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  1. I’m binge watching Castle on DVD … and it looks like Beckett worked for the NYPD and the DoI
  2. Like the stuff the put on Richmond Hill and Wattersons Land up by the Cat with no tail. In which case - yep, plenty of issues. It’ll be gone within a week.
  3. It’s simply a fuck up of a decent idea that works elsewhere - done on the cheap by a contractor, who has been allowed to get away with doing a junk job. Manx solutions for a Manx made problem.
  4. He also had ‘remember to smile at the end’ written on his crayon notes. Unfortunately, I can see him reading out a prepared statement on the prom with similar conviction - probably written with the same crayon, wearing the same tie .. same shirt and suit come to that.
  5. Putting government IT into the Cabinet Office only served to bolster the arrogant, self important, I’m better than you attitude rife in that department. Everyone in that department use 1000 words when 2 will do and most are paid just to ring Sure, MT or Typhoon House when a problem arises.
  6. Wotever. Filled my paper version in, where was that ‘head of the household’ bit people have been moaning about? Have they printed new, different copies to what is on an internet line? Mine had a ‘do you love Howie or Ashy’ question and I had to staple a picture of my ball sack to the last page.. I’m starting to think I’ve been had by my neighbour.
  7. Probably none, it’ll all go to the UK and never be looked at again.
  8. Not got ours through the post. When /if I get it, and can be arsed filling it in, I’ll just put ‘cannot recall’ in the boxes.
  9. DA has the appearance of a naughty school boy told to stand up in class and take it for his mates of late. They don't want people travelling - 'so lets make a story up that not having a 2nd jab will make travel difficult'. 'oh, and we wont give 2nd jabs for the half term holiday - we don't want all that money going off island'. 'You tell them David .. they listen to you - I've already said I am not standing so fuck 'em'. Not anymore Ashford - people are fed up with you, Hettie and Quayle for basically telling us all fibs and trying to cover it all up.
  10. Manx solutions for Manx problems… we are always behind you know.
  11. KH has been out in the sun too long. Either that or it’s been a long lunch - ‘Busses with removable batteries to power cafes in bus stations … yeah, all of our bus stations. Vending machines (reads life he means on the buses) selling manx products.. including Manx coffee .. I passed the Manx coffee bean plantation on the way home (while wishing I could have a pie on the bus) and thought we need more of these. Maybe a banana forest, coconut field and a rocking horse poo processing plant making electricity at a cheap rate.
  12. Fuckwits. From the 27 in charge to the part timer doing the work, fuckwits, all of then.
  13. When will stop reporting cases, tests and the like?
  14. Not even had my letter so I can ask for a paper copy yet. I don’t think it’s going to get to me in time.
  15. It was the Coastguard according the usually badly written Farcebook page about such things.
  16. Actually- that was probably the CG helicopter.
  17. Did they wake you up?
  18. Would these tours be the people who almost took the tiles off the house this evening? Same ones who almost took the tiles off the roof at work last week? I don’t mind people earning a bit of money - but it made the dog shit herself and run for cover. Keep it up and I’ll be flying balloons from the chimney pots.
  19. It aIl seems a bit ‘ wishes and dreams’. Tax is what’s going to pay for it all. Tax burdens which hit the majority - the working folk.
  20. How would you pay for more money for teachers and free education for adults? A lot of political types spout on about how expensive things are here. How do go about making them affordable but still allow those supplying the services here to make a living wage - be a sole trader or an employer who has to cover their overheads, staff wages, NI and still earn themselves a decent wage? Taking religion out of schools, who would that work with the schools with a Catholic ethos here? How would you teach students about the different religions in the world if there where no RE les
  21. You’d probably bypass any questions and continue your own personal agenda like you did for the Manx Radio interview. ‘We asked each candidate to choose three priorities from the following issues… Keiran decided to choose his own’. So, where do you stand on climate change, heritage, tourism, public transport, affordable housing, roads, education, falling birth rate, encouraging university students to return to the island?
  22. Meanwhile.. on EBay, you can still by ‘TT ‘ shite knocked up on laser printer for inflated prices - and he can do sod all about it.
  23. I’m torn in Middle. Do I vote for one of the these useless feckwits or pull my cock off with mole grips? Anyone got some large mole grips?. - will pay cash, over the odds and collect ASSP.
  24. Still, he got a gig on the telly again. Now let Middle get rid of the other useless twat.
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