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  1. Are Treasury sending out personal tax returns yet?
  2. Same with dispensing the river gangs.
  3. forestboy

    Fancy a pint?

    Always a yard of ale.
  4. I find Castletown Co-op offer some good offers/discounts
  5. forestboy

    easy jet

    My granddaughter obtained Cabinet Office approval to travel as a key worker - joining IOM Constabulary - she has just completed two weeks self isolating at my address where she intends to reside permanently.
  6. I subscribe to a daily paper online. Works out cheaper. It’s usually online about 11pm with following days issue for download.
  7. Well they should know now what a rainy day is.
  8. forestboy

    easy jet

    Website says suspending from this evening so I suspect this flight will get away although the arrival one due at 1625 is cancelled..
  9. forestboy

    easy jet

    London City now closed.
  10. Prime example was Michael Moyle.
  11. The old bakery at the Eairy Dam, Foxdale did great pies and bread.
  12. Yes. Replacement for metformin. 1000mg twice a day rather than 2x500 twice a day metformin.
  13. forestboy

    Thieving Cop

    Hope it doesn’t John
  14. forestboy

    Thieving Cop

    Think you should lock this topic John.
  15. So did you ever listen?
  16. So just what have they got right during his term?
  17. Stu Peters is the only programme worth listening to on Manx Radio. Lunchtime Talking Heads sadly missed.
  18. Police interference - what rubbish.
  19. CSA now stopped. Now the Child Maintainence Service Both useless
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