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  1. This does not seem that big a deal if looked at in isolation but in reality, the planning department on your island has/ is doing more than Putin to make sure you run out of money and residents in quick order. WTAF do they think they are achieving by turning down private investment in a pile of rubble like that shithole? Look at the stonework, its very small bits of scrap stone. It was not even decent when it was first built. Decent buildings use large stone. You would think the planning department would know that...............
  2. This. Nobles has been on a downward spiral since the late 90's That was one of the main reason I took myself and family back to The UK. Well that and the crab attitude for private enterprise. Ramsey Cottage Hospital was good when I was on the rock and reading here looks like it still is too. Nurses openly told us that they were going private in the UK rather than going to Nobles...... P.S. Re Bone Doctors on island. I would not send my dog up there. My daughter broke a leg in the early 00'S and was put in a whole leg cast. After a couple of weeks it was apparent she had her foot pointing the wrong way. Had to be rebroken and reset. The resetting was only done after threat of litigation............. I really would trust the many Vets on the island for better service than Nobles.
  3. Do the waitresses go down? With the crew?
  4. Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, egg on cheese......... All the same in the world of the pre packed sandwich...................
  5. If I have followed this correctly it's not just the dates not matching, there was minutes of meetings of "committees" that were presented that are dated before these committees were even created. That is not incompetence
  6. Tis' why I shipped off island. As a SME you cant compete with IOMG departments playing at being businesses. It is a shocking state of affairs for you lot, but I have made the move a few years ago and I am far better off for doing so, despite the high Business rates and much higher personal taxation, I am lot better off as you could not imagine. (Lots of lovely customers who appreciate a good product/ service and who are prepared to pay for it, with no Crab Attitude) The islands MHKs should stop that kind of government empire building but your elected don't seem to have one bollock between the lot of them and that includes the females who you can excuse.
  7. You lot get worse, this is proper North Korea style government, why can't you see it and rise up? I hate to see the island fall apart like it seems to be doing, with no regard to the lower earners, especially. Even the top earners will be fucked over by this type of shit as once you let a corrupt system continue it will always end in disaster - See multiple African Republics and Eastern European states for examples. At least in England when things are hushed up they are for proper MI5/ MI6 and the like security. There is nothing on the island that is that sensitive that it needs to be kept out of the public domain. Unless I am mistaken and the island has a secret service?
  8. FFS Do crabs never give up? Is there any wonder the island is dying and on its knees......................
  9. Jesus H Christ - HE SAID THAT/ this....? “Phillips admitted that the TT organizers face a major pushback against attempts to improve safety and avoid deaths" Just WOW................... Fucking WOW The Civil Service on the IOM will do anything and say anything, it seems, to protect their income stream - for the avoidance of a misunderstanding for the off island Press reading these pages - the islands government has a government department to organise this death race. To the residents of the IOM - You must know by now that the races have an unacceptably HIGH death rate for a so called "sport" ? Why not do something about it? A CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE SPONSORS OF THE TT like Monster and Milwaukee on their web sites may help. (I will never again buy a Milwaukee tool - I spend approx. £10,000 on hand tools a year for my business - their loss, I have bought plenty of their kit in the past - never again. To quote Phillips again - "The improved measures this year show that organizers understand the problem" Real translation - THEY UNDERSTAND THEY CANT DO ANYTHING MEANINGFULL TO STOP DEATHS BUT IF THEY SPEND A LOT THEY CAN SAY this - " We have spent millions on the so called SMS so that means we, PERSONLLY, have a clear conscience regarding the yearly, very predictable deaths." The truth is, you cant make the TT races safe, - Fuck they died doing what they love - That argument is so stupid its not worth countering. Bottom line it is an un-inclusive "Sport" with all white males and obvious lack of diversity, in fact many of the leading racers are openly homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic. It is a, STATE SPONSORED, for profit , CARNAGE that accepts death as part of the process of bringing money to your sad little island in the middle of the sea that has lost all sense of common decency. GET A FUCKING GRIP YOU MANX, YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE BRITISH ISLES MY PREDICTION FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS AND THE FOLLOWING WEEK ------- You will have your sad little island "politicians" saying the TT has been a success............ 😞 FFS Sort yourselves out
  10. It never seems to be mentioned but how much money do the winners get, It is from memory quite a lot and was on the web somewhere if my memory is not totally screwed by age? I do know from a couple of island friends that the top riders get paid a LOT of money to turn up, regardless of results. They would never tell me how much because they had to sign what I know know is called a NDA. The "start" money is the blood money in my book. Would a local be able to get the sums involved from a FOI?
  11. You really don't get physics, or even maths with angles do you. .........................
  12. You didn't do Physics at school? Look at a big Scalextric track, its all barriers, it keeps the cars on the track. Look at Monaco? Its all barriers. same with all the other responsible street circuits , and umpteen F1 courses in built up areas When you run out of talent and lay it down the road against a Aramco barrier, you generally get away with broken bones and skin grafts - you are bounced off the barrier along the road. You run out of talent on the TT and you stop against a wall or tree very quickly and are said to have died from Blunt Force Trauma - Read turned into soup.
  13. Not may.......Would Have, is correct Safety barriers stopping bodies hitting things and stopping instantly, turning bodies into what medics call "Mush" would have stopped at least 1 death and one more maiming yesterday on the Quarter Bridge Road. I have witnessed a biker turning into what I can only describe as soup in front of me many years ago when they hit a old concrete bus stop at very high speed. (Soup is not an exaggeration for those that have not witnessed a high speed "blunt force trauma" death. Ask Mr Flint the ex PC for details). Your government have the way to stop these "Blunt Force Trauma" injuries but they don't implement them because the TT cant stand the cost. - It is a money making event now, not sporting, remember that. Your government is liable for the death and carnage and by association so are you. Enjoy the rest of the Festival..........................
  14. "UNFORTUNATE - Some Die in the process"..............?????????? wow! The course could be made a lot safer, but will not be, because it would take tens of millions of spend - Install Aramco barriers 3 high both sides with catch fencing above - Around the whole course - like they do in normal motor sport street events. "UNFORTUNATE" is a shocking statement for someone who, from your prior posts on this forum, sets themselves up as a liberal intellectual. I think you have now blown that image.
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