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  1. Short notice news conference today at 14:55. Howie must have something on at home at 3.
  2. Just had a look at the latest ‘places of interest’ list. All i can say is someone better not go Exit Strategy again. They are obviously no good at it.
  3. 10 - 20k price rise in less time than it took to build them. They are simply going to put them back on the market for a higher asking price.
  4. Two punctures repaired from builders crap in the last 4 days - all from the prom.
  5. x-in-man

    TT 2021 ??

    Any news on the Cornish variant? will it be the better one?
  6. Spent a holiday there a few years ago. Lovely staff at the time.
  7. Cannot see why Eddie would have not seen it as a great idea then.
  8. That area is used for some stuff at the moment. Wonder where the alternative sites for that stuff would be? iIt has birds of prey that nest in the quarry sides. Apparently there is some rare mosses and bog grasses up there too.
  9. Haven’t we signed more Tax exchange information things than the UK?
  10. Seems to be working now. That’s a result. Now time to get my bloody Paypal and Apple Pay texts to work on MT!
  11. x-in-man

    All4 App

    Not wanting to work for me - iPhone or iPad. Anyone else use it and having an issue? Just keeps saying ‘service unavailable- having trouble logging you in’
  12. Passed a load doing a ‘jog’ around the edge of the school field and down to Derbyhaven the other day.
  13. x-in-man

    Next CM

    Hello Mr Ashford, shouldn't you be polishing your medal on a Saturday?
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