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  1. He was a local and well known in the area. If you knew him you would have heard.
  2. I can list more. But I won’t coz I want both of you to fuck off.
  3. Christmas… it may be done by Christmas. Or as Baker would say ‘I err w w would like to err say err it it it’ll be be finished err by err by Christ err mas, I I err can erm err ass assure you err and erm Manx Radio err listeners err If I am err erm err elected err again it’ll be finished by err erm Christmas that’s a promise’. TT 2021 it was supposed to be all done by wasn’t it? That guy is a complete waste of air.
  4. Jabs in the the arms were delayed while the paperwork was done for the batches. Assuming they bothered checking all the batches were suitable before they jabbed people ..people who have been assaulted with a needle containing the unapproved vaccine should be seeking some legal advice.
  5. I Would Just Like To Say - I Don’t Think I Will Bother To Vote For That Particular Candidate If He Thinks Every Thing He Has Had Printed Should Look Like This.
  6. Registered the day I got my invite, just had my 2nd jab Friday. I’m 54. I didn’t dither at all.
  7. Thank fuck for that - I may not have to spoil my paper again this year after all. (begins to think about putting the rusty mole grips away - only think about it mind)
  8. Bill giving up apparently- to spend more time with his family instead of being an MHK - if that was possible.
  9. How are they going to get the proof?
  10. I’m binge watching Castle on DVD … and it looks like Beckett worked for the NYPD and the DoI
  11. Like the stuff the put on Richmond Hill and Wattersons Land up by the Cat with no tail. In which case - yep, plenty of issues. It’ll be gone within a week.
  12. It’s simply a fuck up of a decent idea that works elsewhere - done on the cheap by a contractor, who has been allowed to get away with doing a junk job. Manx solutions for a Manx made problem.
  13. He also had ‘remember to smile at the end’ written on his crayon notes. Unfortunately, I can see him reading out a prepared statement on the prom with similar conviction - probably written with the same crayon, wearing the same tie .. same shirt and suit come to that.
  14. Putting government IT into the Cabinet Office only served to bolster the arrogant, self important, I’m better than you attitude rife in that department. Everyone in that department use 1000 words when 2 will do and most are paid just to ring Sure, MT or Typhoon House when a problem arises.
  15. Wotever. Filled my paper version in, where was that ‘head of the household’ bit people have been moaning about? Have they printed new, different copies to what is on an internet line? Mine had a ‘do you love Howie or Ashy’ question and I had to staple a picture of my ball sack to the last page.. I’m starting to think I’ve been had by my neighbour.
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