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  1. ..and Ashford is the member of the Adams family nobody talks about.
  2. Is it me or is there an issue with the MUA infrastructure on an almost daily occurrence lately? if it’s not water spurting out of the road, it’s electrical problems. I have noticed a few of them get unreported on farcebook or the nation’s mouth piece, leading me to think they don’t want people to know about them. ‘Repairs’ revisited 2 or 3 times in my local area over the past couple of months too. All this money we are paying for it .. is it really getting spent or just paying off the white elephant that is Pulrose or even just going into the bank account of IOM Gov?. I suspect I know the answer to that.
  3. It also does not work very well, if at all.
  4. I see the last attempt scored bugger all. in 2013!
  5. They don't need to be - you drive in. it reads the plate. You go shopping , return, type your number in ... no record found every time.
  6. My plates still fail to be recorded by ANPR readers in car parks in the UK. In the last 3 years I have never paid to park in an ANPR controlled parking area.
  7. That is not an ANPR camera. They should have made a 'camera' out of an old tissue box with sticky back plastic and it would have been more convincing. A few questions need to be answered. Why is the data being captured by DoI workerss and not the Police? How long will the data be kept - number plate, time, location etc? How secure is the data? How secure is the collection of data and how is it protected from viewing by people who have no need to view it? By data, I mean pictures of the car, possibly it's driver and passenger, location, direction of travel Just after TT you won't see it again until the FOMS - where the same shit will be paraded on Farcebook to make it look like they are doing something. Cheap attempt at trying to look like tax payers money is being well spent - when it's still just being pissed up a wall.
  8. I came past at 11 mins past and it looked like they had gone, or turned to dust, or maybe they made it to the burger drive through in the end.
  9. Here is how it works. Juan finds a car with the keys in it. Juan lashes it around the island, stops off to get a burger, pizza, coffee, lashes it about some more. Owner finds it gone, reports it, Police twatbeat and facefarce a message about locking your cars. Meanwhile, it turns up 100 yards from Juan’s front door, work, or local pub. Police twatbeat and facefarce a request for information 4 weeks later. meanwhile, Juan finds a car with the keys in it. Juan lashes it about .... Meanwhile, the Police post pictures on facefarce of themselves enjoying an ice cream, a missing button found in Castletown that needs an owner, and a dog, which was out trying to sniff down their owners car, but the Police came along and stuffed it in a van before it even reaches the end of the road.
  10. x-in-man

    Beer Tent

    Just what will Henry and Charlotte do while wearing ones boating shoes and HH jackets this year!!??
  11. This is local news because?
  12. When I first moved here in thought it was nice that you could ring Dot on the number shown on road works signs to find out more info. I pictured a little old dear sitting next to an olde worlde ‘phone, knitting a tea cosy with today’s planned road works on a little clipboard lent up against her tea pot. I know some bloke that has been waiting for a gearbox since Christmas from there.
  13. Have to justify the budget - it needs to be spent - it is where it is, going forward, in real terms.
  14. Pretty sure it was all a fixed price deal. Expect corner cutting further down the line as the profit starts to dwindle away quicker than the top surfacing on Richmond Hill?
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