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  1. They don't give a stuff. Been round several times and just ticketed any local ones. It's easy to check to see if a UK plated vehicle is taxed, MOT'd and in most cases, insured. They just don't want the hassle.
  2. On a more interesting news story, the Police take away untaxed cars from a bloke in Douglas. Yet some bloke round here has several vans on UK plates untaxed and no MOT since 2019 and they don’t give a shit. How long does this ‘waiting for a date at the test centre’ excuse last?
  3. No liner I’m afraid- its just a zippered bag. Use by dates are just bollocks.
  4. An Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman went into a Manx bar. They didn't complain about the brewery prices.
  5. It is clearly shot to be sped up. Dubbed over with my soundtrack from my earlier post and they have a winner. (although the TT is starting to get like that other German VW Turbo car thing, (Porsche) they look the same just with a bigger pram handle on the back).
  6. I too was chatting a mate last night and they are doing - AN ACE JOB! In fact, this should be on Local News.
  7. Thankfully - Audi owners aren't.
  8. Some of that was shot on the closed road section - where the road is now the path. Hence the 'broken' fences and temporary road barricades.
  9. I have played with this footage and added some suitable tunes - enjoy.
  10. How much do they pay for use of the TT logo again - was it that 30 million the treasury minister was looking for?
  11. I think all you have to do to 'start' the build is dig a hole or put up some posts of something. When you finish it is up to the owner/new owner. If you want to change anything then the clock starts again?
  12. x-in-man

    Firm closing

    Bloody tasty thou'. Do the loaded chips for that price. Prepared well. A pile of food on a plate does not signify quality - usually quite the opposite. Their Quilmes beer is rather appealing too.
  13. But they are going up - not down. Stop the real terms spin.
  14. So, they are going up then.
  15. That's just what they start on. In a year they have upped a point on the scale - been given TRL points for anything - in charge of a notice board, assistant to assistant deputy assistant assistant second in department .. sort of thing.
  16. when they can be arsed to get out of bed for a phot-op.
  17. That'll be trying to stoke the fire with 'Leaning Support Assistants' and other non-teaching staff in schools then. This will try to widen the net to cover government staff when the next pay deals come up I now know some of the teachers seen in some photos of strikers. New cars, expensive hobbies, flying away on holidays for 7 weeks a year and new houses.
  18. How many is many? As many as voted for strike action? or the greater number who voted for ASOS? Maybe it was retired teachers turning up in case their old mug got shat in by the workers that day?
  19. My neighbour says none of the them are teachers at St Ninian's - Flying Pickets now?
  20. That's just the staff that have to go in there.
  21. Official - Boot paying his money to charity. The homeless and orphaned Grouse fund - he set it up yesterday - possibly. Perkins will just pay his into a bottled Grouse fund - maybe.
  22. x-in-man

    Firm closing

    They'll have bugger all pubs left to serve their shit tasting beer in soon.
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