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    Petrol Prices

    In Ireland Tesco have a deal with local filling stations where you can use the money off vouchers! Any chance of that happening here?? That big advertising banner is annoying and pointless (suppose you could use if going to the UK). Following head office instructions I guess.
  2. I am sorry BigDave, I dont agree. The only item the same is the unit charge. The calorific value still means I have to pay nearly three times for the same amount of gas I use!
  3. The statement "every gas central heating customer pays the same for their energy regardless of what tye of gas they are supplied with or where they live" is actually incorrect. MG have confirmed that the calorific value difference will remain thus meaning LPG is still much more expensive than natural gas. True the unit rate is reducing by some 25%, but it has already been much lower in 2008 when the unit rate for LPG was actually less expensive than NG! Disapointing after all the hype and highly irritating radio advertisements. I forcast a overall tarriff increase by April 2013, along with a rise in the standing charge, after all WE have to pay for this!
  4. I was wondering what was happening about currys. What are Waltons planning with their mezzanine level planning application this week? Will the ever so authoritive corporation be objecting to this?
  5. 149.9 yesterday! I thought it would be £1.50 by TT week, now revised to £1.60 by TT week. Sad day really.
  6. Still does not work for me. Tried the LLC settings change - no difference. Sky box is picking up the IP address and says local & service connection are both OK. Have restarted sky box several times and updated software. Should not have to go thorugh all this really. Just wanted to try it before cancelling sky soon. Guess I will have to 'wait a week' until setup is finalised.
  7. Yes I did the old reboot numerous times and updated the os, but still nothing. Will try again tonight.
  8. I activated the anytime plus yesterday. It did not work last night. Contacted Sky today who say it will take 7 days to take effect? Is that true or bollox? Thought it might have been an IOM thing, like everything else still did work here? Yes Sky is too expensive and will be cancelling soon....
  9. On a similar note it is annoying when one empty bus will hold up traffic heading to Tescos when letting other empty bus(es) out when coming down the hill by the station.
  10. chipbap

    Petrol Prices

    According to an advert in the courier, Foxdale filling station has 3p off per litre for the duration of the closure of the A3. There is a total closure for 2 weeks and further disruption until August! Durations of roadworks are of course for another topic to discuss!
  11. Absolutely agree, utterly ridiculous length of time for essentially new paving slabs. The first few days the 'one way' was down Prospect Hill - bit useless for the empty buses not to be able to go up! The Barrack Street part was supposed to be finished on September 6th, but has remained 'one way' until finally today! There were three updates/extensions to the road watch webpage to this effect. Latest finish date is November 6th....then probably dug up again to lay cables, pipes etc...
  12. I am pretty sure this guy did a talk at school back in the mid 80's where he had built a concrete boat! I do remember seeing such a boat in Castletown harbour for a while.
  13. As the 'deads' is basically waste from the old mine workings, I am sure it cannot be too pleasant. Same with the slag heap the other side of the road - right in the middle of the new estate!
  14. There was a campaign some years ago to "dump the pump" for a day, but there was not much interest here as usual... Unfortunately, there seems no decrease in traffic due to current high prices, in fact it has become even busier. I would have expected when it went over the pound per liter mark that there might have been a visible reduction in traffic. You only have to look at the promenade or Lord street to wonder in amazement where they are all going to?
  15. We noticed several "Private Property - Keep Off" signs have suddenly appeared all over the Foxdale deads this week - does anyone have any ideas on who actually owns this area? We have always presumed that the gov has. What are the irritating off road bikers going to do now? Not that there are any fences to keep people off.
  16. Tossers, just clear the lot of bastards out. Only 4 years 11 months to go until more of the same... 'the longest running continuous parliament in history'... yep feels like it. Yes, who exactly voted for these idiots?? It is now some 13p difference at the first Asda off the boat! 129.9 as opposed to 142.9 here for unleaded. Why has there been little difference since 26 April 2011, whe the oil price has actually decreased??
  17. Interestingly got an email today from flybe stating they are now offering more availability on the rewards for all. The credit card offer they had/have was always a con - £60 for 'free' flight, not inclduding your bags..
  18. We hardly need any additional April fools jokes, we have enough here that would be unbelievable anywhere else... The now annual April fools day road tax rise for one....
  19. Why is there only 11 days notice of this?? Surely there must be a month's minmum notice or something in the contract?? In some ways this is a negative notice as they average the rate out over your billing period and I will end paying more from the end of January. No 'news' on manx gas's web prescence yet....well Octobers rise is on there... Regretting not going for the oil boiler now especially as on the dreaded LPG.
  20. Who's idea was it to create a separate postcode book? There is now only the organisations postcode section in the phonebook and a separate book for both organisations and residential postcodes?? So much for saving paper!??
  21. We are even 'luckier' having the LPG gas - 2 big rises within 12 months and the standing charge has now also been raised - did not hear about that sneaky one in the news - it will now cost any gas 'customer' 15.477p a day or £56.49 a year simply to be connected to the mains!! Manx Gas Naturally Expensive.....
  22. But that will be only a few available seats then add your taxes etc. Here's an example I just tried on Flybe: Flights in Oct 2010 actually cost nothing £0.00 Those "taxes and charges" seem to have reduced by around a third- they has been around the £33 mark from the IOM normally. On flights IOM-LPL tomorrow they are £28 each way. Actual APD is £11, rising to £12 in November.
  23. It certainly is. Does anybody know exactly how much the new bandings will cost? There is of course no details for next year on the gov website. Or are we to presume that the bandings will be the same as the UK, introduced in 2001? I got stung last year's April Fools Day rise - absolutely no warning about the rise coupled with further taxes on the fuel itself. Thank you.
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