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  1. Absolutely agree. We won’t even be allowed to call them “snowflakes” soon,
  2. So my first assessment was correct. You are a twat. How do you sleep at night?
  3. You are a twat. I just hope to hell I don’t know you in “ real life “ Now fucking dare you
  4. I appreciate you mean well and Of course I know how clued up you are. however if I had a family member in Abbottswood ( sp) I would be devastated to see what was happening
  5. Each and everyone of those 12 people were human beings with loving families. They are not just fucking statistics, they were real people with real families. How dare anyone just talk about them as statistics. What has happened to us for people to use numbers instead of names. Society has degenerated of late as it seems “social media” has taken over from decency and morals
  6. A building firm would not be considered self employed would it. That is what the 3K is aimed at
  7. I think Cannon fodder was not too far of the mark.
  8. Not a “ blip” to a dozen families though and many more to come.
  9. The figure isn’t rising much.? FFS it had almost doubled in two days.
  10. Disregarding this thread you have posted some complete crap lately. You never did before, so I am concerned for your state of mind. I always looked up to you and consumed your opinions. Not sure these days and makes me wonder if someone is using your log in.
  11. You are almost always a smart poster, but I am not sure about this latest stuff.
  12. We can’t print money. I have tried, but the reverse does not match the obverse.or whatever
  13. I disagree. What do you think our Gov. could have done differently and why are you not in there sorting them out ?
  14. We did not want that visual thanks.
  15. I have to say that this curve thing is bollocks. They reckon we are safe now to ease off, at the same time that the “care” home has them dropping like flies. Ian Wright is nobodies fool and the best poster by a mile on here, but I can’t for the life of me see how it is considered safe to let people back to work in droves. The death toll is rising fast and I can’t see that changing for some time. Maybe letting thousands go back to won’t change the death toll, but to my simple mind, we aren’t even halfway through this pandemic.
  16. Even though I am not wealthy, in business , or have a high IQ, I would vote Conservative every time
  17. I heard her last week asking a question and thought I recognised the voice. I won’t knock her as I know she is a nice lady married to a decent chap. Just maybe she should not have stood in the first place.
  18. No it isn’t. Acronyms are different dilligaf , is obviously, “ do I look like I give a fuck” dilligaf. .
  19. Shimmins ? The man who has spoken twice in about 4 years. Would not give him houseroom.( even if he learned to talk proper ).
  20. And dilli has two “l” s
  21. I was going to say Peter Killer Karran He killed some of the more ridiculous policies Stone dead
  22. Yes we did DT. We have always known that there are 24 independent folk in the house and therefore no opposition. Only Peter C was any opposition to Gov. Most people did not appreciate Peter.
  23. Your last sentence may have had some influence on today’s decision to let loose the cannon fodder.
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