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  1. x-in-man

    Pussy to be banned?

  2. x-in-man

    Housing Development`s

    Services - mains power and water. Minimum requirements. Seeing as it costs about 1 gazillion pounds to put a metre of new pipe or cable anywhere here .. that and the obvious lack of apostrophes in the world to advertise said developments.
  3. x-in-man


    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-business/two-fellas-to-take-over-the-whitehouse-in-peel/ Wonder if they could take over my local and turn it back into a proper pub again. Good luck to them, two great spots under their belts.
  4. x-in-man

    TV Licensing

  5. x-in-man

    'Not Suspicious'

    Lock or hide this thread please.
  6. x-in-man

    Pointless statistics

    looks like bent stats for the UK, same here maybe - probably? We must have been 2nd or 1st place on spending before the UK takes out tuition fees paid for by the students and private education spends. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-45746062
  7. x-in-man

    MV Karina...

    You can buy a car that has failed a UK MOT or a Manx test, it ain’t any different with a boat. There was no mention of it being unsafe, just needed work to carry fare paying passengers. Bit like pitching up at the test centre with taxi and an indicator not working.
  8. x-in-man

    Headline...movement at Castle Mona site

    linky link link
  9. x-in-man

    Headline...movement at Castle Mona site

    2 there, one on the old prison site, one on the old Park Road school site and one at the farm yard breakers site when that goes next year.
  10. x-in-man

    Headline...movement at Castle Mona site

    Manx Companies, Peel Road offices. Ground floor a coffee shop/bar/function room/s the rest, oh, I dunno, offices in the shape of self contained units with a kitchen area, bathroom facilities and rooms or seviced apartments - sold off without the services bit, or the office bit - what do you think?
  11. x-in-man

    Summertime or Wintertime (GMT or GMT +1)

    UK - stick with the forward and back. IOM - Start a public consultation, employ consultants, decide the best way is to spread the hour difference to the UK in staged steps - in 6 minute intervals with the option to begin Manx Time - or "Time Enough" - in 2022, with the option to go Metric in 2050 to make the most of Brexit. Economic development fund will be used to establish a company to make Manx clocks, with the option to produce Metric clocks in 2075.
  12. x-in-man

    Headline...movement at Castle Mona site

    Scaff gone up around the entrance .. The plot thickens. A couple of none blokes down the pub i know say, it's any day now, and it's quite a surprise.
  13. x-in-man

    When is the next "Mountain Road" closure planned ?

  14. x-in-man

    When is the next "Mountain Road" closure planned ?

    Closed soon for Ford I think. Standby for MHKs to be seen driving about in new Mustangs any time soon. Wonder if if that closure is a freebie too?
  15. x-in-man

    Pointless statistics

    Not a lot. Those figures do not say if that includes new builds, conversions, heat and light costs, rates and other costs, including running the department, his extra top up, advertising of posts etc. It says staffing levels are taken into consideration, but nothing about management levels within each school, or the cost of cover and paying someone else to do a job a manager is paid to do in the 1st place.