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  1. Playing a game today. For every presenter that pronounces 'Shoh' differently, I'm going to have a double JD tonight. For every time on Moanin' Line, Andy crashes his own words into badly levelled background music, or speaks over a phone in or guests, I will double it. I've booked tomorrow off work already.
  2. Or he could move to the Isle of Man, take up the governors role and she could get a job in the new KFC. He could get a second income selling Bentleys at Jackson's.
  3. Attention seeking nut job, same as his mother.
  4. Driving is a privilege not a right. If you cannot afford to tax a car for a year, what else could you not afford to do - new tyres, brakes, lightbulbs? Factor in the cost to tax, insure, service and maintain your vehicle before you decide which one, or if, you want to buy one. Getting rid of the paper disc would cut some of the admin costs, leaving more cash for the pension hole, and maybe the pothole.
  5. x-in-man

    Online voting..

    Jesus, you have had a heavy night on the ale.
  6. Driving standards over here have dropped. I have seen cars overtaking cars stopped at red lights, going the wrong side of roundabouts, openly speeding (vaping knob in green Lambo Friday) the old bill may not be to blame.
  7. Christ! They kicked you out of the pub early.
  8. Yet some plug in hybrid (which still use a petrol engine therefore have emissions) only pay a fiver. go figure.
  9. We'll all have flying cars by the time it's finished, so not a problem.
  10. They have speed restrictions in the UK. Guess what We have speed restrictions along the prom, does not stop old twats in gold Volvo estates doing 40 and over taking me.
  11. She'll scweem and scweem and scweem until she's sick.
  12. Let's just set an age for everything and be done with it. Voting, driving, standing for election, drinking, smoking, bonking, getting married, joining the army, getting a criminal record .. Some say 16 will be too young for all of that, but at the moment they can vote in a complete moron as it is.
  13. The penalty clauses for that bloody radar where massive, we have basically got it for free so I was told. if that is so .. where did the money go?
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