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  1. I've heard a rummour that Bryan Adams is coming to the island but can't find any information on it. I know this is the best place to find out information, can anyone help?
  2. I can't bloody wait, its the only thing getting me through
  3. I tried the chilli Chocolate ones and its the first time in my whole life that I've not finished a packet of crisps...they were rank.
  4. Manx adoption society are always looking for donations. They aren't government funded I don't think.
  5. Can anyone help. I need a childrens entertainer for this saturday from 3.00pm to 5.00 pm for a Christmas party in Douglas. If you know of someone can you let me know by contacting me at Janedew@hotmail.com Thanks
  6. Practically new cream leather sofa and two matching armchairs for sale. Only used for 9 months then been wrapped up in storage. Open to negotiation but am looking for starting offers in the £1,100 area. If you know someone who might be interested please pass on my contact details. I can be reached by email at Traceyclarke@manx.net or contact me on 242467
  7. I bought a slow cooker when we first moved into our house 10 years ago, it saved us a fortune. My husband still uses it on a regular basis for braising steak and other casseroles. I'm like Gladys, its the only kitchen appliance I can truely say I've had full Value for money.
  8. beaches when she starts singing 'wind beneath my wings'. Steel Magnolia's when they're all at the funeral and Sally fields starts going on about how she could run but her daughter never could.
  9. Is anyone interested in doing some photography work on the date above could they let me know and I will discuss further.
  10. We're having a discussion at work at the moment about the play area in Summerland before Manx Land. The wipper snapper that sits next to me (age 23) said she had her 7th birthday there but can't remember the name. she claims there was a bumpy slide, ball pit, bouncy castles and a climbing frame. Can anyone help and put her out of her misery and ours. We all think that she's a bit mental and has made it up or that the Men in Black have got to her and wiped her mind and given her a memory change.
  11. Does anyone have any experience with fixing the above. We couldn't get the front draw open but managed that now but the motor won't work....it would seem. We've been told we have to send it off Island to be fixed but I can't believe in this modern age that we need to do that, can anyone help?
  12. I'm led to believe from a very realiable source that its gone bust and selling up its equimpment
  13. does anyone know why the Crush Juice bar is shut. Its been like that for weeks now, I miss my juice in the mornings.
  14. I agree with cret. On the whole the station is ok. Kevin and Marita get on my wick because her voice grates on me. When 3FM started they marketed themselves to be for the generation of 35 years old and over playing stuff from the 80's back and yes sometimes they do, yet I find they play 99% of the time current music and on that loop. The only really decent time to listen to it is on Friday and Saturday nights when the do the club classics and then I hate to turn it off. Wide variety of music and no...kooks, the feeling, Micheal Buble, James morrison, snow patrol, razor light etc etc. I'm
  15. I have a Renault Megane RT 1.4 1996 69,000 miles Dark Blue Full Service History 4 New Tyres Needs some bodywork on a few Scratches £650.00 ONO PM me if your interested.
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