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  1. 'Kebab on chip' is surprisingly palatable, as long as you manage your expectations. At least they actually have a decent number of staff on, which is more than you can say for the KFC here.
  2. I look forward to upgrading my underslung candle attachments.
  3. No single player and/or offline, you need to be (a) Online and (b) Pay a monthly subscription. However, in terms of what you were asking about in your original post - "open world games (PC/laptop)where you can walk around, look at pretty things and not have to do much" - a Level 100 character exploring the WoW universe is a pretty close match.
  4. Get her World of Warcraft, pre-purchase the Legion expansion which comes with a Level 100 character boost, and then using her Level 100 character she'll be able to travel the entire of the WoW universe being largely invincible, as long as she stays out of Draenor (which is the current expansion for Level 90-100 characters).
  5. Is Sure's 4G/data alright these days? Over the years I've only ever known of people going back to MT after dipping their toes into the Sure waters.
  6. Yeah I'm on a bargain-tastic £45 per month contract with MT and my 4G routinely drops its arse out over lunchtime and sometimes stretching on a bit further into the afternoon as well. Clearly just not enough bandwidth to go around, although I'd be interested to know if it's just a Douglas thing or island-wide - i.e. the masts in Douglas being maxed out or the overall 4G capacity being saturated.
  7. http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/54276-paid-apps-android/ (The last couple of pages have the most concise and up-to-date advice.) Essentially using Android on the island is a slight ballache but entirely possible with a small amount of effort. ---------------- Q) Is all the above actually the case? (Never trust a salesman) A) Yes, see the last couple of pages of the linked thread above for the ins and outs. Effectively the IOM gets lumped in with 'rest of the world' according to Google. Q) Is there an easy, reliable way around it and are there any disadvantages? A) Yes, VPN the device. Free solutions will tend to be slow and/or unreliable though. Personally I user Cyberghost on my Android Nvidia Shield tablet. The VPN doesn't have to be on 24/7, it depends what you're doing and what app you're using. Most apps after an initial install will keep on working and updating even if the device rehomes to the IOM (Hearthstone for example). Some however will stop working as soon as they rehome (IIRC Spotify did this on Mrs Twonky's Android phone). Q) Would you avoid android on the IOM for this reason? A) Depends on the person. I'd never in a million years furnish my in-laws with an Android device of any description, they manage to get stuck with their iPad sometimes. Mrs Twonky's next phone will probably be an iPhone, just to make things easier for her. For me I don't mind the slight faffage with VPNs to get my Android devices of choice. (A £150 Nvidia Shield tablet for example, basically delivering comparable performance to a £400 iPad Air 2.) Overall it is shit though.
  8. So this is still A THING, as I found out when I bought a nice new Nvidia Shield tablet last week. I knew it hadn't been sorted as my Nexus 5 only connects to the free store unless I VPN it, so I was expecting to have to endure shenanigans to get the Shield to connect to the proper store. In the end I decided to chuck a bit of cash at it, and went with Cyberghost - http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en There is a free version of that which apparently works fine but I got 12 months for €15 in their winter sale which seemed reasonable. There's an app for it which makes it all very easy to do once you've fed it your username and password. The store itself seems more aggressive than it used to be with rehoming to the free store once the VPN is off, but it's literally just a few seconds to fire up the app and turn the VPN on, or you can simply leave it on all the time. (Apparently the free version of Cyberghost turns itself off after 3 hours so you have to turn it on again, whereas the paid version is unlimited.) The information posted last page still works, i.e. Turn VPN on if not on already, force stop the Play Store process, clear cache and data, and then launch the Play Store. I can only assume this will never actually be fixed properly, and we'll be VPN-ing our Android devices from now until Doomsday.
  9. Diagonally opposite where Wino World used to be, down the side of where Barry Curran used to be, Christian Street I believe. Not an auspicious location. EDIT - Or what Rhumsaa said, likes.
