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  1. Just park your car on it's roof and ignore them.
  2. Perkins and Boot never did £22k worth of work.
  3. Quite and improvement on the last guy.
  4. Mail to and from Europe via RM has been held up by a Cyber Attack I seem to have read somewhere.
  5. Massive car crash on Douglas Head Road. Phil is doing the moaning line.
  6. I can only guess and hope seeing as he was once out and about meeting the ‘great unwashed’ in the airport.
  7. Well, 5 months in and Gary has made a few changes. Mainly his shirts, undies and socks - but very little else.
  8. x-in-man

    Firm closing

    Retiring - and moving to sunny places for a better health. Gonna miss it there,
  9. B&Q and IOM Gov. Same standards and reliability. Everything is twice the price and lasts half as long. Shiny store front but everything inside is self-service. Money goes missing and we hear nothing again about it - ever. It's in Douglas. Everything is in Douglas. None of their employees know how to park properly. The carpets in all of their locations are thin and bumpy. They are both aligned more than you might think.
  10. Here is the link no one else could be bothered to post
  11. All races (including the Festival of GP Motorsport or what ever its called now) will be on the two weeks at the end of May and start of July. Southern lot can sod off. Roads closed 9 til 9 everyday for the 2 weeks to make best use of the closures. Jurby Hilton residents will be chained to barriers to top-up Marshall numbers.
  12. I found MM just about fine when I bought a new car from them. Yeah, they wouldn't offer the makers on-line UK deal and charged the full price. Yeah, that price included paint protection, alloy coverage along with others and the usual UK on the road costs (which are higher than here.) Yeah, I paid to get it over on the boat (but got that back when I took ownership). Take those extra other bits off and the price came in the same as a UK dealership (with the OTR costs (less the carpet coverage and blinker fluid free top-ups for life coverage)). So, I saved myself a return trip across and a hotel and all the paperwork fuss. I came registered here and taxed. Something else you have to do with a UK purchased car (and lose out on the UK VED included in the price). Fixed price services the same as a UK dealer. Access to OEM priced parts - the same as a UK dealer. Warranty issues sorted - the same as UK dealer. What was an arse was the 'phone calls and emails a month later asking me to ring them about important things regarding my purchase. Thinking, Oh dear, a recall - only to take my time up offering me a 'once in a lifetime' part-ex price on a new car. I got 6 of those in the 1st year. Also, while looking at a new (to her) motor for Mrs X, having to deal with a salesman just out of school trousers who was more interested in selling me a 'right nippy little fucker' that 'went like shit off a shovel innit' who 'sold a 50 grand Beemer to a bloke yesterday - I was well happy I went out and got wasted that night'. Model specific sales people who have no idea how to adjust seats, what range of trims are available and offer up my pet hate - 'we don't do the books anymore - look at that info on line' when asking simple questions. I was hoping the Jacksons area was different to the MM area when I started to check out the premium marques. That hope was soon dashed with very much the same attitudes. It's just not on for a dealership like that.
  13. Moorhouse - he is quite an entertainer isn't he.
  14. At least the bloke that used to read the stock news and used to say '3.54' as 'three point fifty four' either is no longer there or has learnt KS2 Maths.
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