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  1. Just now, doc.fixit said:

    Er. passive smoking killed Roy Castle if I remember correctly....sorry to dis-agree Dilly.

    Oh yes, I know that, but I meant the disease caused by smoking could not be passed on, like Covid-19 and flu.

    I used to smoke in front of others, but looking back, I may have harmed them. Hate smoke now. Not smoked for almost 20 years.

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  2. 50 minutes ago, Declan said:

    I don't know how you can claim the moral high ground over John on this. He didn't joke about rape and you're out of order to suggest it. The joke is you keep posting character assesments when you've been comically inept at them in the past.

    You are trying to say that the "likeable rogue" comment was before the rapes, or at least before they came to light. And that would be fair enough IF it was in a thread about removal companies or if Kelly was running for office, you shouldn't be held to account if information that reaches the public domain afterwards makes your comment look crass in hindsight.

    But your comments were made in the context of a thread about Kelly being found to have sexually discriminated against and harassed a woman. The report is quite shocking, Woolley (hardly a PC snowflake) described it as damning. You described him after reading it as a "bit of a charmer".

    It's not what came out subsequently about the rape that makes your defence of Kelly wrong, it's your reaction to him being found to have sexually discriminated, and harrassed a woman. That you seemed to downplay that behaviour as the acts of a "likeable rogue" - that's why it stuck in people's minds and was resurrected after Kelly's conviction. It was obviously wrong when you made it, and your current claim that it was made before you could have known what he was really like, is just spin.

    Not spin at all and you are becoming obsessed. 

  3. 24 minutes ago, thesultanofsheight said:

    In the UK tobacco kills over 300 people a day. That’s 13 people an hour. Waiting for government to protect people from that too by putting 1/3 of the working population on the dole. 

    Smoking related deaths are nothing short of suicide. You can’t transmit that  to other innocent folk.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Non-Believer said:

    We certainly still seem to be awash with lucre though. No end to the spending and the projects. I think we must be all worrying over nothing....

    ETA £10M now for a new science block at QE2 as well (MR News). We're flush!!

    How much ?

  5. 11 minutes ago, thesultanofsheight said:

    I’m rarely cool or savvy. I just tell the truth as I see it. There really is no need for a meltdown over this. People are just expressing their views as they see them. I personally don't see anything especially wrong in what John Wright said. He’s had a dig at me enough for stuff. You just take it on the chin. 

    Not easy with his comments at all. He is in the legal profession and should know better than to joke about rape. I don’t care who takes the piss out if me for being stupid, but I will not stand for beIng called a supporter of a rapist. 
    JW needs to man up and explain why he thought it funny.

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  6. 20 minutes ago, thesultanofsheight said:

    He was probably thinking of the actual online and searchable MF character reference you gave to a rapist as being a bit of a lovable rogue which seemed to conflict with your comments above. Just a thought. I think you really might be misunderstanding what banter is. 

    How low can you stoop to try looking cool and savvy. For the one millionth time. 
    When I knew WK, he was what I said, a likeable rouge.. He never failed to get a different woman every night as he had the gift of the gab.

    Did not see him for many years and was shocked to see rape accusations . Would not give the time of day to anyone convicted of rape, no matter who they were. I do not support him.

    Have never supported him and never will support him.

    Shocked that J W thought it was funny to suggest I thought it was ok to be a rapist. Even more shocked as he is the Mod who decides what is acceptable on here. It was not funny in the slightest John. You have banned me twice in the past for what you call, “being sassy”.All that has happened is yet another thread has been hijacked and the floodgates of shite opened.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Apple said:

    Depends on your definition of humour I suppose. Ans what is PC or not.

    Correct. I have a very wide view of humour and that includes work by KBW Roy Chubby Brown, Manning, and most of the current risqué comedians. BUT being accused of supporting a rapist is NOT funny. Rape has to be the worst ever crime and if I live to be 100 years old, I will never, ever support anyone convicted of that crime. That turns my stomach having a wife and daughter. I have no problem being derided fir stupid posts, or being ignorant, but please. Never say I support rape.

    Not sure what JW was thinking posting what he did.

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  8. 31 minutes ago, thesultanofsheight said:

    Clare Christian probably would have got the top job in more enlightened times. Pam Crowe may have thought she had a shot but her idle brother in law Onslow was only ever going to hold her back. 

    Pam Crowe was horrendously arrogant and ignorant. Nasty woman in every way. Glad she was binned.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, VinnieK said:

    Isn't the point here whether they were any worse than some of the men who were appointed?

    I responded to a question as to whether there had been a female capable of becoming CM. 

  10. 40 minutes ago, the stinking enigma said:

    I don't see any reason why a female couldn't become chief minister, it's not as if we have nuclear warheads or anything.

    The only one (in my lifetime) to be good enough was the real Claire Christian. Nobody else comes close.

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  11. 37 minutes ago, thesultanofsheight said:

    It was an issue to do with character references which Dilli is legendary for after the Will Kelly reference. It should have been a funny quip (as John says a tease) that was met with a bit of self deprecating humour in reply - but as usual just invoked a completely unneeded immediate meltdown and then volley of swear word littered attacks at different posters (ie, Declan). There really was no need for that sort of over reaction. Elsewhere people call it banter but that relies on people 1. Having a sense of humour and 2. A thick skin. 

    Nice post from a poster who gets banned as often as I and others, for what you are accusing me of. You are partial to a bit of swearing and ranting yourself fella. Or, am I mixing you up with the other TSOS ?

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  12. 2 minutes ago, Barlow said:

    I love these type of character references.

    Phil is not clever (clever is often used as a pejorative word anyway). He may have a university (uni) degree but don't we all these days.

    Being 'a genuine Manxie' is a ridiculous thing to say. Who are the non-genuine Manxies? Is there like a scale we can all align ourselves onto, with the "genuine Manxies" up at the top.

    Being an accomplished, nay, a "very accomplished" musician and singer is subjective and neither here nor there anyway. Squeaky violins are not my thing btw, and I can drawl Betsyu Lee with the best of them.

    And one man's terrorist is another man's hero. I say terrorist. Even if it was -  in protest at comeovers - just setting light to a half built house which was intended for a Manx couple anyway. (and all the daubing of course, but we don't know if Philly was involved with that, do we)

    So your point is ?

  13. 5 minutes ago, Declan said:

    Why you're lying.

    You posted the likeable rogue character assessment literally two posts after the report of the Industrial Tribunal which found that he had sexually discriminated and harassed a woman. I get that was a mistake, and you might not have read the report at that point, but when it was pointed out to you, you repeated it. 

    That was not an assault was it ?

  14. 23 minutes ago, Derek Flint said:

    Its bizarre.

    I’ve recently been across. It was OK. People were generally just going about their business, masked up. Blackpool was however rammed, as were beer gardens around the fylde and Wyre areas. Supermarket distancing was fine, shopping was easy and we just kept out of the busy places. You couldn’t have put on the food and drink festival, but a mass demo in central London seems OK.

    No doubt that the increase in R is being caused by gatherings in a social setting from what I saw. Yes , there are more cases but it doesn’t seem to be being tracked by an equally high number of hospital admissions?

    I think they need to take a step back and have a pragmatic look at the whole thing. 

    The other thing is how on earth-even on environmental grounds, they are justifying two Ben sailings a day? There were a dozen cars on our outward and 18 on our inbound sailings -and not a great deal of freight.

    It isn’t for the cars Derek, it is for the freight. You know that thing that keeps the SPCo afloat ?

    Tesco alone must be laying £10,000 each day for trailers.

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