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  1. 30 meter tide??? Has that ever happened around the island coastline.
  2. Good luck Stu with your new show. I will not be listening to Talking Heads any more!!!
  3. Terrible changes. Normally only tune in for news headlines and Talking Heads. Why get rid of Stu Peters? Andy Wint is crap. Another bye bye Manx Radio.
  4. Also Stu can you confirm you are leaving Talking Heads next month. If so that’ll be one listener lost to Manx Radio.
  5. Well if Stu is leaving Talking Heads I am one listener Manx Radio will be losing.
  6. Back up again. Still a crap service.
  7. Esther Richmond was very good.
  8. It’s the same with all roadworks. Too many on the go at once.
  9. Would that include any pension supplement?
  10. And the word 'honourable' should be dropped
  11. forestboy

    TT 2018

    BBC News website. Seven deaths in a week.
  12. forestboy

    TT 2018

    Meanwhile deaths occur apace of climbers on Everest. Three yesterday.
  13. Nothing wrong with parking outside the George. More parental control required. Child could just as easily run into the roadway
  14. Fixed line rentals already going up 5.4% from next month.
  15. Think it might well have done when his father had the butchers shop in Arbory Street.
  16. More like nepotism.
  17. There’s been no problem in the past closing it to parking for the occasional market or the likes of Southern Hundred or TT related events.
  18. Maybe they should have delayed it for another month and have it in place until end of September . Nothing wrong with parking there out of season. Think some of the local traders will be a bit upset with this move.
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