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  1. Perhaps luckily before he went on to kill or seriously injure some other person or himself.
  2. It's 5 o'clock somewhere. As sung by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett.
  3. Adult Bike Stabilsers - Fit 20" to 26" wheels. Unopened. £15 ono Ballasalla tel. 453835
  4. And what would be the cost of means testing. More civil servants on the gravey train.
  5. Rubbish. Some will just have to up their game.
  6. Looks like another gravy train job for a retired cop.
  7. Twitter desk not manned on a Sunday!!!'
  8. The NIMBYS would love that. - NOT.
  9. Well FB cannot get my location right. Lowerhouse in N Ireland is not Ballasalla.
  10. Good goodness NO. Another master of PR spin.
  11. And he can easily walk into the Square and shops as his home is only a stones throw away.
  12. Is post being collected today?
  13. forestboy

    BenMy Chree

    No and nor wipe my ass.
  14. forestboy

    BenMy Chree

    That's why I download my daily paper online onto iPad. It also works out cheaper.
  15. You're joking. Hopefully we'll get less PR crap from the Constulary going forward.
  16. Ha ha ha. Roll about the floor laughing.
  17. Go to Spectrum Windows in Ramsey - Chris or Pat. Excellent service with free advice/estimates. Probably not the cheapest but excellent workmanship and they knock Everest into a cocked hat. Have done all my windows, doors, soffits and guttering. Also a new tinted glass roof on sun lounge replacing the plastic one.
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