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  1. I refer the honourable gentleman to my previous post.
  2. I think we both know what I was saying and what is encouraged by the ADI.
  3. Quoted for further use. Thank you for your reply. edit to ask if you have a Corpy house, a place in Spain and a motor home ? ( and a big income )
  4. How many ways can you describe social housing. Are you from the DDR ? Explain yourself then.
  5. Corner cutting is not illegal and is actually encouraged in the advanced driving test.
  6. The legal speed limit for HGVs is still 40 mph. But yes, that is very rarely adhered to. Sad thing is that older trucks don’t have any limiter, but the newer safer ones do. Luckily the local test does keep the older ones in check.
  7. They do, but at 56 mph. Used to make the prom a boring drive edit to add they do over here too. edit No 2 to ad that unless things have changed in the last 5 years or so, the limiters can be overridden but will be picked up by the tacho disc
  8. DT, I am far, far from being a snob. I am from a commissioners house and so is my wife, so please don’t pigeon hole me. Only the people who have to work for a pittance need to be in what you call social housing. The many young people earning average money could afford to buy their own if they had a leg up from Government. My daughter , as a single person, does not earn enough to get a bank mortgage, yet too much to qualify for the Gov. scheme. If she produces a child as a single parent she gets more help for a Gov. one and could get one tomorrow, even though she won’t be able to earn the same money. That is mental. We have a nice house now, only because my wife, when single, worked more than one job and obtained the points for what was then a completely different set up regarding mortgages. For some reason now, the Government seem to prefer everyone to pay high private rents that prevent our young folk being able to save for the deposit for a loan while trying to pay the rent and feed themselves. Too many backs being scratched in my humble opinion.
  9. Not more social housing, but more help for our young to buy their own homes. Lots of people in so called social houses should be in their own homes or in private rentals
  10. Sorry but could you make that a tad clearer
  11. Nobody will be offended, they'll just laugh at your ignorance. Give it a rest TJ.
  12. Managers ask staff to perform to their job descriptions. Staff don’t like it and rebel saying they are being bullied. Unions get involved and it drags on until the “ big boss”gives in. The worker is empowered and his manager is made to look weak. So it goes on and will untill the bull is gripped by the horns.
  13. Why ? I am not popular on here for saying what I think. I don’t post to please others or win likes, unlike several.
  14. Not a patch on the Catholic Church. Epstein was vile, but didn’t come close to the C C. They should never be forgiven for the thousands of lives they ruined. Still happening today too. So much for god bothering.
  15. You are sadly correct. Worst offenders are husband and wife teams who need the sick notes to cover school holidays
  16. Not just leadership failure, but Gov. giving far to much away to unions and people like Dave Cretney over the years. It will take a while to get back to where we should be with so called workers rights. There are a few in Government who have cost us millions and they will retire with a massive pension too having worked about 15 hours each week. They know who they are.
  17. I am pretty sure that are local GPs that won’t sign people off with stress. Should be more of them.
  18. Maybe, just maybe, myself and “ the bees “, just say it as we see it. That would be unlike R B who just posts what he thinks people will want to hear and like his post. Pretty shallow really.
  19. Pretty sure they are part of GC’s collection that was sold off. So glad that someone like Amadeus managed to buy so many at the auction
  20. Even worse, is that I seem to remember being told about a division where one was entitled to a certain amount of sick days and if you were not sick in that year you could have time off instead. I hope that is not the case Can’t remember if it was Gov. or private
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