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  1. That was what I was saying. I am not sure who actually replied to my 3's letters to Santa. For all I know it could have been you wife mate, I did put it about a bit back in the day.,
  2. I seen to remember letters to Santa stuck in a post office box were free? My 3 got replies - from Santa* via all sorts of websites (Santa is/ was a tech Guru - He had speed of light travel done before it had even been a thing) Back in the early 50s * It may have been my partner at the time?
  3. VOR two things Don't call him/ her Shirley Don't believe a word he/ she says That is All
  4. Best post of the year for the anti drugs lobby..............
  5. How would IOMG get on taking on Tesco? Tesco T/O 60 Billion GDP of IOM about 2 Billion? Who is gonna win that row?
  6. There are plenty of reasons for SME's already not to set up on the island. That would be the icing on the cake. Not gonna happen if Alf wants 100K
  7. Fair comment when the blues are in power and the square mile is to benefit. However when the reds are in, can you remember Stu's Wet Ops? Remember that? That was when Labour was in power last time IIRC That did the rock a lot of good.......................... You lost about 65% of your VAT kick back and you have not ever really recovered.
  8. That article will go down well with the Left on the next UK government, Good luck
  9. The "Gatekeepers" spitting the dummy/s? You have to remember around that time your MHKs were still saying the TT would be on as normal. That is delusional behaviour of the highest kind, and they kept saying you did not have Covid on the rock, when you quite clearly did, because no one had tested positive. Howie caught it about the same time as our Boris did but he must of had an early Manx Variant because, other than stopping him reading out stuff badly every evening, he did not seem to have any other symptoms 🙂
  10. I don't know this guy but if half of what is written on here is even a fraction true should this guy not be getting proper help? Being slagged on an anonymous forum will only add to their troubles I would guess?
  11. Exactly. That new tax is going to raise the total sum of Fu5k A11 But it looks like they are sticking it to the man Gets the MAGA vote
  12. Stu, Are you really sure about that? I can't in all honesty, say you are saying that statement without crossing your fingers..............
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