  10. There's the noodle place in Ramsey. If you mean the Unusual Noodle I'm afraid that's closed, I walked past the other day and there was a sign up saying thanks to all their customers, we're now closed, if you've got a gift voucher call this number
  11. Well in all fairness it's been solid for the last few days now, did a bit of online gaming last night and that was fine too. So a rather unfortunate spell of very poor performance, and TBH I still think WiManx could have handled it far better than they did, I take on board what joeyconcrete said in his previous post but you only need to look at the feedback in this thread to see that wasn't the perception their customers were taking away from it. However, fingers crossed we're back to normal now
  12. Yes last night it was effectively unusable, but they had the maintenance at 5am this morning and the hope is that's sorted it now!
  13. Currently barrelling through a 15GB download on Steam at a rock-solid 3.2MB/s, which is as fast as it's ever been for me. See how it goes this evening but at the moment I'm definitely optimistic. Got this email before too: @ans - Yeah I love BCS, it's tip-top telly of absolutely the highest order. The first couple episodes were almost a bit too slow but once it got under my skin that was it.
  14. Yes but the point is that it wasn't just that MT were shite, it was that their customer service was equally shite, it was impossible to get to speak to a techie, they denied there were any problems if you ever called them up even when there clearly was one, they used to do that borderline threatening thing whereby if you asked them to check something out they'd hang the threat of a bill over your head if the problem was with you and not with them, and so on. That was what made WiManx such a breath of fresh air, not only was their internet better, their entire ethos was better. And that's what's made this whole episode so unedifying. Problems happen, I get that, mistakes get made sometimes, a service may become degraded for a variety of perfectly valid reasons. It's how you handle those mistakes, how you communicate with your customers, and how you deliver good customer service when things aren't right that really counts. Unfortunately that's where I feel WiManx have come up short, and they've been doing it for weeks now. The other pain in the arse is of course that all the people I've recommended WiManx to over the years, are now asking me what the hell is going on...... Passing the buck to the 'underlying service provider' doesn't work for me either, between the two of them, there should have been a rollback plan if things went bad. EDIT - I should just note that the people I've spoken to on the phone at WiManx have been absolutely fine, some clearer admission of problems from the top level is what I was after.
  15. Amazingly I did just manage to stream an episode of Better Call Saul on Netflix without interruption, albeit it kept flicking between SD and HD as it clearly couldn't get enough HD in the cache to maintain it (and the SD on Netflix is sub-VHS really, but at least it managed to keep the episode going). The latency earlier on in the evening was just awful though, to the extent that Mrs Twonky and Twonky Jnr couldn't even play WoW properly (and we're just talking basic questing there), and WoW is one of the most latency-tolerant games in existence. I really hope WiManx get on top of this sooner rather than later, let's just hope the work tomorrow morning starts to improve things. Dunno how other people feel but the way this whole thing has dragged out with very little in the way of official acknowledgement and even less any sort of offer of compensation, has basically eroded years of my goodwill in a space of weeks. Especially so when my father-in-law rings them up and just gets fobbed off with a stock answer and suggestions that maybe his wireless isn't working properly. If they'd have done some sort of official communication along the lines of 'Very sorry we know we have a problem, we're knocking a tenner off your bill every month until we get it sorted' approach, I think folks would feel a lot less aggrieved about it. £35 per month for internet is pricey, but I felt it was fair for a rock-solid VDSL connection, £35 per month for what WiManx are serving up at the moment is something of a pisstake.
  16. We had problems with streaming again last night, I tried to watch a YouTube video at 720p before going to bed and simply gave up. We've currently got an app on an iPadAir trying to perform an update and it looks like that could well be measured at an hour or two before it's done. In fact we're at the point now where we can't rely on the internet at all, yes it's always 'there' and it's never technically gone down completely, but the net effect isn't far off being the same. Of an evening now I always make sure I've got something pre-downloaded to the NAS or a DVD or suchlike to watch, as we simply can't rely on being able to stream anything without constant buffering.
