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  1. N’ah, they are lying to us - that bloke in the pub is always right.
  2. What a 3rd? what with the one at Christmas, the one just gone and now another!!! Or, it may be, as pointed out numerous times, those on the regular testing regime.
  3. With PP you select UK, it supplies the +44 and you input the full number. it confirms the removal of 0 and shows the text will be sent to +447624 which is the correct format.
  4. Swapped to UK, made sure the +44 shows, the number is confirmed as +447624 etc, still nowt. Others get through fine, just not PP. Still getting the ‘it’s them not us’ from both sides. MT contract phone number. It’s an MT contract phone if that makes any difference. I’m in town later, I’ll drop into Sure and ask them if they have any problems and get a PAYG Sim if they say it’s not an issue. Dealing with anything with Manx or the Isle of Man in its name is like pulling teeth lately. Manx Gas Manx Telecom IOM Bank Even that Google issue with apps still ain’t fixed. FFS it’s 2020, we are supposed to a forward looking IT island attracting big online businesses - we cannot even get a fucking bus lane right. An election is coming up, maybe questions need to be asked - anyone know a serial question asker in Tynwald who now has some spare time??
  5. They appear to have quietly shortened the cycle lane/left turn lane it seems. It now finishes 6-8 cars back from the lights instead of 4. The wiggly arrow is still there though, which sort of gives the change away.
  6. Which requires a verification text to be sent to the new number
  7. Thanks for that useless fucking input.
  8. Try to open a paypal account for a pal but get stuck trying to get the bloody verification text. They say it’s the service provider, service provider say it’s them. Anyone else having a problem?
  9. I think they probably might have finished it by now, sold on and moved on.
  10. I agree. My dogs local produce has dropped in price too, but I cannot give it away - even when wrapped and left on trees.
  11. IOM Bank protecting their customer from a second wave. My 2nd wave relating to IOM Bank came when I waved them goodbye for crappy service and their insistence on my making it difficult to move my money around to where I wanted.
  12. For Charity mate! It’s doing nowt most days, Sooo, buy a timed ticket, pitch up, check in, go through security, spend a while in the shop, having a beer, expensive coffee and cake and getting some ‘duty free’ and a natter. Your timed ticket gives you your departure time. When your flight is ‘called’ you then go downstairs for a run/stroll along the runway and then back in to arrivals to collect your shopping. A range of destinations and airlines could be made up, 1955, Hogwarts, Atlanta, The Death Star, Narnia, that place Frozen is, Howard’s Way Air, Peel Virgin. Fly Maybe etc etc. Turn up in themed costume for your destination? Goer of an idea or not? Charity to benefit? What would you pay? Have you forgotten how to use the airport yet? i did about a similar thing at the sea terminal but going out for a run or stroll out on the fairway could get a bit messy.
  13. I see twat on a bike has been spoken to by the Coppers. if I was driving and he did that to me he’d have to recover his bike from his arse or the fence, or probably both.
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