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  1. I get rid of one twat with an aftermarket/ebay exhaust only to get another with a Golf that sounds like a farm tractor round here. All the coppers can do is send them up the test centre - which has a queue as long as the next 18 months. All 'Kev' 'Callum' and 'Kelly' are going to do is keep tooling about in their 200 quid cars with 3 grand extras until they either bend them, kill themselves or they grow up, knowing plod can do sod all about the de-cats, extra tints, lowering, air filters and Ebay bolt on bits.
  2. Good news! The Manx living wage has gone up. They have ‘just found out’ they added it up with the Manx Gas Calculator since it began so it wont go up as much as expected this year.
  3. Minimum size of frame/wheel to classed as a pushbike. Sale of these bikes to include a 5-10% tax which goes to the government on top of the VAT to be put into the general roads/cycle path budget. Kids bikes not taxed as the wheel or frame size is below that required to call it a pushbike. The minimum size can then be used as a bench mark for what is allowed to be ridden on paths/ needs lights, reflectors and reflective/hi-viz clothing. Minimum 3rd party insurance for sizes classes as pushbikes.
  4. For a Diesel it has certainly fuelled a good few fires.
  5. No, the trains are burning to time, where they can.
  6. Simply ring/email them and point out that RM is the same price as sending down their street. Lose the custom or send it cheaper to everyone by RM.
  7. Richmond Hill - Stop/Go boards be like ..Kids can listen to what they go on about as traffic passes.
  8. Which ones are Terry and June?
  9. Should be doing Porridge most of 'em. But instead it's keeping up appearances.
  10. x-in-man


    Just save it yourself like mad. Every other sponge in the pensions market will happily relieve you of a vast amount of it just for looking after it for you.
  11. Yeah that has worked in Douglas with the Summerland site, The old St Ninian's school Park Road site, The old Prison, Villiers Square, Lord Street Carpark, South Quay, Paramount City, Castle Mona, Nurse's Home..
  12. So - if I wash my car quick with a hose it’ll be fine then.
  13. One fully manned station on the Isle of Man - Douglas. Backed up by retained crew in Douglas. All the other stations are retained crews. Retained crews have other jobs - they get called in to the station while they are at the other jobs, at home with the family, out shopping, asleep in bed etc. These fires are diverting people, people's families and others from daily life. Crews train every week, retained and full timers. All of them would prefer not to get called to any fire.
  14. .and the guy down my road has just washed his car with the hose. Obviously 00:01 Friday 29th July is a Saturday. It's 51 bursts since the 5 of October last year. October 2021 - 6 November 2021 - 7 December 2021 - 1 January 2022 - 2 February 2022 - 1 March 2022 - 4 The system is not robust enough - warming up/drying out or cooling down/soaking in.
  15. Read the fucking post - retard, it's more than one burst. It's 19 in 4 months.
  16. FWIW - For the period since the 1st April 2022 there has been 19 water bursts on the MUA network (when the new rates kick in to pay for water). 19 FFS. 6 in April 3 in May 6 in June 4 in July so far.
  17. The great unwashed - unwashed even more. (Bet he's on a meter in Cornwall - or wherever he is)
  18. Too late - they should be building new homes with meters if they cared. They don't because it would mean revenue cut.
  19. But I pay to use water already. I even pay to have it taken away and cleaned. I also pay for the MUA to piss it out all over the roads at an almost daily rate.
  20. F*ck me - more local news. Thanks for the postcard - but I really couldn't give a shit - this isn't Facebook.
  21. ..and cheap, quality beer comes to an end.
  22. I often see Douglas Coasties page posts and think, spaces,commas and capital letters. I think the criteria for joining is being under 10.
  23. I want a daily press briefing from the Chief Vet - failing that, the lad/lass that empties his bin is fine, or even the bloke that services his boiler - as long as we can get press briefing so we don't have to listen to Alex Binlid in the afternoons.
  24. Meanwhile they do nothing about the chemicals spread by planes that pass over the island daily.
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