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  1. No. We need to know. if because of Covid or with Covid and some other conditions
  2. So will we follow the UK with rise in NI together with other changes?
  3. Bring it on here as soon as possible. Something which should be a top priority for the new members after election
  4. They’ll go after the pensioners by breaking the triple lock. I’d much rather see a cut in foreign aid or maybe VAT increase.
  5. Covering their backs until new CM and Council of Ministers is in place after election.
  6. Have easily downloaded my NHS Covid Pass. Frustrating it’s only valid for 30 days. Is there a reason for this?
  7. Think a lot of people on here will begin to dislike you and some of your comments. Just saying like.
  8. A new member Derek. Think we’ll see a lot more crap from him.
  9. Wint is an egotistical prat. I never listen to him now. Stu was a far better presenter on Talking Heads. All my Manx Radio listening friends are of the same opinion. Yes we are oldies!
  10. As bad as ‘The Honourable Member’
  11. I think 25% for anything over £50k would be fair and not cause high earners to depart.
  12. Would be nice to hear from the lady herself. It’s either yes or no that she’s been sacked or even moved sideways.
  13. Oh how our masters don’t like facing up to the truth.. What an incompetent bunch including civil servants
  14. Sadly missed on Mannin Line Never listen nowadays Andy Wint is a prat full of his own importance
  15. So what would suitable parking would you suggest at the Sound?
  16. Also took out my Sky satellite 📡 dish, together with terrestrial aerial. It was old and rusty. New dish fitted and all fine.
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