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  1. Come on Buster... Showing my age!
  2. I came across this.... http://developers.blognotions.com/2015/05/11/orange-pi-plus-allwinner-h3-firmware-images-and-linux-sdk-released/?_m=3l.000s.52.gu0akw4qos.4fm It has a SATA2 i/f etc...
  3. Would an Asus at3n7a-1 with 4GB memory be any use?
  4. Whatever happened to those? You used to see the signs dotted about the place but not any more. Not required any more - due to the dead flowers etc now left at black spots....
  5. I remember Peel harbour having silt removed in the mid 70's, what happened to the waste on that occasion?
  6. For when we have all had enough, get our pitch forks out and sit outside government buildings with our flaming torches!
  7. Listen to BBC R4 to PM legal journalists joke invite http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04yfssw Starts approximately 41minutes in....
  8. Don't start is the best solution, as others have posted - they are a stimulant. I will defend your rights to smoke and I will stand close by as long as they are B&H Gold. But 6 months on, having stopped, my balls are enjoying their freedom... (See Terminals post)... The best way to annoy non-smokers is to smoke outside, following the rules of the land, then stand/sit as close to them as possible. This normally winds them up.... They get the real second hand smell and none of the "benefit".
  9. Thanks for that Katman - it was on loan to a family member.... It now has approx 112200 approx on the clock
  10. Looking to put the dogs (and myself) in kennels for the first time in years... Are the above kennels still highly thought of?
  11. Years ago when I used to work in pubs in the UK and the IOM - prices had to be displayed. Otherwise, they are breaking licensing laws.
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