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  1. x-in-man

    Is this true? Countryside Care Scheme

    Seeing as the biggest land owner is the Manx government, with strategic land banks almost everywhere, there is probably 25 people, 21 of them managers, billing themselves to get money for the land they own too.
  2. x-in-man

    Man sentenced for fake gun

    If you type that company name, and TT into a popular video sharing website, it might be the same company that ran a competition about a year ago and had over 2221 entries for a prize of their services.
  3. x-in-man

    Homicidal Tyre

    Make tyres square. they cannot be rolled down hills by children then. Why are the simplest of solutions always overlooked?
  4. x-in-man

    Looks like the burglars are back!

    Sacred blur - is most of my Sunday mornings.
  5. x-in-man

    End of Douglas?

    ..add a few years.
  6. x-in-man

    Douglas Terrorist attack!

    Silver bus - nothing new Silver bus on fire - nothing new Bus with no one onboard - nothing new.
  7. x-in-man

    Donald Trump

    .. insert Secret sauce joke here ...
  8. x-in-man

    Donald Trump

    It’s a bit ‘Kingsman’ to me. Rich, clueless dickhead with plans to take over the world serves a Big Mac to his guests.
  9. x-in-man

    Chaos At Gatwick...

    EasyJet won’t pay the late landing fee. End of.
  10. x-in-man

    Ownership of TT Course

    Gee Cee blinkered at the keyboard again.
  11. x-in-man

    Chaos At Gatwick...

    The Policeman Officers are on the case.
  12. x-in-man

    Isle of Man Brexit headlines

    Most of the fruit rots in fecking shop anyway. Manx spuds make crap mash, I don’t eat fish so Herring is out. I think I will start a Soylant Green farm.
  13. x-in-man

    Chaos At Gatwick...

    This one was better.
  14. x-in-man


    No no no, he said ‘stupid black person’ anything else would be offensive.
  15. x-in-man

    Cronk y Berry - Landrover ‘Discovers’ Park

    Wait for the courthouse decision.