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  1. They do it at other times as well, and stop vehicles all year round and get them to the test centre -
  2. That’ll prove what? Bulbs out can happen 30 seconds after an MOT pass, which is valid only for the period of time the vehicle is on the testers ramp. Those found with iffy tyres deserve what they get, they are at each corner of a car, and can be seen/inspected with minimum effort by the owner/user. The MOT certificate in the UK just makes people think their vehicle is safe for a year, with no further checks needed. Having none here means people should be more clued up about checking their vehicle over. I check my headlights every time I get in the car, they reflect off the garage door, and I can check my rear lights as I reverse by using the back up camera, which allows me to see all of them are working. it ain’t rocket science, owning a car is a privilege, not a right, if it’s not fit, be prepared to pay to get it put right, or just take the bus. The driving test here should include basic vehicle maintenance, check tyres and pressures, levels for the washers and oils, change a bulb, clean windows and lights etc.
  3. x-in-man

    Summerland Sold

    Yeah, heard it before. it’s going to be one of those ‘wait until the first resident moves in’ news releases.
  4. x-in-man

    Are postings on MF copyright?

  5. x-in-man

    Cooker hood filters

    I’m surprised you didn’t report on the dead carbon filter.
  6. x-in-man

    Cooker hood filters

    Ta all, EBay/espares it was. Never understood a local shop who offer domestic spares/repairs who are open 9-5 weekdays, when it’s domestic customer base is working. Bit like a chip shop that closes for lunch, or a paper shop who opens 10 til 4 weekdays only. It was for an elderly neighbour who had filled their hood with grease and fat over the last 15 years - a morning stripping it down and countless trips to my dishwasher. A new grease filter has it running right now, just needed a carbon fan cover to finish it off. A pair arrive tomorrow, post free, under 20 quid. Internet 2 local shops 1 (B&Q does that count?).
  7. x-in-man

    Richard Baker...

    Dumb ass.
  8. x-in-man

    Richard Baker...

    You know what BBC stands for right?
  9. x-in-man

    Cooker hood filters

    Where can I get them here? Whirlpool carbon filter, tried the obvious places open when I can go shopping but no luck. ta
  10. Which any company will have if VAT registered and an importer. The 30 day applies to aircraft imports in the UK. The VAT handling on it is the same here or in the UK, the difference has been the 30 days it seems. From factory to here, VAT procedures done in minutes or hours, rather than 30 days.
  11. 30 Days for aircraft imports, related to checks on VAT status of the owner/company. This could be the ‘loophole’ exploited here, 30 days reduced to a few hours for businesses here. The jet in question is now registered in Austria I think.
  12. But not at 7 in the morning.. or what ever time it was done. Certainly before office hours, here or the UK.
  13. x-in-man

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    At least McVey will know how to apply for universal credit now.
  14. x-in-man

    Flybe nosedives on profits warning

    Writing the adverts now, ‘Steam Packet Airlines, if there ain’t a boat in the morning, there probably won’t be a plane either’.