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  1. Comments will be more than generalised/adverse down in the pub. What can you do about that? Just stick to proper policing Mr Flint,
  2. We'll just talk about it in the pub then!!
  3. Oh please please bus drivers go out on strike and then DCCL to take firm action with dismissals and drawing up new terms and conditions for new applicants. In the meantime we will survive without your services.
  4. Does that include our legislators?!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well that's the salary level our drivers should be on. Pardon the pun but we are still being taken for a ride on the proposal to be voted on next. Government with no balls once again and don't get me started on their own remuneration package.
  6. Be aware that the Promenade fronting Villa is CLOSED tonight 7pm - 12mn. Good organisation/joined up thinking NOT.
  7. He probably withdrew from the discussion/vote if he had any sense - conflict of interest.
  8. You're English teacher was wrong! NOT necessarily wrong if you Google the use of 'and' or 'but' to start a sentence. Would appear to be advice taking a long time to die!
  9. Learn how to use the spacebar young man, learn how to use the spacebar!! And while you're at it, learn how to set paragraphs out effectively. And you're shit at spelling.... ; )) My English teacher said NEVER start a sentence with the word 'and'.
  10. Black Jacks - 4 for 1d. They wouldn't be politically correct nowadays.
  11. Had a look around the new housing at Janets Corner today. Very impressed with the various designs, layout and exterior appearance of the properties. Spacious feel to the whole development including good off road parking facilites. Some appear to have solar panels on the roof. Just wonder what the economic rent for one of these properties would be and what the building cost was for each unit. Household income/means testing should be introduced for all these tenants especially for what appears to be desirable new homes.
  12. UK OFT to launch review into petrol prices. Obviously more pro-active than our useless lot.
  13. Talking of Government Job Vacancies is there one yet for a new Attorney General?!! Present postholder still on long term sick. Is it true that he is still on full pay and not reduced to half pay after being off for over 6 months? What happens if he is off for 12 months - pay stops????????? Obviously someone is deputising at present on an enhanced salary. Watch this space for an additional post to be created for a Deputy Attorney General. Government cutbacks for the hiarchy my ass.
  14. If you click on map another window does.
  15. 'Window Tax' - we'll be the laughing stock of the world yet again or is April 1st again?!!
  16. Well he is NOT worth the extra £20k salary. He's also one of those who thinks 5% pension contribution is adequate and is happy with those members who do not wish to contribute. Whinged that it's only worth £4-5k for a 5 year term - probably far more than 5 years as a postman! Let's see how he sorts the over staffed and over paid members of DCCL which includes a retired senior woman police officer with a salary of £50k plus on top over a very lucrative police pension (yes she paid 11% contribution towards that over 30 years - please note those figures Mr Cregeen). Will he have the bottle to review/cut concessionary bus fares? Will he push for privatisation of Airport, cut baggage handlers excessive salaries and privatisation of Harbours and buses - watch this space -all linked in with Pinewood/Peel Holdings?! If he does the job half properly he's going to upset/anger some people, but that's what's needed to make some real savings on Government expenditure.
  17. Yes, only joking. The Island still being short changed by the limited number of channels available. Sky has got us by the short and curlies - can't use their internet, phone etc. packages and received information from them today that monthly sub. is increasing by £2.50 per month w.e.f. September.
  18. Not just the Airport but Douglas Harbour also - straight from Cregeen's mouth. Cregeen now Minister of DCCL - a real 'yes man' now in the pay of our glorious leader/Chief Minister - conspicuous by his absence now in the local community and moving in the higher echelons. Tells me that it's all hard graft working 'til midnight on many days and is totally delusional in thinking that 5% is an adequate contribution for a pension. He's in the know on many things within the inner circle and stupidly blabs about it at times. Not to be trusted and will NOT get my vote next time round.
  19. I ordered the cabin bag online over the weekend. Had a text from Antler this afternoon to say it would be delivered Wednesday. NO shipping or handling charge - just paid the £50. Bag arrived today by courier delivery. Super deal, good quality bag and NO carriage charge. Weighs 2.7kg
  20. I'd agree, if it didn't cost so much I'd recommend one of these - http://www.tombihn.c...PROD/500/TB0906 Have you seen the price of one?!!
  21. I ordered the cabin bag online over the weekend. Had a text from Antler this afternoon to say it would be delivered Wednesday. NO shipping or handling charge - just paid the £50.
  22. Not just the Airport but Douglas Harbour also - straight from Cregeens's mouth
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