorry Finlo I no longer post but that remark was stupid. What our Gov. did was most respectful and deserves praise not ridicule. I will never be convinced otherwise. Whoever decided to do that deserves our respect. End of.

    1. finlo


      Hi Dilli yes it was an nice gesture by Donald Gelling and i'm sure the families are eternally grateful but the point stands there was political point scoring to be had in doing so.

  3. Sorry to ask, but could you try to impress upon the complete fucking idiots who think we can just ask BUPA to take over Nobles Hospital that it just does not work that way and anyone with more than two brain cells would know that.

    Do they even think about the (something like 800 ) employees who are Gov. workers or Civil Servants and how they are going to covert 5heir contracts, pensions etc. to just bods working for BUPA. Sat here fucking itching to rejoin and say my piece, but still trying not to start again what is not acceptable to JW

    1. John Wright

      John Wright

      Dilli, come back. But learn some self control. We’ve had a cull of 6 posters who did a lot of winding you up, and to whom you reacted and responded, after we identified that there was a disturbing fact that they were all posting within minutes of each other and using the same IP address. It can take months for us to track down those patterns, identify, watch and confirm, before we take action.

    2. Neil Down

      Neil Down

      How did I get involved in this?

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