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  1. It would be very wrong to shoot dogs, no matter what they had done, TJ however is fair game now that Woolley has suggested it...................
  2. Oh dear God, this thread has turned into the most mental example of small minded manxness I have seen on here and that is saying something, FFS breed outside your villages people................................
  3. Quilp, I am sure you work very hard but I was talking about the DOI road-workers not the hospital manual workers although in my time spent up at the hospital, I have seen many people who are "swinging the leg", literally in the orthopedics department, they call it manipulation I think...
  4. OK let's have all the figures for pay rises in the Private Sector. Including Bonus payment, Incentive payments, lunch allowances etc. or does that come under Mr Teare's ' Sensitive Information ' ? You will find it hard to find anyone on the Manual side of the Public Sector who receives any of these type of ,supplementary payments. " we are all in it together " People employed in the private sector can have as many bonuses and allowances as their employers sees fit to pay them, it ain't our business as the private sector are going concerns, making money operations. The public sector on the other hand are just spending money taken from everyone as taxes, there is a huge difference and even then when you take into account pensions, the public sector employee is better off anyway. The above applies to both manual and office based public sector employees, although you are on very dodgy ground promoting how hard done by the manual PS workers are when on a daily basis we see them mob handed standing watching one of their co-workers wielding a shovel while the rest of them, if there is actually enough room around the hole to fit them all in, watch on, gossiping............
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-26247865 Bummer
  6. "They" may have "a nicer house and more money than me" , I don't have a snooker room , outdoor stables or four acres of land , but good luck to them that do . I'm not whining about the amount I pay in rates (at present lol ) and I don't feel that those wealthier folk should subsidise my lifestyle . That makes a nice change then, all I have seen you post in the past was moaning how high your rates were.............. .
  7. Well worth reading. I agree, well worth a read. This bit is interesting, Paragraph 30:- "In the course of a summing up which was not only discursive* rather than ordered but also heavily and unfortunately characterised by familiar asides to the jury, the judge took it upon himself to contrast the styles of counsel. He did so in terms which, although appreciative of both, might well be thought to bestow the greater approval and indeed admiration upon counsel for the prosecution." Discursive = adjective: discursive1. digressing from subject to subject. "students often write dull, secondhand, discursive prose" So all a bit too chummy and casual? As someone has already said, would we not be better having circuit judges for these more complicated trials? Who pays the costs of this? I know John said it was a short statement but 5 Lords, a leaping? Can;t come cheap.......................
  8. No he hasn't, someone has come up with a very clever way of stopping people abusing the tax cap system. After they were made to change the "must pay a certain amount of dividend per year" thing by the whoever, the tax cap was open to massive abuse by holding back dividend payments to let them build up over a few years and then no matter what you paid yourself you only paid the tax cap sum. Hats off to whoever thought this move up, it is a good anti avoidance move. You have to remember the 600k tax over 5 years is the amount of tax someone has to pay, not their earnings for example the 100K cap is what you would pay in tax on about 650/700k earnings. Yes there are a few rich types on the island who would generate that in interest on their invested money but there are not that many private businesses that make that type of profit that could actually be taken out of the business as wages/ dividend.
  9. Current pensioners are about the wealthiest there ever has been if not the wealthiest. They have had the benefit of rising house prices and are generally asset rich if not cash rich. There is no rule that says you have to leave a fortune to your children. Funny thing is, people I know who have expected to inherit a lot of money on their parents death have underperformed in life and have spent most of their lives treading water, forgetting that people live a lot longer these days, especially those with money and have basically wasted the bigger part of their their time on this earth. When I was in my 20s I thought they were lucky to be looking forward to that kind of financial security without having to do anything. Now I look at the same people and see very twisted 50+ year olds, small house, poor job and having to suck up to their parents to have any remaining chance of getting a bit of the money that they are pissed off about that their parents are spending freely having a great time travelling the world anyway I digress... Pensioners who have not been fortunate enough to get on the property ladder in the 60s/ 70s and have not earned enough to save a nest egg are the most vulnerable and they are taken care of by the state. So what exactly is the problem? Rich pensioners can afford the extra cash, poor pensioners are okay anyway.............
  10. I would be surprised if it didnt rise to a similar amount although I think in the next year or two it will be re-jigged to take into account the ability of the person to pay; my bet is that it will be calculated based on the ratable value of a property. The government know that we know that we still pay a lot less than people do in the UK for their rates and as we seem to mostly compare what things cost here with what they cost in the UK, I think they will, over the next couple of years or so put more and more on the rates to bring us up to similar levels to the UK rates or whatever they are called these days.
  11. You credit Houghton with far too much inteligence. He has none. This has the classic handprint of an unaccountable faceless civil servant all over it.+1 on this. Houghton's just the fall guy patsy. It was carefully crafted by one or more CS who knew full well that the chance of it being properly scrutinised and picked up was the square root of f@@k all. It stinks and just goes to highlight the amount of scrutiny that our elected geniuses devote to legislation placed before them. And what of our heavily remunerated "Revising Chamber"? Our checks and balances? All out on a taxpayer-funded heavy lunch at the time, were we? Do you honestly belive that? Civil Servants are putting together legislation that is designed to hide taxes/ charges from not just the population but the MHKs too? Sorry but I dont buy that, from the dealings I have had with a few Civil Servants the impression I got was that they were terrified of upsetting their Minister/ Departmental Member. I know the general consensus on here is that the civil servants are running the show and they are to a point, they would not be doing their job if they didnt, I just dont see any evidence or experience of them trying to pull the wool over/ boss their bosses.
  12. I talked about this a year or two ago; on the face of it 200mill shortfall sounds bad but in reality our budgets on spending back in the days of free VAT money were just that budgets or the amount they hoped to spend. In reality they never spent what they had available, I seem to remember that the capital budget was historically only about 55-65% spent in a year and that budget alone was responsible for proposing to spend upward of 100mill a year alone. When you look at it like that, they haven't worked wonders but likewise it never will be as bad as it is painted on here most of the time, we are doing okay, may not be the popular view on here but you cant argue with the figures above. Only 11 million needed to be taken from Reserves, that is a result in my book and EXACTLY what Reserves are there to do.
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