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  1. My pal is convinced his whowotsit phone listens to him. He gets emails from travel firms when he mentions holidays, seen that happen twice in one day, Emails and texts from insurance 'no claim no fee' places when he mentions his work, and life insurance calls when he mentions his health and oddly, his wine subscription. We were sitting chatting during a visit the other week and randomly got chatting about cooking. 30 mins later 3 emails about offers in the local market, and mail shots 2 days later from local places offering food deliveries.
  2. x-in-man

    Xmas decs

    Yay, gone up already in a house round my way. Really? Yes. Too soon? Really, yes.
  3. We cannot have an MOT test, we don't have a ministry of transport. Did the sums a while ago, it was impossible for the test centre to do them, local garages don't have the training or kit, it's a pointless bit of paperwork and will just make things worse because people assume that just because it has a valid test certificate it is safe to drive.
  4. You get scratch and dent protection for free with your compulsory car insurance if you choose fully comp. Include a protected no claims and you are quids in without paying for anything else.
  5. At last, a reason not to go along Peel road ever again! I've managed to arrange my trips to and from work by never going through the QB now, by the new year I will never have to go anywhere from the Oak tree to Brown Roberts place.
  6. Some seem to be waiting until you get within a gnats knacker hair of them, pull out and then signal, making a big thing about stopping because ' it's your fault'. Several single deckers now pull into bus stops and leave their arse end out in the middle of the road, to hold up traffic - again, waiting for someone to dare to pass before pulling out at the same time as indicating, expecting you to stop half way along the side of the bus so they can pull out. They seem to be desperate to get into some sort of collision, possibly to claim compensation and an early retirement.
  7. It was a water leak apparently. it was expected as someone left a window open. Tynwald will release £500 million tomorrow to help out MHKs affected and appoint 25 new window latch checkers and 125 window latch checker managers.
  8. Because he didn't know we had an aircraft register, what it did and how it worked. Now he knows and that it is legal and all pucker like, he can add ' I saw the VAT inspector off when he sort to undermine our VAT handling with regards to private jets' to his re-election waffles.
  9. To me, I found the news every, what seemed like every 5 mins, a bit too much. Later on in the day I switched the radio on to 'secret sound' - Christ on a bike! I thought it was supposed to be a new thing, not re-runs of Alan Partridge shows. Andy made the output feel like it was the 1970s again, Beth still hacks me off when she tells everyone they are 'listening to Manx Ragio'. Tried the other offerings, crashing intros, shite music - gave up. Went the Radio 2.
  10. ..and as soon as the new owners of the boarded up site/s on the prom start to do something with them. I'm sue they promised to tidy up and remove the boards on one site within days of purchasing it, months ago.
  11. Pity they cannot match the items with the photos, or with a suitable starting price. I love the way they always think what ever they are hoping to sell is worth 40 quid.
  12. It was all about Brexit, everything, which turned out to be all about waiting to see what happens later. Useless farmer voted in by farmers to keep the farmers in everyone else's money.
  13. Look, the international winner will want their winnings in Euros and we know how well the government handles the purchasing of Euros.
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