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  1. Who is running the effing island, is what I want to know ?
  2. But you and your fellow MHKs are meant to be in charge, not MNH. Have you forgotten that ? It’s what you are paid for !!!!
  3. All that stuff was kept from disposal and catalogued well before Mr Ashford entered politics. That stuff was kept because of its value to the nation, not to be sold off for pennies. So glad the plaque has ended up back with the family. Seriously though how come the health minister wants to keep something, ( he says now ) yet MNH or someone else ignores that and it gets sold anyway. Why, ( if the Crookall family were informed) wasn’t the plague just given back to them at some sort of ceremony? Some people went to a lot of effort to protect, what the Gov., it seems , don’t know the value off to its people. Crazy and sad.
  4. Policing for the locals, by the locals. No ?
  5. Your family is Manx as the hills, so you should move these pretenders on,. pronto
  6. Teapot is not local. says it all.
  7. I would love to know where the trees are that my son and daughter planted in the so called Millenium Oakwood are. They were dug up and moved for some reason. WTF was that about ? Spelling is crap, but who cares.
  8. Never drank it, but it obviously works on idiots like you. Respect bro
  9. Guilty is guilty. Confess or be court out. Same result. There should never be a path to follow to escape misdeeds. Do the crime etc etc ( spelling is shite but not illegal ) So you admit to your lawyer that you are guilty, but that is not admissible in court if it is heard by the wrong people. Yeah right. Poor souls.
  10. Sorry, but what would people actually happily pay for ?
  11. Can’t remember the exact phrase, but was it something like Susie and her 4 sisters ?
  12. Most definitely. How long have you been here ?
  13. So we allow the scum druggies, thugs and thieves to live here. We give them benefits and house them and they continue to fuck our society over. We then ,it seems have to adopt the UK way of dealing with said scum. Why not boot the scum out and get back to reality. What we have here now is not what reality should be. I was born here as were thousands of others. Pretty sure most of us don’t want the way things are now.
  14. Thanks for that We should be more “Heartbeat” than “ Miami Vice” What do you propose next, guns ?
  15. No business sense at all it is just pie in the sky. The TT is a museum in its own right. Just like the dinosaurs. Pretty big once, but past their best. We should move on and find something to replace it that does not kill hundreds of people. No grandstand or museum space needed.
  16. Maybe the twat that ended up killing that poor lady down Tholty. Stingers would not have helped at all as he just legged it and left the Police wanting by all accounts. Should never have happened.
  17. Not sure how to take that remark. I am sure we don’t always need to function like the English bobbies. Pretty sure we don’t need such things as stingers either.There was nothing wrong with the Manx way of policing before the influx of English.
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