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  1. Dunno, we are obviously living in a ‘spechial’ wing somewhere.. if your court papers say you can live in close proximity to morons without being a danger, like mine, then quite probably.
  2. It’s with a heavy heart this morning that I have the displeasure to inform you all of a sad, very sad event. Next door has Christmas decorations up. fucktards.
  3. Oh god, I cannot stand listening to that bloke. eaaarrr this eaaarr that every time he tries to think what word to put next.
  4. Swift’s, Corkills @ White Hoe?
  5. I've been promising my Nephew some Manx 50p coins for almost a year now. He has taken to collecting them and is enjoying his efforts in listing and researching them. I've been to all my usual places and got change and stuff, but all the 50p coins are UK ones. Have I missed something?
  6. It’s good news. The Swansea department within said office can stay open as normal as the rules don’t apply to that area.
  7. That fart needs to shut the feck up. Been quiet most of his Tynwald days and now looks for any excuse to get his voice on the radio.
  8. David Ashford ... MBE .... in the honours list. Howard Quayle ... gets to be a farmer next year.
  9. The Isle of Man is centre stage in global development and the prom will showcase all we have to offer. (But we cannot do anything without a couple of teenagers from Doncaster).
  10. Asylum seekers pads while the paperwork is done? I’m getting fed up with the knob who keeps phoning Andy Winge on MR to complain that he, as a business owner, making money out of people paying him rent, has to follow some guidelines, rules and regulations. if you feed people for a living, you have rules to follow. If you supply people with heat, light, gas, clothes, holidays, cars, pets, phones, bicycles .. in fact any bloody thing, you have rules and regulations to follow. Get used to it you moaning sod.
  11. Has he tried telling them he comes from Swansea and he just an apprentice?
  12. ..and a large UV light up his arse. (Although looking at the colour of him he has probably tried that).
  13. The main needs for upgrades are - it keeps Adrian in IT busy fixing issues he built into the software so he looked good clicking away on a keyboard. The fix takes seconds but it’s spun out for days or months so Adrian looks good. The other reason is Tarquin from IT who wants everything in corporate Tarquin colours and fonts. He is the sort of bloke who pulls cables out of switches before he goes home. Tarquin takes his time coming into work the next day carrying expensive ‘I’m a ponce coffee’ and a little folded bag of muffins coz he’s also twat. He then takes
  14. Hahahahahahaha... hahahahahahahahaha.. was a primary teacher once. So far distant from any sort of management. If his GTS post is anything to go by, expect long worded press releases with Bullshit Bingo opportunities all over it.
  15. Oh God, don't show the DoI this! The construction of a new roundabout does not often make national headlines, but one in Cambridge that gives priority to pedestrians and cyclists has done just that.
  16. It is, and when the bloke who was doing it went, he was replaced with 2.
  17. The rot goes deeper than that I hear. They even gave a top legal job to an ex union rep so they were inside pissing out, rather than outside pissing in.
  18. There’s a bit of a cock in Wales. (does the picture expand to show the one in Cornwall too?)
  19. Take Lagman off ignore and you might actually work out who I was responding to before getting all Covid expert
  20. Yeah, I had to speak to 3 people at work last week. Complacent feckers.
  21. You tax a car online now as no disk is issued for a UK registered one. They haven’t bothered in over a year and I see it regularly in that car park. It’s just taking the piss.
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