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  1. He's a Dr. of proctology i believe, so as the minister has just binned his predecessor he would be the ideal candidate for trying to solve the giant excrement hole that Nobles has become. Having successfully removing certain individuals after letting them run the place into the ground, oh an paying them each half a mil to get rid, the powers to be buy in a CEO with a dubious past history to preside over a new bunch of senior staff who are actually worse than the morons they replaced. Imagine you are Iran, whoopee! the yanks come along and relieve you of a bullying, tyranical meglamaniac loon
  2. Really! the minister couldn't poach a f***ing egg
  3. I think its about time our leaders grew some of those round things (not you Kate, I like Kate), and opened up our system to competition from the UK. I would love to compare the meercat for my fuel, chose my provider, based on price and service. That goes for power too, sell off the MEA for a £1, its too costly for us. UK customers moan about their lot but cringe when they find out what we have to put up with. Also as a side issue has any of our MHKs ever considered fuel security? by that I mean what if say Putin turns of the gas tap? Europe turns theirs off, UK etc.. we are stuck on the end w
  4. Mr Charters is of NZ origin by all accounts so perhaps its a trip to see the folks! Pessimist that I am reckons he wants to see out his remaining couple of years as some high flyer down under and can now add CEO to his CV. Oh, and lets not forget the other planned trips to Portugal, South Africa and another yet to be decided destination (take your pick ), Canada is top pick on that one!; to see how everybody does it better than us. All this while the troops on the ground are deciding not whether to leave but when. Health is in rigour mortis , nearing death, we are in a state of catastrophe
  5. Mr Quayle is sadly delusional, or is not being appraised of all the facts, or perhaps both, yes, probably both. There are around 7 or 8 consultants/doctors who have given notice. There are also however at least another dozen either in the process of or seriously considering their options. These are the ones I am aware of but I would say that at least 100% of them are very unhappy with the situation at Nobles. The pension issue has been handled with all the finesse of a wrecking ball, with little or no consultation and no consideration as to how the UK are handling a similar problem, albeit be
  6. As the title of the thread suggests, police are maybe not immune from the axe. I know 2 ex officers who both retired from service at 55 on full pension only to walk straight into a job in government at pretty much the same salary. So to clarify they got a lump sum on retirement, a monthly pension & get paid a monthly salary. They either get a pension top up or a separate pension at 65, which is soon & guess what ? they are both staying on. They have no worries!
  7. If we're lucky in 2 years time we will only have Liverpool & Manchester slots left. We'll still have the same staff levels & no business users as they will all have F'd off elsewhere to carry on their business as most is carried out in London. There was a drop when we lost Gatwick.
  8. I saw them & thought they were OK. Sure they're getting on a bit but then so is Mr (boring like paint drying) Morrison & I know who I would rather watch. Free to get in, venue bordering on packed, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, so what's the problem ? Only downside was the cost of a round, must be the highest in Douglas !
  9. Is that hose supposed to go up your ar*e??
  10. DC have a department of Sparks is there No one qualified In House DC have a department of Sparks is there No one qualified In House The design consultant is needed as a fall guy to blame when it all goes Pete!
  11. He's right, Why change the boundaries? Just allow 1 MHK for each existing area, Onchan for example; 1 working full time instead of 3 doing what exactly? No committee's, no consultations, 56 tree's with a stay of execution. Savings on salaries etc.....
  12. http://www.iomtoday....-bill-1-1747807 So if she agreed with PG she must have had some (undeliverable) ideas as to how this could be achieved. Is that not in the same vein as "a bus driver in the UK would earn around £24k in a commercial marketplace"
  13. "Agenda for change".....not a new concept or even a new title. If its anything like what happened at the DHSS then its a case of rewriting your job description, with more than a liberal dose of bullshit & then doubling your salary. This government is running from one corner of the field to another, dressed in a red jumpsuit, hands tied & a blindfold on trying to avoid the bull who's trying to jab them in the ass & trample them to oblivion. Theres only one winner! There's 80,000 losers!
  14. I suspect that savings will be sought initially from local government, ie. the corpy & the commissioners, once they've been bled dry then & only then the last resort will be government looking at themselves. But but that time The desis ion makers at the top will have reached pension age anyway so the goal will have been achieved. The corpy for example has a architects dept which hasn't churned out anything of note since the first phase of pully, since then it's all been farmed out to private, same with onchan & Ramsey. Building regs, planning & maintenance will all be absorbed
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