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  1. And I always thought my Jack would be killed wrestling with a baskin shark or something.
  2. mojomonkey you just beat me to it. What an awful thing to write on your first post. I am sure mailinator will awake tomorrow morning and realise what an unpleasant person he really is.
  3. 42 being: 'the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything' Possibly the shop assistant was born ten years too late to understand the question and was unable to retort, although having said that I know youngsters in their 30s who know the answer to that question when the opportunity arises. Best regards Jackie (born 1960)
  4. How wonderful to see that my Jack being mentioned on the forum. He was very fond of you lot. The incident with the Leyland Olympian on full lock Chronicled here has ensured that he perhaps is not so fragrant as he once was. Anyway Addie, I once suspected my Jack of having one or two surreptitious associations with the laidies on this forum. Could you have been one of them? As well as being a master tram and trainspotter he had his not inconsiderable charms. Yes he would have made a jolly good MHK. I am sure Peel to Ramsey train would now be running and the Pier at Ramsey would be back to its past glories. There is a balance of costs to consider and I am sure Jack would have relied on his socialist principles to find the money to pay for such schemes from the many, many wealthy and greedy of this Island. Those who are sucking the wealth from this Island to continue amassing their individual fortunes beyond the average person's comprehension. Best wishes Jackie
  5. I think I would have to agree with you on this one. The Govt. took the Villa Marina from the Corporation and they should consider the Horse Trams. Perhaps things will run better and possibly more profitably under MNH. It would certainly seem to make sense although I am not sure what the politics are in this matter. Jack would have known though and he made many notes of the meetings he atended whenever the subject of trams etc were ever discussed at Govt or Corporation. I shall dig through his filing cabinet, but: Whatever is best to secure the future of the Horse Trams
  6. If my Jack were still with us he would be so upset to see some of the sentiments expressed in this subject coming up again. As well as being an avid bus and train spotter, Jack loved the electric and horse trams on the Island. When it was rate paying day he used to stride into the rates office and demand - in a friendly sort of way if you know what I mean - to see the Rates Manager. The person who appeared was then told by my Jack in a mock officious voice, a decibel or two louder than his usual quiet manner: "I am paying this rates bill under protest" and Jack would then look the startled manager straight in the eye" except that is, for the amount allocated for the Horse Trams. Long may we keep the Horse Trams!" He would then count out the due rates in crisp twenty pound notes, wallet the receipt and clicking his heels sharp exit into Ridgeway Street. He did that, year in, year out without fail. I often wonder if the rates office will miss Jack as much as our small circle of friends do in the Manx Bus, Train and Tram Spotting Association. Of course he felt some of you lot on the forum were his friend too, but that is another story.
  7. It was a great day out yesterday at the Cronk Y Voddy ploughing match. Beautiful weather and at a wonderful location this year near Bishopscourt. A few trips down memory lane too, the tractors included a David Brown Cropmaster and a Nuffield fuelled on paraffin. If only Jack were here he could have explained the ins and outs of all that machinery. Douglas Corporation horse trams were out in force too - it's not only tourists in trams they pull along the Promenade you know. Off season they do a bit of ploughing and obviously thoroughly enjoy the day out. The prize presentation in the evening offered excellent entertainment and many laughs. For me it beat anything on TV, I can tell you. It's a day out I recommend! Does anyone else on t'forums go along to the ploughing matches? A Nuffield Paraffin fuelled tractor Horse Trams Ploughing
  8. Well I'm not too sure about trousers, Mr Box, but he has left a rather nice collection of anoraks. He used to swear by Berghaus. Real Berghaus that is, not the modern rubbish they make since getting taken over by Viyella. I have also unearthed his diaries and shall compile them into one of those web logs you folks do.
  9. oohh, if only my Jack were here he could tell you a thing or two about that little episode. Do you remember the date and I'm sure Jack (if he were still with us) could tell you the train number, how many (and type) of carriages and even who the driver was. He wasn't so into trains in those days as trainspotting was only really invented sometime in the early seventies. Of course we had our own little moments after a hard days bus spotting, but in those days there was no door on the buses and we could sneak up onto the top deck quite easily. Port Erin bus station, if I remember correctly. In fact here is a photo we took of the very bus the following day. Darnill's Garage is on the right. I always wondered if a young lady could have got pregnant by sitting on the warm leather seat at the back of the bus (top deck) the following day?
  10. Well, I was 'in there' last night. With some rather pleasant people too. There was a girl, a minxie cat and a blackDog and someone called Missile, I think. All of a sudden there was someone speaking to us . . . . . with no name or anything, just popped up out of the ether and there is only 5 people can get in but this person was extr-terrestrial.. I could have sworn it was my Jack. Making contact sort of thing, like one of them ouji boards or something. The others will tell you.
