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  1. Still, he got a gig on the telly again. Now let Middle get rid of the other useless twat.
  2. How anyone managed to go over the edge doing the speed limit up there is beyond me. Still, one more dickhead in a german lad wank pot smoking mobile off the road. (possibly had german style plates, but a Manx number coz it looks cool too)
  3. Just a recap. Somethings happens in Ramsey. Nothing on local media about it. Ex copper in the UK starts a thread about said happenings and gives details about it. It doesn’t take Ted Hastings to figure out where the info came from fella. It’ll probably end up in lost paperwork and no chances of conviction due to gossip and coverage on social media.
  4. Why bother using it at all. It’s been shite for years.
  5. I never said a word - I typed it dick.
  6. The official Police statement will come after the have phoned all their mates and ex coppers to tell them all about it.
  7. Maybe she didn’t smile. You could hear Hetty’s pulse start to race. Still say she is being used as the fall guy to save Ash-Ford some voters and so he gets to keep his gong on the wall unit.
  8. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=59450&headline=Concrete dug up to fix faulty welding&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020&cat=Transport Drive along it and you can see other areas where welds have been dug out, the single lane section has had lines down and pulled up again.
  9. They have lifted a load and welds have failed.
  10. Err, it’s all fucked and cracked and coming apart now.
  11. Closed the gap up good and proper. It’s just a sparkler now.
  12. Any KS3 Skool kid will tell you how Thermite mix works. The rest is just grinding and finishing. Specialist welding my arse.
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