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  1. ..and as soon as the new owners of the boarded up site/s on the prom start to do something with them. I'm sue they promised to tidy up and remove the boards on one site within days of purchasing it, months ago.
  2. Pity they cannot match the items with the photos, or with a suitable starting price. I love the way they always think what ever they are hoping to sell is worth 40 quid.
  3. It was all about Brexit, everything, which turned out to be all about waiting to see what happens later. Useless farmer voted in by farmers to keep the farmers in everyone else's money.
  4. Look, the international winner will want their winnings in Euros and we know how well the government handles the purchasing of Euros.
  5. You keep mentioning the extra cost of everything here, compared to where? and if it bothers you enough to keep mentioning it, why come?
  6. Calling rally car fans ..OK so it's only a Corsa, old shape, with plastic windows in a rather fetching orange .. anyone know who's it is?
  7. Best, miles from Cornwall worst, not far enough away from Cornwall
  8. Ah, look at the road works by area, as it's not on the 1st page you posted. Government IT, made fecking useless for the majority by the minority.
  9. Yeah, what about the Castletown Festival closures, cycling etc this weekend?
  10. Well, the money is there and it needs spending, so that may be an option yet.
  11. It's all in the same place people check when they are arranging things like cycle races, town centre festivals, pop concerts, car rallies, road works and farming shows. The site can be used by members of the public, government officers from road sweepers to major highway schemes, tourism chiefs to local parish councils. The problem is, no one has told anyone where it is or how to use it.
  12. Knock on the door rules. if it's important, they will yell through the door. if it's the Police, they have a magic key if your car is not taxed - if you've done something serious, you would have read on Face ache that they are looking for you anyways. if the place is on fire, the key is size 10 and connected to a firefighters right leg. Anyone else will ask you about Jebus, or will be asking for their ball back. They can wait.
  13. The ability to look like a dick in a shiny blue I'll fitting suit and brown pointy clown shoes is expected for this role. Trendy beard owners are sure of an interview. (BTW, that look was destroyed nicely in the film Mitty, that is now 6 years old. Get over it).
  14. https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/displayjob.aspx?jobid=6749 Christ on a stick!. Check out the bullshit bingo opportunities with this job.advert. The Cabinet Office really, really is just a big waste of a Grammarly inc. subscription. People, probably an office load of people. are paid money to big up this shite.
  15. Bring this topic up in the inevitable follow up phone call they make asking you to review the service they offered when taking cash out of your pocket. One local business tried that one in me today. I was having a bad day, I'm sure someone was crying on the other end of the line when I eventually hung up.
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