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  1. x-in-man

    TT 2022 ??

    There was thinking it’ll be carbon neutral by not having any buses running. Oh well.
  2. I am just going to use a cab, or a bus. It's going to be so much easier.
  3. ..again - where was the tender process and due diligence for this new 'cheaper' parking system?
  4. x-in-man


    If only we had a pro-active MHK who could ask a question in Tynwald.
  5. x-in-man

    Firm closing

    My bread maker is doing grand. Made a malt loaf today. Had fresh bread almost every day since the start of April. One slice fills you up, I know what’s gone in it. Done rolls, loaves, pizza, cake, focaccia, whole meal, white, brown - and next Easter we’ll be making hot x buns that don’t taste of toilet cleaner.
  6. The whole idea stinks. Along Marine Drive you cannot be sure it's all dog do-do.
  7. Shall we all blanket email all the MHKs later - about 3am?
  8. End of the year news will be.. ‘Crazy golf in Ramsey to close. Lack of use for the past 3 years’.
  9. How can you tell if ANY minister is making or covering stuff up? Their lips move.
  10. Still, we have 42million in the bank to fight climate change. Thats probably a government lie to.
  11. Ohhh, you made a lot of assumptions there. Obviously touchy about pedocyclists. Or maybe you just one of those cycling cocks.
  12. Filmed on the Isle of Wight? Or maybe the Isle of Thanet - they are getting blockbusters filmed there now. The film industry has even gifted a set of festoon lighting used in filming to brighten up the seafront prom there. If only we had invested in film studios a few years ago.
  13. covered elsewhere .. https://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/68804-pulrose-bridge/
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