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  1. I want to sell my Cat. It coverts anything in the house to tiny pieces. Will post for the right price.
  2. Where as I drink Gin and thought it was just plain ordinary and therefore over priced for what it was. But I suppose it has a Manx connection so the sheeple here will buy it ‘coz it tastes better ‘ but in reality, it doesn’t.
  3. Local one did this to me last year, waiting for it to happen again - then I'll just tell 'em I've renewed with Churchill because their customer service was better.
  4. Look, they don’t have ANPR, it was a TT stunt.
  5. Stick your foot through the rear gear and wheel. They stop pretty quick when that happens.
  6. Putting an offer in?
  7. Yeah, there is a place on the New Castletown Road that tried that, 5 years and counting .. must be really busy, the crane has not moved for years.
  8. For a new build, right on a main road, with a lovely view of a petrol station, industrial estate and an airport.. 850,000.00 .. oh, and hardly any garden. Just one question.. what planet it is one?
  9. Could have been 2nd hand, or a gift form family members. Can’t people who live there not have nice things?
  10. ..or 30 for £3.40 - tough choice.
  11. x-in-man


    Can they pay some fucking road tax too?
  12. Wonder how the longtail and feathered longtail populations are holding up in the Castle Mona?
  13. 7 nights for TT next year £190 a night. Budget brand my arse.
  14. T’was a doubletree variety of Hilton. Are they all the same now?
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