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  1. Direction of travel away from Isle of Man 🇮🇲 Airport hopefully.
  2. More rubbish from you. John Wright (lawyer) and Wrighty (surgeon) we know who he is, both happy to post in their own names.
  3. Another let’s bash Stu day is it? Totally unwarranted.
  4. You are still VERY WRONG. Also it was not a case of having a go. She was following a family tradition of many years police service both in UK and on island. A ludicrous suggestion re. paying for cost of training.
  5. I don’t think many can retire at 50 nowadays. ‘side activities’. Please elaborate with examples.
  6. Seems to be a different format for daily figures today.
  7. Yes my granddaughter 22 has recently left just short of two years service. Totally disillusioned with lack of support, staffing issues and more.
  8. Wonder what the annual salary is for that lot. what a complete waste.
  9. The whole set up on the Prom is a “dog’s breakfast “
  10. forestboy

    Next AG?

    I also worked with both John and totally agree that both men had the highest legal and personal integrity.
  11. Don’t think that is quite fair. Give him a bit more time. He’s got a lot to put right.
  12. He should NEVER have been appointed in the first place. Another government failure.
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