  11. When we were all sat having a picnic, my Jack once came out with another point: "They all think he's a troll you know, but steven isn't a troll, no way, he's for real no one can keep that up for all this time". He always fought for the underdog did Jack.
  12. Jack from Laxey has shuffled off this mortal coil. He was run over by a bus in Glasgow. A Leyland Olympian LO13 with ECW low-height bodywork. It was the way he would have liked to go. Thank you for asking. ________________________________________________________ It is all a little ironic really. The rest of us in the Bus, Tram and Train Spotters group had a few insights into you folks on this forum. You see, once we had done our weekly visit, say to the MER Depot at Laxey, we would find somewhere to sit and have our picnic. Exhausted, we would usually all sit in silence and contemplate on life, with just the occasional remark now and then being thrown into the serenity. And Jack would be sitting and thinking a bit and say something like: “I wonder whatever happened to Yoda, he couldn't half get things going you know . . . ” or more strangely: “I haven’t seen that chap whose brain from the First World War used to look down on us, for quite a while . . .” and also, just to ‘keep on thread’ as you lot might say, “that young lad with the horns sticking out of his head, I haven't seen him about for a while either.” Of course we all knew he was talking about people he spoke to on the computer in the spare room downstairs. After such comments from Jack we usually allowed a respectful silence before someone interjected with their own personal thoughts: “Aye, and what are they going to do with the Peel Power Station now I wonder?” say, from Ernie. But something used to upset Jack, and this is the ironic thing. “What . . . ” he used to sometimes say “ . . if someone died who was on the Manx.net forum. We’d simply never know would we? ” There was usually a short silence to allow the thought to settle and then Ernie: “Aye, true enough . . . but they should never have got rid of the Manx Maid . . .” followed by Ethel . . . “Do you mean the boat or the ice cream they used to sell in the tubs?” A short silence as we all considered..... “The boat, I suppose,” said Ernie, “But I liked the ice cream too.” Jack always called it Manx.net. He was like that. ‘Didn’t like change’ as they say. He was in a right pickle when the forum got closed and then the name changed. You could just tell. He came in off the computer and just sat there, watching TV. You could tell he was upset because he slurped his tea. He never ever used to do that as an absolute rule. And during Songs of Praise too. There was one time, we were sat up on Onchan Head in the Steve Hislop Memorial Garden having our picnic overlooking the Tram Depot and taking in the glorious sight of the Douglas Promenade and the Horse Trams. Jack was into his bikes too you know and I felt he had a special place for Steve. I think it was to do with the Big White Norton thing that he rode in the TT. But anyway, we were all there as usual deep in our thoughts. When out he came with it: “Roxanne . . . . . . . . she’s not been heard of for a while you know. . . . I hope she is alright”. And he remained silent for a full three minutes and didn’t even take a bite out of his sandwich, which that day were one of his favourites – cucumber not chopped too finely “to keep the texture subtle”, mayonnaise and a splattering of cress in granary bread with the crusts cut off. Well it was quite an awkward moment and Doris gave one of her “hmmmms” and tried to give me a knowing look. But I didn’t take her up on it. She can be quite a gossip at times can Doris. Sometimes, after being on the computer Jack's mood could change for a few minutes. “They’ve gone too far this time, don’t they realise the lad steven has got feelings too?” he might say. We would always acknowledge Jack’s outburst of sentiment, but not enough that we wanted to know more. There was an understanding in that respect. There was a special place in his heart for you lot, you know. Even the ‘Bad Buggars’ as he used to affectionately call some of you. Sometimes after a few minutes of announcing he was “just going on Manx.net”, or, “I’m just going on the beach”, you could hear him ranting or sometimes laughing out loudly. And another time he came in with a rather paternal smile on his face “Aye . . . she’s a sweet girl that one . . too bloody good for them lot on there though,” he said with a flick of his head towards the incandescent glow of the computer screen. There was another time, sat up there on Onchan Head when Jack came out with: “Aye, that Barby has a right nice looking abatar. I’ve even asked her if she would like to join us on one of our trips.” Well I . . . we, were absolutely astounded. “Ooooh,” shreiked Ethel “what have you been putting in his sandwiches? . . . . because I’ll have a jam jar full of it for our Ernie!”. We all had a right good laugh. And do you know, I still don’t know what an abatar is! Anyway, thanks for enquiring. The forum gave Jack from Laxey a lot of pleasure. Best regards Jackeline from Laxey (Jack from Laxey RIP)
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