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  1. scepticman

    TT 2018

    Yes and they traveled past lots of marshals and parked bikes/riders some of whom wanted to join but were correctly refused,obvious question is why did the marshals who correctly stopped others going back not stop the fist group or radio in to stop them down the road or did they but messages were to late to be implemented? Must of travelled 3-4+miles before crash?
  2. I’m not sure drivers totally to blame either if he did engage a electronic handbrake,you would expect most systems like that to lock on if there was disruption to power not release? I’m think air brakes do if pressure is lost?
  3. scepticman

    TT 2018

    I didn’t want to speculate on that but down the rd from conkerfields that night,say 80m,there was a large hare in the field on outside of the course, this was good 20mins before riders came through,when we were looking at that I thought I saw something hop way down nearly in line with sky hill track,still on outside field(didn’t no if any wallabies in that area?), grass looked quite long down there and while looking definitely seen a pheasant, nothing unusual in that, problem is if it’s roost is up in forest it’s gonna head that way, it’s almost Russian roulette and you gotta have some big balls to put that to the back of your head.Feel sick just writing that. And guilty as I support and watch it.
  4. scepticman

    TT 2018

    30+ years ago on quarterbridge rd 1 or 2 sidecars had crashes over ago’s leap ,not sure if it was more than one fatality, but it was about the time that catch fencing became popular in down hill skiing, I suggested to the CoC ,who I think was Jackie Woods?, that maybe something similar along with fiberglass poles that could be simply put in sockets on edge of pavement could of helped,just so that it would keep a fallen rider sliding up rd rather than slamming into gate posts etc(speed ain’t a problem,it’s how you slow down that can hurt), I now it would have to be tough stuff but it would maybe last along time and is light weight easily erected,,could be used in tree,wall,pole sections of course,hopefully give some protection to fans and marshals where needed.Anyhow at the time I was laughed out of the room,but many,many times since I’ve thought “it could have saved that guy”.
  5. scepticman

    TT 2018

    No it was course inspection and maybe it started out near ginger hall/sulby bridge,but it was traveling hard and at some point if it had started that far back it was going from a roads open situation to roads closed while still on the move to Ramsey,like I said after it went through a small bike came from Ramsey direction,maybe the marshals at milntown new the bike would get to conkerfields bang on 6,which is fine. I’ve heard quite a few rumblings about course car on open roads during the day going hard/overtaking when not necessary ,almost feels like signage on vehicle gives it more rites.
  6. scepticman

    TT 2018

    We were at conkerfields last night,one corner back from dans crash. Arrived and parked around 10 mins before 6, now my watch ain’t Big Ben but at virtually bang on 6 the red course inspection car went flying through,we kind of all looked at each other thinking were did it come from,roads maybe were/weren’t closed but it was going hard,but maybe/maybe not sticking to left of road. 20-30 seconds later a road bike arrived from Ramsey direction! Don’t no where they passed each and maybe it’s all the norm,but we all thought it a bit strange,somebody said it was a Marshall arriving on bike. Dan was 1st on road past us and Dean maybe 3s behind,then I think Michael Ritter & David Johnson, 1st yellow was out near crash site by 4th bike but about another 10 went past k tree flat out before flag came out there. R.I.P Dan,nice guy and family.
  7. Just heard it again on mr,bril,hope she and family have a great Christmas x
  8. Maybe this friday he should warn about drinks being spiked or laced or whatever they call it,unless he,s an out of control drinker or an very occasinal drinker,i find it hard to believe he got into that state and nobody around/with him helped him out? I dont find it hard to imagine someone at the home affairs department giving him a few doubles for a bit "crac". maybe im been a bit generous?
  9. Allthough only teare has been elected so far,of the front runners for C.M(Shimmin now in),i would like to nominate JOHN SHIMMIN for the post of CHIEF MINISTER,as i believe he will bring a levelled headed approach to the post.(teare to be deputy!,treasurey minister)
  10. Good post, which gives a fair overview of our candidates,so whow will win? M Q has come out Fighting and is actually starting to sound like a strong purposefull politician! He must be feeling the vibes and knows his seat is in jepordy.5 yrs to late imo.J C has come over beter than expected and is certainly one of the beter lib-vans,but as others have said,why vote for someone who will not take an active part in running this island,mayaswell be an unpaid commisioner dealing with local issues.So that leaves PC+HQ,PC seems a little to close to the government way of thinking,which i am sure would fit in well,but would that be just more of the same? I will probally take my chance with HQ and see if he can turn hot air into something of substance,has he really got the midas touch? P.S. Just heard Nick Clegg stating its no time for backroom boys,is that not a msg to the lib-van party?
  11. Found this thread on page four,no additions since 26 july! Is there stil a contest? As a middle voter,ive had one flyer,no manifesto's,one missed callers card.Anybody done better? Spoke to any candidate?
  12. Are there double whites there? Would double whites stop a u turn? Would it be be a more "easy" conviction if you caused a death by crossing D.W? Would they be a nuisence for general driving at that location,even if they were only for a short distance?
  13. If they spent the 1.8 million say on the first section of the pier so that it could be walked on and under and then 1million per yr for the next ten,and open that section each year, maybe people would feel there getting some value out of it.If the worst happened and the unrestored section didnt hang on, then atleast no money would of been spent on it.If after five years it was found no one actually used it,you could stop spending but stil retain a fully restored half pier!
  14. Oppressive government machine is not a phrase I would use. I only think that it has no legitimacy in respect of its authority.But no, I have no problem with funds being siphoned off corporations if it goes into government hands. At least with such a transfer funds are being moved from private tynrannies where people have absolutely no say to an institution which is slightly democratic (i.e. where people have a say). Oh dear. With the current economic system there is a problem: different tax regimes exist so that companies move if their massive profits being taxed more than they would be elsewhere. But the matter remains that these corporations have massive profits. Wealth is increasingly being brought into fewer hands; most wealth is owned by a very small percentage of the world's population; workers wages are stagnating with rising living costs.I am quite happy for these corporations to be paying a large amount of tax in order to reduce the extent to which they hold this wealth. Just a shame they can't be pinned down. But I do hope that in the meantime (until the world is purged of corporations and politico-economic system they dwell in) systems can be brought to bear to make sure that corporations and the wealthy do not squirm out of their responsibilities. The trouble is that it is not the companies making vast profits who are paying high taxes as they are clever enough to avoid it! It's British based industry which is paying the British worker and needs profits to reinvest and incentivise it's shareholders and workers! I'd love to see an alternative to capitalism which works LDV, the trouble is that we are a progressive species and naturally want to evolve our way of life! I'm not sure that there is a viable alternative but I'd stand corrected if there is! How about no corportion tax,just vat and companys not being able to claim it back,no income tax eithere,so the more you spend in any one place , the more you contribute.VAT rate could probly drop to around 10% and governements could get same income aslong as it was accounted for in correct country.Same with indivuals,no income tax just purchase tax.I know it sounds to simple so lets have the down sides!
  15. Mmm, what if Google were to set up an office here? would make their life a lot simpler than what they're currently doing After the Double Irish and the Dutch Sandwich what would we call ours? The Manx............? GRAB?
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