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  1. So yet another clusterfuck. Maybe a conventional resurface instead of chipping is the answer.
  2. JW is right - “it’s time to draw the line”.
  3. Rubbish. What’s your agenda here?
  4. What else should they turn a blind eye to? At least Gary had the courage to address the matter prior to his forthcoming retirement unlike previous CCs.
  5. There is an energy crisis already in Europe and will be long time into the future.
  6. Also like a 25% single person occupancy reduction in rates as in UK.
  7. At least the crude oil futures have eased about 10%
  8. Nice piece on Sky News today from Sulby Reservoir re hose pipe ban.
  9. Time for a new presenter also.
  10. Another is ‘absolutely’.
  11. I know that but didn’t they cost getting new barriers together with ticket/payment machines. Also spouted some nonsense that any new machines would not accept Manx coins.
  12. Why can’t they just admit it’s just a clusterfuck? Admit lessons have been learnt. Revert to the old version of barriers and payment on exit. Also the 60/30 minutes free parking.
  13. Well that’s a disgraceful wait for such important possible problems.
  14. Short sighted politicians yet again.
  15. There’d still be the CS at work!!
  16. forestboy


    No rain 🌧 in Ballasalla
  17. Remember the days when the Colonnade was hosed down in the early hours of a summer’s morning.
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