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  1. I am thinking about changing the technicolor router provided by Sure many years ago and am looking for possible recommendations. I know the internet has been poor recently and don't think fibre will be with me that soon!! I am looking for something with possible better wifi, even though I have boosters there are some areas awquard to get it too. Many thanks
  2. It worked for Deirdre Barlow, time for a Free Stu Peters Campaign!
  3. Pity he can’t get TT somewhere into the application, the muppets running the Island would be bending over backwards to pass it then! Shame about the golf course, loved to play there before it closed.
  4. If you are with Sure you may find that your internet location is now Guernsey for some reason, mine is and causing me problems with some sites. Not saying that is the reason for google, just a possibility. Can’t offer a solution yet as it is on my list of jobs for today to sort out with them, will update! - solution, turn off router for 20 mins, restart and should give iom ip address, may not be a solution to your problem, just a possibility!
  5. I will have to make sure that I have adequate overdraft facilities if I go then or perhaps the prices will be realistic, not like their other establishments.!
  6. I live in Peel, have been 3 times to see if it got any better and have been disappointed with what I got for the high prices. Won’t be going again, I can cope with not being seen in the ‘go to place in Peel’.
  7. stanleyfan

    4 New MLCs

    Skelly and Beecroft must be certs under the old pals system, they did it with Crookall and Anderson when it became pretty obvious that they didnt stand a chance of being re-elected as MHK's.
  8. This topic on Facebook is a good reason not to use Facebook. The treatment of Stu Peters by the women on there has been outrageous and unwarranted, total attention seeking!
  9. More of my rates money wasted, they kept this quiet until after the elections.
  10. Where? If you can't back this statement up with facts I take it you are a Disgruntled Hanson supporterIf it is true then he will fit in well with the others in Tynwald
  11. Nothing will change as long as Bell and Teare are running the country, the other MHKs may as well not bother turning up
  12. If Hanson gets in at Peel, last one out in the West please turn off the lights!
  13. I recently had the 'pleasure' of going to the Port Erin subway and felt like I was in an episode of Shameless, especially when I was treated to a loud conversation regarding the toddler of one girl 'doing a poo' while I had my lunch! Won't be rushing back!
  14. Good post. They are there to represent the people. But hey, they just look like they are there to look after the interests of the big boys and the gang and the interests of themselves. Back on topic, I am sure Phil will do the best thing because he does ploughing matches and speaks Manx and plays Manxie tunes on the fiddle and does all that sort of stuff. He will do what is best for the environment and people of the Isle of Man. For sure. I look forward to see him sinking into the silt in a few years when he is in a ploughing match on that field and has forgotten where it is.
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