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  1. I’m guessing that 50 is about a quarter of the establishment.
  2. It’s all a money making exercise and if it goes on road upkeep/repair pigs will fly. For cars they should revert to charging cc capacity like years ago
  3. Again acting too late. stable door/horse springs to mind!
  4. Are the two cases known or linked to each other?
  5. Dandara just a load of shysters.
  6. Rosien dental practice in Port Erin is brilliant.
  7. Nowhere near the number that is required.
  8. Let them build affordable housing for first time buyers.
  9. Had my first vaccine 💉 there yesterday morning. A very slick and efficient process. Couldn’t fault the staff including those outside standing in the bitter wind. Yes the fitting out could have been done cheaper I think
  10. Had mine there this morning at 11. Very smooth operation and a continuous stream of patients.
  11. I have no problem with the practice nurse at Castletown Surgery injecting my B12 as and when prescribed by doctor.
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