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  1. Can anybody tell me what happened to KWB Kenmac. I know they were taken over by Swagelok in 2003, but now when I Google for Kenmac it takes me straight to the Swagelok site in the USA. The company employed a lot of people so I'm curious.
  2. So that is a potted history of why independent. Now to your licencing question. No country accepts the provisional liceneces or pass certificate of another, they recognise and exchange the full licences of the other country. So if you passed your bike test here and have never had a full bike licenece issued here then that is why Spain will not recognise it. If you had had it added to your IOM licence before changing it to the UK there would be nowhere to show where you had passed your bike test and Spain wuld recognise your UK licenece with a bike qualification. Indeed if you had a manx fu
  3. Hiya jimbms I have been to the traffic office in Malaga and they outright refuse to accept my Manx motorcycle pass which contradicts your post. If you can point me in the right direction to some legal evidense to support this I will buy you a pint or twp next time I'm on the island. Look forward to hearing from you - HombreTel
  4. I've just self published my first book "The Catalytic Programme", it's available on Amazon.com and shortly on Amazon.co.uk
  5. It's OK for a holiday but not if you want to live here.
  6. I lived, worked and brought up 2 kids on the IOM. I left to live in Spain ten years ago but follow Manx events closely and I have an honest question. Why is the IOM "Independent?" As far as I can see the Manx people are paying a high price for their "Independence." Okay personal tax is cheaper, but it looks like that benefit will be reducing rapidly along with Company Taxes. The IOM is said and led by the UK and through them the EU. The IOM is subject to virtually all their laws and now that the UK are ending reciprocal health arrangements, changing the Common Purse Agreement and I'm sure
  7. HombreTel

    New Scam

    Scams are world wide, anybody that gives you a heads up should be thanked and not vilified. Unless you are extemely careful we can all fall foul of scamsters.
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