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  1. You mean talking to people? I know it sounds less management speaky but basically you mean your talking to people about how they would like to use services that they pay for through their taxes. Yes. Plain English works here even though we are not in UK www.plainenglish.co.uk I agree with you. It happened so naturally I didn't even realise I was doing it. Note to self. Try and speak plain English in future.
  2. No he has gone to hire a team of consultants to get advice on all the failures of the questionaire. Good plan. Will you be putting yourself forward? In the meantime, I hope you've filled in your questionnaire. You can't please all the people all the time. This is an honest attempt to try and find out what people want in a slightly different way on something important. It's not obfuscation, it's not ticking a box and it's not something which is going to be filed under 'stuff we have to do to look like we care what people think.' It's entirely genuine. In addition to this we are: Collecting data on usage patterns of front office areas Talking to staff Talking to service users Gathering web and phone usage stats Talking to the Government Officers' Association Looking at comparative organisations such as other small Island jurisdictions and small Local Authorities. You're right - the questionnaire probably isn't perfect, but there you go. It's possibly better than what we've done before from a 'whole of Government' approach. Which is nothing. If you'd prefer to submit your comments in an entirely different format then feel free. I'll accept it from you in plain text or whatever. Have a nice weekend Dan
  3. No - few weeks to run yet. Something of a #fail on my behalf. The standard consultation web site on gov.im doesn't have the facility to allow you to submit your thoughts online (unless you count the use of a mailto: link). I think this tends to put people off responding (well, it puts me off anyway). So as an experiment I decided to see if we could use Adobe Acrobat to create a form that could be completed on your computer and submitted by email so we could get more people responding who perhaps wouldn't otherwise have taken the time to write in. Unfortunately to make the submit button work you need to have Acrobat Reader installed. So if you're using a Mac or Linux, unless you have proprietary Adobe software installed it won't work. Sorry. I guess you could always save it and email it as an attachment. Something to think about for next time though. Dan
  4. We're doing a whole load of different things as well as the consultation. I agree that failure costs or failure demands (or avoidable contact if you're in a UK local authority) do result in loads of wasted time / expense so we're trying to collect as much information on that as we can using exit surveys and staff tick sheets in some areas. We're also talking to front line staff to get their thoughts on how services could be made better / improved. Like you say, they're often the best source of information on how things could be made better. It's a big job when you look at the breadth of Government services so the first piece of work we need to do is look at the most popular services and target them. At the moment we're working with (the current) DoT, DoLGE and DHSS and collecting loads of information on things like volumes of contacts through walk-up, phone, internet etc as well as talking to staff and customers. This first piece of work should then give us some more detailed information to allow us to move on to the next step and target some specific areas first.
  5. I can take all of these and include them into the consultation. Thanks. All very useful stuff.
  6. I have every intention of collating all the responses and making them available - aside from the ones that include swearing. They'll all be included in a report which outlines where we'll go next and how we'll use the information collected. I genuinely want the responses from this consultation, alongside all the other data we're collecting to inform how we can change the way services are delivered to better suit the needs of the people that use them. Not intended as empty rhetoric but as an intention of how I want to proceed with this project.
  7. Everyone's views will be taken on board and used to inform the ongoing work to make Government services more accessible. This is a genuine attempt - which I'd hoped would not be seen as spin - to try and understand how the people who use Government's services would prefer to access them in the future. Will you be completing the form? "Views taken on board" ive heard that on the X factor, and i normally means i havent got a clue what im doing, im useless, but thanks for speaking to me simon. Point taken. I will try and speak in plain English rather than management speak. How does 'we will listen to everyone' sound instead?
  8. I think that the Government employs far too many communication officers ... can you note that one please Dan. BTW is everything now that desperate that IOMG are reduced to posting on here trying to whip up support? Noted. Thanks. I thought that by going to the forum, I'd engage the views of a group of people who generally aren't forward in coming backwards in telling you their point of view, not to mention people who have strong opinions on Government. A natural place to seek feedback on how people might want to deal with Government in the future. Just trying to do things a bit differently for a change - something of an experiment. I think there could have been at least a list of government departments and their functions to make it clear the wide range of services your project is covering. Moghrey Mie - you said you'd like a list of the services I'm covering. Well - it's pretty much everything. From paying your dog license to viewing planning applications to phoning Government to ask when the General Registry will be open. It's a broad range, but as you correctly pointed out, Government services mean different things to different people. This consultation will form part of a broader exercise which will help to determine the best way to provide some services. For example there could be overwhelming support for people who want to use the internet more in their dealings with Government (I do). This could be supported by data for example that we collect at the front line which says that 7 out of 10 people who visit the DOT Sea Terminal simply want to pay a parking fine. This will help to prioritise the development of parking fines payment on the web.
  9. Everyone's views will be taken on board and used to inform the ongoing work to make Government services more accessible. This is a genuine attempt - which I'd hoped would not be seen as spin - to try and understand how the people who use Government's services would prefer to access them in the future. Will you be completing the form?
  10. Hello You may or may not be aware that the Government is currently seeking views on how public services on the Isle of Man are delivered, and how people might prefer to access Government services in the future. I should make it clear that this piece of work predates the proposed restructure of Government announced by the Chief Minister and focuses very much on the way that services are delivered rather than whether or not we should have a particular service at all. I see that there's already a lively debate on the restructure taking place on the restructure megathread so it would be great if perhaps comments on the restructure could be kept in there. We are interested in whether people would prefer services to be delivered more locally to their homes, how much they would like to use the internet as a way to use services and any other suggestions people may have in respect of service delivery. We'd also like to know how easy it is for you to find the service you want first time as well as how you currently contact Government. Would you prefer face to face delivery of services or would you rather do everything over the web? In order to try and make it easier for people to let us have their views, we've put a PDF on the consultation website (link below) which can be completed and submitted online. I would point out that to use the functionality of the email submit button, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed. If you have a Mac especially, unless you have Adobe Reader then you won't be able to use the online submit function. I appreciate that this isn't an ideal solution, but we're trying to make it a bit easier for people to get in touch. You can of course simply write to us at the Chief Secretary's Office, 3rd floor, Government Offices, Douglas, IM1 3PN or simply email your thoughts on how Government could improve its service delivery at change@gov.im. The link to the consultation document and associated information is below. If anyone needs any further information, you can contact me on change@gov.im Consultation page Thanks Dan
  11. Definitely recommend Tango too. Really talented and thinks outside the box. Even better now he's digital and he can't lose your film down the back of his sofa...
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