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  1. It's nothing like a majority, never mind a vast one I'm not too worried about the cleanliness of the bus exteriors BUT am VERY concerned about the cleanliness of the interiors - litter, dirt, dust, graffiti etc. Some of them that i've been on recently appear to have been neglected (not cleaned) for weeks on end.
  2. Brilliant service in Ballasalla by Malew Commissioners over holiday period.
  3. Wonderful blog update Barbara. You've been on a tortuous journey and it's great to see you coming out of that dark tunnel with such positiveness. Wishing you a very happy 2011. The painting is super. An 'old' Castletown sergeant!
  4. Time we lobbied hard to get the FULL range of Freeview channels available on the Island
  5. I got it - works well BUT was hoping for much faster connections - advertises as up to 20MB speed but lucky to get only just over 5 in Ballasalla (I know it does depend on distance from exchange but can't some sort of booster be put in along the way)
  6. Cooked in good old fashioned beef dripping
  7. Me thinks Monkey Boy has had a raw nerved touched! You wouldn't be a bus driver by any chance? Being a monkey boy you should be quite capable at sticking things up your ass. Also I prefer coffee!!
  8. I would assume the management has correctly worked out that these new timetables are workable. If the overpaid drivers do not wish to work them by all means sack a few - perhaps it's time some off them got off their 'fat' asses or is simply they are losing tea drinking time in the depots!?
  9. Improved service - NOT - just teething problems on first day of new timetable? 14 mins. late on advertised time at Ballasalla Railway Station at lunchtime today - was the next one only 6 mins behind or is the whole thing running late? - and the driver jumps a red light on Richmond Hill!!
  10. forestboy

    Lcd Tvs

    What we should be getting is the FULL range of programmes on Freeview - still in the Third World in this respect. Time our Communications Commission and politicians pulled their fingers out to get the FULL facility. What % of the Island wants 'Rabbit' tv?!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Get real you 'spammers' - my recommendation was genuine - they provided excellent service installing 2 Velux light tubes. Competitive price, turned up when they said they would, efficient clean job.
  12. Merton Developments Limited - Steve Cannon - 451806
  13. Quite so, and there is something very unsavoury about the sniffy tone with which MHK's backgrounds are sometimes brought up. I agree, outside of those limited situations that demand it or where it's still convention, it's a silly throwback to the bad old deferential days when people expected a certain rank or qualification to bestow them with a higher status in general society.
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