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  1. x-in-man


    Yes, but why would you? You’d want it to get there - right? (- you turned on your computer and bypassed Google to post to MF (local news) for sensible answers, I thought people used Facebooks for that).
  2. Ask them. It may be because they don’t want to work full time. Not have to deal with open and parents evenings. Maybe not write reports and have to deal with INSET days and marking, write schemes or work etc. They simply turn up and teach what has been set by the teacher or their department leader. An ESO can (and some do) get paid more than a teacher. Not all teachers work full time, not all ESOs work full time. Some do. (37hrs/365). An NQT starting out will earn less than an FT ESO Level3 with a few years experience.
  3. Some ESOs are qualified teachers. They are employed as ESOs to take on cover as it is needed rather than call in last minute staff.
  4. Tidy Douglas up for feck sack. It's a shite 'ole and looks shite along both sides of the harbour. It's no better when you walk up to the shops. I doesn't even look reasonable when you get to the 'cultural quarter' with it's asylum seekers semi inflated boat pavement installation and shut pub.
  5. Going to get a job on MR reading the news with that ‘everything is doomed’ approach.
  6. No, but they both have the same management structure behind them who wouldn’t hire assistants for such eventualities.
  7. From a DESC press release - 'The NASUWT represent just over half of the 850 teachers employed by the DESC, and our understanding is that whilst just over half voted, under half were in support of further action.' So - give or take it's 100 teachers in support of an extra day or two off striking.
  8. If the other bloke would have got in we would be having Manx grown coffee and Manx made pies in the bus stations to eat and drink on your way to work. ..ah, bus stations .. why has no one built a bus station yet? Stu - get your crayons out.
  9. ..and I still think it’s odd that it’s 2022 and a union still has a name that has obvious gender identity conflicts. National Association of Schoolmasters and Union of Woman Teachers. They should rename immediately to -NALBGQ+TLSACSS
  10. Tuscany will be closed for a long time - Leonardo's lost the plot years ago. Sidings - lots seem to eat there but it seemed to me more like chippy that serves Bushy's. Viking reminded me of the old Bed and Breakfast places I went to as a kid and seems closed more often than not. Garrison - hit and miss with timings when they do serve. Shore - every other bus goes that way and not late. Byron's - shut - no staff. Andreas - about the best down south. If the busses can be relied on. Failing that give up. Limited choice left.
  11. Can imagine what it would have been like if she did actually become and MHK? Manx Radio Moaning Line would have exploded.
  12. Well, I’ve saved £35 just by looking at it. Looks bloody awful.
  13. Stop handing out points to every teacher for pointless positions to keep the money 'at the coal face'. Reduce the number of managers who never see the inside of the classroom once they reach 'Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Assistant to the Deputy Head' positions. Stop newly appointed senior staff re-inventing the wheel every time they get a new job by starting yet more paperwork trails and spreadsheets. This frees up more time for teaching rather than trying to ensure pointless paperwork and form filling. Reduce the head count in the department who seem to soak all the money up by having CEOs, HR departments, Managers upon managers and legal teams who see it as their job to make teaching as difficult as possible in schools. Stop job duplications - some school employ people to do functions but then sub those functions out to others.
  14. They should cut their cloth and stop expecting everything from the second they leave teacher training.
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