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  1. Think Newcastle would have been better. They did that route previously I believe.
  2. Oh what a surprise NOT. Wants to stay in the gravy train as he would be out at the next election if any decent candidate stands
  3. Used to be in pairs for tutoring purposes.
  4. Let’s wait and see which routes they keep.
  5. Experienced the same Derek.
  6. Will our useless MHK Cregeen who lives in the village have anything to say on the subject? Not holding my breath.
  7. Can’t fault waiting times for an appointment at Castletown surgery. Excellent all round from reception staff, nurses and doctors.
  8. Will probably go UP that much here.
  9. manx.net crapped out again. fortunately didn’t take too long to be back up.
  10. Haven’t listened since Stu left Talking Heads at midday apart from the odd news bulletin.
  11. Health and Safety strikes again.
  12. Well it took them three months to send me an over payment of a £1000.
  13. 30 meter tide??? Has that ever happened around the island coastline.
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