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  1. I have in the past - good quality wooden one.
  2. Solid pine bathroom fitments. £80 Phone 825874
  3. So are advocates' fees. You do not know how much 'pro bono' work advocates do.
  4. When they realigned the road they didn't take it back far enough which would have enabled a good view of the crossroads. What they have done makes it almost a blind bend. The 40 limit should be extended to Ballabeg side of the crossroads as vehicles are driving the road towards Ballabeg far too fast very often.
  5. Guess they were hoping the shit wouldn't hit the fan before one or two disappeared to sunnier climes with their ill gotten gains and before the election. Looks like they'll have to/MUST bite the bullet before then. They are all going to have egg on their faces for sanctioning unnecessary expenditure. A few sacred cows are going to have to be slaughtered - increase income tax/NI especially for higher earners. The CS payroll and pension contributions/pay outs for same has to be addressed as a matter of urgency. All these stealth taxes will not solve anything. If the wealthy/high net wealth people with their 4x4 high range vehicles/boats want to leave let them as I'm sure their boots can be filled. The grass is not always greener on the other side, especially income tax rates.
  6. What are they going to do with any of the office/shop workers travelling into Douglas and parking on these streets during the day?
  7. I understand they will want to charge me £275 per year to park my car. I will be happy to go to work by bus, and not use my car for work. Hence the govt will have to provide me with a van so I can do my job. You realy wouldn't pay £1 a day for a park? I don't believe you for a second. And also give up your lucrative mileage allowance?
  8. Please tell me. We serfs are being screwed something rotten as it is. If the high rollers want to leave there's a boat in the morning or maybe private jet!
  9. Time income tax was raised: Income over £50k at 30% over £75k at 40% Need to stop pandering to the HNWI
  10. You bet it is worse. My modest 3 bedroom bungalow with a sun lounge - rateable value £200. This equates to £124 next year instead of what was originally proposed of £100 and then £184 year following and goodness knows what subsequently. This is a MASSIVE STEALTH TAX
  11. Just watched this programme on BBC iPlayer - it was on this afternoon about 4pm. on BBC1. Len Goodman with one of the Hairy Bikers who holidayed here a child in 1967. I thought it was excellent viewing and showed the Island in a very favourable light - except for saying Laxey is a town!
  12. Dread to think what this will cost the LAs (rate payers) in extra machinery and manpower for many of he tasks listed..
  13. And where are they going to go? UK? Pay 40% also or even more if Labour get back in next year.
  14. And any salary over £50k to be taxed at 40%
  15. Oh whoopy doo a whole penny!! Price of oil dropped even more today.
  16. Falcon Heating have done all our plumbing - shower room, new boiler and rads. - very efficient and competitive. Port St Mary 835747
  17. So what has happened with Stephen Harding? Any discipline proceedings, back at work or a massive golden handshake pay off?
  18. 3 piece suite in good condition. £300 o.no. Pick up from Castletown at end of month. Tel. 825875
  19. The price of a barrel of oil has fallen considerably - now well below $100. Why hasn't the price of petrol fallen?
  20. Any recommendations on who provides this service.
  21. Yes I was on the train pulled by the diesel along with my granddaughter over from England. It was a beautiful day and a great experience. The food and service was top notch with 3 choices on each of 3 courses. Highly recommended even at £30 a head.
  22. A collection of solid pine bathroom fitments. £50 Ono
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