  17. A new low, we currently have Radio 6 crapping out on BBC iplayer. 40 meg (lol) broadband, and we can't even stream fucking radio. EDIT - Well that's sorted itself out now at least, there were definitely some horrible latency spikes though as my Hearthstone game was crapping out at the same time that the iPlayer was.
  18. I did think that myself, but then again, having enough people abandon a service so that's what left is adequate for those remaining is hardly a stellar solution to the problem, is it? Not everyone has the option to get downloads done during in the day, whereas for YouTube or other streaming that simply isn't an option anyway. And for online gaming you need a good, low-latency connection at the time of playing, you can't get that in advance. If WiManx had a small hardcore of fanatical leechers then that's the issue they needed to address, ruining the internet experience for some/all of their customer base doesn't seem to have worked for anyone. Considering they say they're prioritising streaming, the fact I can't even watch a 720p video on YouTube at certain times without it buffering every 15 seconds is pretty alarming.
  19. It's absolutely in the crapper at the moment, and it was last night too. Can't even stream a 720p music video off YouTube on my main PC which is wired straight to the router (so no wireless problems getting in the way). Tethered a laptop to my MT contract 4G Nexus 5 working as a wi-fi hotspot, exact same video plays flawlessly. Why can't WiManx just put everything back to how it was before the VDSL+ (cough) upgrades? Put the 80meggers back down to 40meg (since they're not getting 80meg anyway), revert the router configs, pretty basic rollback procedure when a major change on your network goes obviously and seriously wrong? I don't understand how it's all gone so badly wrong, have they actually got less bandwidth than they had before, or something?
  20. I've rung them up to complain on behalf of myself and my in-laws, and my father-in-law rang them himself previous to that (and got a crappy stock answer hence escalating it to me). IIRC we've only had VDSL for about 13 months and got a new FritzBox as part of the upgrade from ADSL, which I guess was on a 24 month contract. I may need to look into that.
  21. Ahhh right, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place a bit now. You know come to think of it I do remember that happening at the time but it didn't particularly register as nothing really changed. Let me know how you get on with the dibbing out of your contract somewhatdamaged (badly, I suspect)......
  22. And what causes you to suspect that? I know MF's stock in trade is wild and unfounded rumours with as much basis in fact as scientology so I tend to take much of what's said on here with a wheelbarrow of salt, but if true this would be interesting. Certainly their customer service and relations over this entire VDSL+ farce is very much at odds with how they've conducted themselves in the past.
  23. I've even had my in-laws on the phone now saying they can't watch anything properly in the evenings, they've got one of those little streaming box things, the name of which escapes me - but it streams in 720p. They're on WiManx, which was at my recommendation..... I've told them that WiManx should have it sorted in a month but if they want to switch to MT there's nothing stopping them as they've been with WiManx for a while now (two years or more IIRC), didn't get a free router or anything, so there's nothing tying them in. Personally I'll give WiManx the month to get it sorted, unless things get even worse before they get better.
  24. Nah ours was shot to hell last night, had a video buffering on YouTube like streaming video used to be in the old days on dial-up. I even had visible lag whilst playing Hearthstone, which is quite remarkable considering it's a turn based card game. And yet just fired up the battle.net client now and it's pulled down a Starcraft 2 patch at 3.2MB/s which is as fast as it ever was before the VDSL Plus megaton bomb fucked everything up. They're totally overloaded at peak times now is the long and short of it, as was said earlier in the thread by MrFunk, the pie is still the same size but some people now have bigger forks. I think the thing that's narked me off the most about this whole thing is the near total wall of silence from WiManx themselves and the generic replies people who raise issues with them are getting. Just an email out to all customers acknowledging there are issues and that they're working on them would have gone a long way, as well as a temporary discount to ADSL rates given that VDSL is now massively degraded for all their paying customers.
  25. Yeah can't even stream a 720p video off YouTube at the moment (this is on WiManx's amazing not-VDSL). EDIT - Hang on haven't they got the maintenance going on this evening? EDIT TO THE EDIT - Oh wasn't that supposed to be 6am this morning. Harrumph.
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