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  1. x-in-man

    Douglas Terrorist attack!

    Silver bus - nothing new Silver bus on fire - nothing new Bus with no one onboard - nothing new.
  2. x-in-man

    Donald Trump

    .. insert Secret sauce joke here ...
  3. x-in-man

    Donald Trump

    It’s a bit ‘Kingsman’ to me. Rich, clueless dickhead with plans to take over the world serves a Big Mac to his guests.
  4. x-in-man

    Chaos At Gatwick...

    EasyJet won’t pay the late landing fee. End of.
  5. x-in-man

    Ownership of TT Course

    Gee Cee blinkered at the keyboard again.
  6. x-in-man

    Chaos At Gatwick...

    The Policeman Officers are on the case.
  7. x-in-man

    Isle of Man Brexit headlines

    Most of the fruit rots in fecking shop anyway. Manx spuds make crap mash, I don’t eat fish so Herring is out. I think I will start a Soylant Green farm.
  8. x-in-man

    Chaos At Gatwick...

    This one was better.
  9. x-in-man


    No no no, he said ‘stupid black person’ anything else would be offensive.
  10. x-in-man

    Cronk y Berry - Landrover ‘Discovers’ Park

    Wait for the courthouse decision.
  11. x-in-man

    Road safety..

    The tarmac underneath didn’t give it away then? Was parked up when I took the picture, was then driven away, towed behind a 4x4 that didn’t even match the number plate on the back.
  12. x-in-man

    Road safety..

  13. x-in-man

    Road safety..

    Taking the piss.
  14. x-in-man

    Cronk y Berry - Landrover ‘Discovers’ Park

    Didn’t happen, it’s not on it’s roof.
  15. x-in-man

    P.O Strike Begins.

    Do they need a ‘wardrobe manager’? Do they need colour co-ordinated vans? A high viz vest and off the shelf and unwritten vans to deliver parcels is all that is needed. I have to wear my own clothes to work. If I have to work outside, I put my own coat on. That saves a few quid. Has anyone seen the electric post person Pat van about recently? If not, where has that gone?