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  1. The public are asked to report instances of pollution to the Environment Protection Unit. It would be a good idea to publish a phone number. Does anyone on here know what it is?
  2. Advert in guardian yesterday:- Managing Director of Acute Services Isle of Man Government £91,200 - £114,000 DHSC requires a talented and experienced person to deliver safe, high quality healthcare to the people of the Isle of Man
  3. Oh, yes, we are! http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=70722
  4. I wonder how much it has cost to produce the very expensive-looking, glossy "Isle of Culture" magazine which has been delivered this morning? And how much will the Post Office have been charged to deliver it? How can the Government justify this kind of expenditure? I can't imagine that it will bring any extra revenue into the coffers.......
  5. No, the rich little isle of Man gives about 0.06% of GNP when it should be 0.7% to reach the Millennium Development Goals. Last I heard, that had now gone down to 0.01%. When we are desperately trying to be seen as "good guys" on the international scene, this is not good. In fact, it's shameful!
  6. http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=70500 Here it is......
  7. Bump! Tomorrow @ Keyll Darree @ 7.00 for 7.30pm.
  8. Food security is one of the reasons that I think we should shop locally, and is why the Government should be leading by example. If we keep on buying imported bread, milk, meat etc, then it is highly likely that the local businesses which supply these basic food items will close. Then what do we do in the event of a prolonged period of bad weather, fuel shortage, strike or whatever, when the boat doesn't sail? We won't be able to fly in enough to feed everyone for very long, and we all know how the Tesco shelves are bare even after a couple of missed sailings. No Laxey Mill for flour, no Ramsey Bakery, no Creamery etc......
  9. Oops! Sorry.... It's 7.00pm for 7.30pm. Come and join us for a cuppa first.
  10. The local branch of Friends of the Earth are bringing over Craig Bennett, the director of Policy and Campaigns, from London next week. He will be speaking at a public meeting at Keyll Darree, next to Noble's Hospital next Tuesday 18th March. His talk will be titled "Is Extreme Weather the New Normal? And if so, what to do about it?" So for all members of the Manx public, business and political community who care about the island's future, and its context in a changing global environment, here's a great opportunity to hear some key ideas on where changes in the world around may be taking us. Craig is a personable, entertaining and well-respected speaker, and we'll be asking him for his observations on what the future might hold for an environment and economy such as ours - and what actions we and our leaders should be taking to secure a safe, healthy and prosperous future.
  11. This was on the North West News programme this evening, no sign of it on MR website:- http://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_306266.html Mary PS Sorry, not sure how to post links correctly
  12. It could be a plume moth. Google Images have some good photos. MP
  13. Just a warning! The big sign in the window saying "Three pizzas for the price of two", applies only to Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs, a fact which you don't find out until you pay. There is no mention of this restriction on the sign. Is this legal? Btw, they do very good pizzas! MP
  14. I can't believe how little reaction there has been to the news of this man's visit. Has no-one else visited his website, read the answers to his "Ask John Mackay" questions, learned of his bonkers (and dangerous) views? The Christians who have invited him say he will be speaking only about creation. So, if I bring a radical fundamental muslim preacher to the Island to speak to various groups of people, including a youth service, about Manx cats it will be OK? Or a Taliban leader, to talk about furniture, in spite of his views about killing women who drive, or who go out without their husbands? There would, quite rightly, be outrage, yet this person's visit has had very little opposition. Can anyone tell me why?
  15. Mr Poppins and I have been doing a little research into this man, John Mackay. It's all very well for him to be spouting creationist nonsense (freedom of speech and all that), but what about this? http://www.askjohnmackay.com/questions/answer/homophobia-why-hate-homosexuals-if-god-of-love/ Should this man be encouraged to spread his venomous ideas? John Wright, does the Island have any "incitement to hatred" type legislation? Mary P
  16. We've just got back from "Sunday lunch" at what must be one of the most beautiful settings on the Island after The Sound. We were a a party of ten, three generations from one family, including three children, celebrating an 85th birthday. What a waste of time and money. When I booked the table, I was told that £16.95 for adults, £8.95 for children was for three courses. When we were given the menu, we saw that it was in fact, the price for just two courses. However, we decided to say nothing, and got on with ordering. Forty-five minutes after we ordered them our starters arrived. Prawn cocktail was a few prawns topped with a blob of sauce which looked as if it had been spooned from a jar, sitting on a layer of iceberg lettuce, garnished with a slice of lemon and half a tiny cherry tomato. Mushrooms came as brown slurry with thick pieces of bread. The soup was called broccoli and stilton, but could have been called anything. After a long wait, our main courses arrived, brought one at a time, at intervals, by one waitress, so spread out that the first one delivered was cold before the last arrived. The meat in the roast dinners, in particular the roast pork, was cold, dry and looked suspiciously as if it had come from a pre-cooked catering pack. The stuffing was a strange mix including apricots, and was almost inedible. All the vegetables were undercooked. The fish pie, my choice, was two thirds mash, one third fish (the fish bit was very good). Someone had decided to put cheese on the top, which had melted but not browned, slimey! The vegetarian option was pasta with "Mediterranean roast vegetables", of which those eating it were able only to identify courgettes, the rest looked and tasted like the sauce from one of the cheapest Ready-Meals. One of my party wishes me to add that he was served a very good pot of tea, so perhaps that was the one good bit of the meal? When presented with the bill, I noticed I had been charged the full adult price for all ten meals. When I queried this, the bill was amended accordingly without question. The bill also include the prices for the soft drinks we had ordered, which were a rip-off. What a huge disappointment! Take a picnic if you want to eat at Bradda Glen!
  17. Please could someone confirm when this meeeting is on? The PAG website says it's on Monday 28th November.
  18. Try the top end of Groudle Glen, walking down from the Whitebridge.
  19. When buying tickets for the Villa Marina and Gaiety at the Welcome Centre, you are charged £1 PER TICKET if you pay by ANY method other than cash.
  20. Last night, I went to the Jave Lounge to watch a showing of the movie, "Home". It was amazing, and I think it should be compulsory viewing for everyone, regardless of their views on climate change. Please could you take an hour and a half out to watch this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU
  21. I've tried searching, but can't seem to find any website which has the specific road closures for tomorrow and Saturday. Roadwatch just says "various". Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place? Can anyone help out please? MP
  22. We had some people come round (also Onchan). They were collecting for a charity called ADRA which is a Seventh Day Adventist charity. Hope this helps. MP
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