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  1. Interactive Investor https://www.ii.co.uk/ look good, and they specifically say Channel Islands and Isle of Man residents can open a share and fund account. Seriously thinking of moving my Hargreaves (their small print excludes IOM residents, but no sign of being kicked out yet) business to them.
  2. Gorsh

    Bottled Gas

    Best thing is to ask Manx Gas about getting the large bottles - we've had them for years and just have to phone when a bottle needs changing. We have oil heating with a gas hob and fire (but we hardly ever light the fire).
  3. About five years ago we had our roof replaced by Monarch Roofing from Ramsey, they did a great job and I’ve recommended them to two friends who used them and we are all very happy with their work.
  4. I find sending emails from Manxnet when off Island to be very difficult - even when in the UK. They sometimes work depending on the internet connection I think. Receiving them is OK though, so for sending I just use gmail as suggested.
  5. Gorsh


    I've been watching cryptocurrencies for a while with interest - I decided to have a punt last week and bought a company that invests in them (RIOT), typically it dropped afterwards, but is now almost back to break even for me so I'll see what happens, it's a bit of fun really as far as I'm concerned - but obviously I'm allergic to losing money so hoping to make a profit and then get out. Interestingly Hargreaves Lansdown are selling a fund for blockchain stuff now - and it's doing well all last week when I was watching - wish I'd bought into that instead! As advised above I would never g
  6. I have used bullionbypost, very reliable and prices as good as anywhere. Buy all sorts of coins or bars, gold, silver or platinum. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk
  7. Yes, we were given that choice - but it was restricted use (only allowed to hold the investments you already own, and no further trades allowed) and no money could be added, so useless really. Also Barclays won’t allow Manx residents to open new accounts. Another option is iWeb who still allow Manx residents in.
  8. Barclays Stockbrokers recently moved to a new platform and in the process they effectively kicked out all Isle of Man residents who had stockbroking accounts with them. Hargreaves Lansdown have been OK with Manx residents so far - but maybe this is about to change? Like Paul1 I would be interested in any information anyone has on this.
  9. Thanks for the link - will consider them/him.
  10. Hi all Can anyone recommend someone who can draw up plans for me to apply for planning approval - it's not a big job, widening and extending driveway and making an existing car port into a garage. I've checked and I do need permission. Thanks.
  11. Glad it all worked out ok, sounds like the dealer went that extra mile with the trade plates aswell. If you'd recommend the dealer could you post who it was?, i'll be looking for a new car myself soon and its far easier dealing with someone who has dealt with an IOM resident before. I bought a BMW 520d and found it via Autotrader website. I had telephone conversations with three dealers - one a BMW franchise and two independents - the one I bought from was a small garage called Rydal Motors in Preston. A quick google will find their web site. The owner Gary was a good bloke and very help
  12. Have now been over and bought a car yesterday, came back on the overnight boat last night so I thought I'd update you. The dealer was happy to give me the complete V5, but the tax had ran out and the Post Office wouldn't allow him to tax the car without sending the ownership change bit of the V5 to the DVLA - they told him this was a new 'rule' they had to apply. I would normally then have used a relatives or friends address in England and wait 4 weeks for the V5, but the car I was buying was 3 years old on the 1st September so I was keen to avoid the hassle and expense of the test. Afte
  13. Thanks very much folks, there seems to be different opinions about the tax refund - maybe it depends who deals with it at the DVLA and it's a matter of luck if they refund it or not. I will try and get the full V5 from the dealer, I can assure him it will be returned to the DVLA by the IOM Government. If he insists on sending it off I might be best using an address in the UK as then they can send me the full V5 when it arrives - otherwise if I use my IOM address it sounds like I could be waiting a while before I can re-register it here. Thanks again everyone for your input - just got
  14. Thanks for all your replies folks. There a still a couple of scenarios though that I'm not completely clear about if anyone has the patience to explain please. The car will be over 3 years old so I need to get it back here and tested before I can re-register it. Insurance wise I am clear about - insure on the UK registration number first then change it as soon as it is re-registered. If the dealer is happy to hand over the complete V5 am I correct in thinking the IOM Post Office keep the V5 and inform the DVLA? If the dealer insists on sending part of the V5 to the DVLA, I
  15. Hi everyone There must be many of you who have bought a UK car and imported it here to the IOM. I know there is other threads talking about how long you can use it here before getting it tested and re-registering it etc, insuring the car is no problem as all I need is the registration, make and model etc, but that part is straight forward and not what I need to know. I am about to buy a car from a UK dealer - a used car, not new. I have not done this before and wonder what procedure everyone else follows. I understand the dealer cannot change the ownership to me at my IOM address
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