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  1. Flash boy salesman! Quote I got for new roof on medium sun lounge about k5. Followed by phone call. Decided to go with Spectrum Windows for new tinted glass roof to replace dated plastic thing. Also about k5. No regrets - superb workmanship, totally brightened up sun lounge, great to see out to sky. Not sure about cooler in summer/warmer in winter. Have seen Spectrum complete sun lounges - probably not cheap but very good product. They have done all my facias,guttering and windows and doors. Highly recommended Chris or Pat.i
  2. Congratulations to MT. I emailed this morning and within an hour their technicians had tweaked SMS setting whatever that is and restored a full service. Excellent response from them.
  3. Tried the battery thing a few times Albert before posting. Fortunately I carry a second phone with a Virgin PAYG sim and that has no problems. Still bloody expensive though!
  4. In barbados at present. Seem unable to send texts but can receive. Phone calls ok. Any advice/help.
  5. Appears that the UK is seriously considering introducing plastic bank notes. Will we follow? We did introduce them some years back and I can't remember why we discontinued them. Still have a few put aside.
  6. There isn't that much chlorine to make a baby sick. And piss wouldn't have diseases in it. What's bottom fodder? Sh@t
  7. Similar situation reported on in today's Daily Mail. Occurred at the Manchester Aquatics Centre.
  8. Paul at Autologic 623456
  9. Probate & Administration Fee Why not simply call it Death Duty? A tax for dying.
  10. There's a boat in the morning.
  11. Couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery springs to mind.
  12. Hope he finances his defence from his £160K salary which he is on whilst suspended - getting on for 2 years now on full salary - sickness/suspension. He should NOT be given Legal Aid.
  13. It's already a problem/nuisance for folk in Ballasalla with air travellers dumping their vehicles for days on end, especially on the Silverburn Estate. Believe a few have had a tyre or two deflated by disgruntled residents. It's getting to the stage where it is worth dropping off bags and family at the airport then taking the car to park in Ballasalla or Castletown and walking back!
  14. My internet connection broke, I spent the morning checking everything and eventually phoned MT. They said they would come out but if it was a fault on my side, they would have to charge. Fair enough, but to save the cost I said I would re-check. Three days later after lots of checking I phoned MT again and said it must be a fault at the their side of things. They had a look and I was told that a wire had come loose. When I expressed my shock, the chap just replied "well we do have thousands of wires you know". Ah well, at least I got my connection back. I do wonder how the wire came loose though......was it a Governmet spook checking my emails.....or an MT contract engineer who had been paid by an advocate dealing with a legal case I was involved in....... Hmmmm. Parnoid or what...... I received a letter over 2 weeks ago saying that I was now able to receive the faster speed in Ballasalla on the Castletown Exchange if I wished to upgrade. Low and behold that same evening my internet started to drop off. Over the ensuing days it dropped continuously for short periods and then for much longer periods. I made many calls to MT's help desk and was quoted the £76 fee for a call out. I was assured each time that the line into my bungalow was ok. They confirmed that they could see the connection kept dropping off. I did all they asked, including disconnection and re-connection, change of filters, router checked as ok in their showroom and new filters from showroom tried all to no avail. I had decided to upgrade to the faster system, had a new router delivered and an appointment for engineer to visit and install and check everything yesterday. However out of the blue an engineer arrived outside my property on Monday. He lifted a cover in the pavement and appeared to be checking wires. I went to speak with him and he said he had detected a fault on the line from that box to the exchange!!! And there was me thinking and being convinced by their helpline that the fault was definitely my side!! The engineer however was vey helpful and there and then installed the new system, connected up and all was running smoothly from the nearby new boxes at a speed of 38Mb. Happy boy now and after a call to Customer Service they agreed to credit 2 weeks on my next bill for their poor service. Also got the new router and installation free as I had registered for the Rewards plan for my mobile. My neighbour who returned from a 3 weeks holiday last Saturday had an engineer visit this morning and he would appear to have been having the same problems as I experienced.
  15. Not a job you would have wanted then mal!!
  16. Solid Pine Wall cabinet - double doors mirrored inside and out - 70cmx56cmx17cm Towel rail Tall shelved corner unit 2 x single corner units with brass outer rail Toilet roll holder Soap dish Toothbrush/mug holder A very good quality product. £225 Tele: 825875 or 453835
  17. Um except that crossing the road from the new "temporary" station is in a 50mph zone (which they seem to have reduced to 40mph during the last strike, though people may not have noticed). Castletown Station is of course in a side road in the town and a walk from there to CHRS will be all in the 30mph zone (though a little bit longer). So when you say "no one in their right mind would turn something like that down" you actually mean "only someone not very bright and particularly gullible would fall for such a blatant bit of 'Will no one think of the children' special pleading". Luckily there is no shortage of such people in the Isle of Man Government. Still it takes taxpayers money and gives it to the construction industry for not doing very much, which as we all know is the IOMG's main purpose. Actually the really interesting question is how much use this new construction actually got. I happened to come back by train during one of the previous strikes and the timetable was so disrupted that any kids using would have had a long wait. I suspect most parents would have made some more reliable arrangements. There were however large numbers of the fluorescently-dressed hanging about at Longworth Halt to make sure that things went smoothly, which might be the largest cost of all. The longer route would involve more road crossing though and walking along narrower pavements and streets compared to the shorter route. Narrow pavements and streets don't stop them walking into the town centre in droves during their lunch break!
  18. Daro Cane 3 Piece Set. 2 seater settee 2 single seat chairs Chestnut coloured wood Green fabric cushions Original price £850 £250 Phone: 825875 or 453835
  19. Welcome to the real world Rob - many people are paying 30 to 40% of a fixed income/salary or more on a mortgage.
  20. Stick with Spectrum Windows - can't fault all the work they have done on my bungalow. Even though it is all clear to see the Everest reps. still come knocking or dropping their leaflets - utter tossers.
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