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    Progress !

    Well we’ve got two of those for the constituency.
  2. All dim lights from the powerhouse.
  3. Sooner she buggers off the better.
  4. ‘Most of us’. I don’t think so.
  5. And the potholes they filled on my estate with chippings a few weeks ago have all worked out. Waste of time and money.
  6. Government totally culpable now. Been going along on a wing and a prayer for too long.
  7. Government and CS. should put their differences aside for the benefit of the whole island and get Rachel back on board. Their actions and behavior towards her have been diabolical
  8. When SP moved they lost me. Can’t stand the Wint fella.
  9. You couldn’t be more wrong about JW. You know nothing about him and your comments are most disparaging
  10. A veritable pain in the ass and ear to listen to.
  11. Hope the freezer doesn’t break down!
  12. They don’t like expert evidence or assistance.
  13. Parcel delivered in Ballasalla this morning.
  14. A rediculous and unnecessary appointment in the first place
  15. Sure one or more of the hacks will have a question hopefully. Let’s see how they squirm.
  16. Certainly not when there’s a fire station across the road albeit not permanently manned.
  17. Just like the magic roundabout said Zebedee.
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