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  1. Oh God, don't show the DoI this! The construction of a new roundabout does not often make national headlines, but one in Cambridge that gives priority to pedestrians and cyclists has done just that.
  2. It is, and when the bloke who was doing it went, he was replaced with 2.
  3. The rot goes deeper than that I hear. They even gave a top legal job to an ex union rep so they were inside pissing out, rather than outside pissing in.
  4. There’s a bit of a cock in Wales. (does the picture expand to show the one in Cornwall too?)
  5. Take Lagman off ignore and you might actually work out who I was responding to before getting all Covid expert
  6. Yeah, I had to speak to 3 people at work last week. Complacent feckers.
  7. You tax a car online now as no disk is issued for a UK registered one. They haven’t bothered in over a year and I see it regularly in that car park. It’s just taking the piss.
  8. Despite having months of opportunity to stop this on the road to check, it still gets driven about, to B&Q, to the gym, work...
  9. Prom, terminal, Hospital, Tourism, Horse trams, buses, the Police, Villa complex, swimming pool, cycle lanes, Gas, MEA. Lets just call the new boat Quayle’s Sunken Ship and be done.
  10. The Isle of Man Government. They take the money out of pockets, the shirt off your back and then still rip your heart out after you’re dead.
  11. The Shed is the old loo block along the Prom. The last building before the little green area with BBQ plots and then, right at the end is the rock infested house that no one wants.
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