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  1. Shame. But with underlying health conditions. 19k a year die due to seasonal flu in the UK each year.
  2. Christ, we are rolling out our Gove for ugly effect.
  3. .. or waiting to see what the uK say and copy that.
  4. The Isle of Man, in a crisis the government still take their fucking time.
  5. Trump has had the jab to protect him from the US developed virus. It was meant to target China, but the CIA team bringing it back after deployment had to stop off in Italy to buy some pizza dough for Donald, 'you just cannot get great pizza dough here, really great pizza dough, the best pizza dough, you know, when I want pizza I go to Papa Johns, he is Italian, a really good Italian pizza maker, the Italians invented dough for pizza' he was heard to say. It was spilt in a drunken rage by two CIA members over the best Godfather film.
  6. We did too little, too late. Waiting to see what the UK did.
  7. That Wint bloke, his show is a fecking car crash most of the time. Does he not know how to use a fader when he constantly tries to talk over people?
  8. Better than anything MTV could put out. one question about the social distancing match model, what if you are a tall person? It only seems to work if you are shorter than everyone else.
  9. I'll leave some big gaps here so you can all read between the lines of this made up story to cover someone arse. Free bed and food so he doesn't sue for unlawful imprisonment anyone?
  10. Yeah, and de roads, de paths and de prom.
  11. Ashford this morning, 'HQ has been on the radio more than me, can we arrange a press conference in the morning before he finishes his sausages?'
  12. I've not heard the public warning sirens yet. When they get the results of the 1st proper test they do, and it's positive, I want to hear them. I'm not paying for all these tests for them to sit there quietly when they are needed.
  13. Let's face it, not many coppers have contact with the public these days, all good.
  14. Good time to clamp down on UK registered vehicles driving around now. Should the driver be in enforced 14 day isolation or are they locals taking the piss? Let's stop 'em and find out.
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