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  1. he did at one time it would appear http://www.brianstowell.com/
  2. I like the bit abour ManxRadio.com being 'Up to the minute'. That would be 'up to the minute' about once or twice a day then. particularly as the bit about competition rates references the back page and Chris Williams in the Morning, shows which haven't been on air for 18 months, very up to date
  3. Were you taught anything about how the Manx political system works and its composition at school? I wouldn't be surprised if not - I can't remember really being taught anything about it (and that's going back by about fifteen/sixteen years). very little, unless you were actually doing politics a level (which i did not). not enough to really understand what you were voting for. i'm sure if they had told us that the people we were electing would ultimately be responsible for the various taxes on motoring, whether DoE would continue funding uni fees, even the price of alcohol (ie
  4. i was 17 at the last election. for me, the problem wasn't access to candidates, or understanding manifestos, i think the trickiest bit is that there was no-one independent explaining how the manx political system works. a bit of guidance in the schools and at the college would probably help get more of the 16-18 group to the polls this time
  5. whilst i don't doubt some people will have used the cancelled buses to "justify" driving after a few drinks, any responsible driver would've foregone the drinks and focused on getting home safely, particularly given how slippy the roads were, a night out can always be re-arranged
  6. isn't it the British-Irish Council this week? that would explain the foreign dignitaries
  7. if i remember right when the job adverts were placed for starbucks it said to serve approx 450 people, which is roughly the capacity of the Ben. maybe starbucks will also take over the vacant cafe in the sea terminal now that they've joined up with the racket
  8. i've seen it quite a few times in tesco usually at around 5pm
  9. book a rail and sail ticket instead, it's a fixed price (except i think during summer at the weekends when its a little more), and you can do it through trainline rather than dealing with the racket. even if you don't need the train ticket it'll be cheaper. a return to manchester i think is about £40
  10. drove past this before it was cleaned up, the fiesta looked like it was off the ground stuck in the focus, looked like everyone had got out unharmed
  11. will be interesting to see what effect carpetright has on some of the local retailer's pricing
  12. these 2 were both online by 1pm, i read them on my lunch hour. no idea how long they'd been there though
  13. i agree that the A5 format is more portable but also like that more information fits into the new A4 version, therefore maybe some kind of fold-out format would be a good compromise, so that it could be carried as A5 but opens out, kind of like a map, so you can see the full picture when needed. i personally would like to see the timetables spiral bound rather than stapled. i tend to leave my timetable open on my route in my handbag, folded back on the spine. usually after a couple of months it's looking pretty sorry for itself, and if i then need to look elsewhere in the timetable the pag
  14. Is this a misquote? I thought that when the examinership was announced it was said that Aer Arran accounts for about 15% of passenger movements? The June (latest) figures of passenger volumes at Reynoldsway indicate that AA account for 13.2% of traffic for the month and for the full year 2009 it was 14.5%. according to the pdf on the Gov.im site london city was down 15.6% passenger figures pdf
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