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  1. Apparently the 480 is a bit quicker than the 5870, but sucks massive amounts of electricity, runs ridiculously hot (nearly 100C as a normal operating temperature) and is going to cost silly money as well. Overall, bag of shite.
  2. Few recents from me: WANTED - One of the worst mainstream action films I've ever seen, fuck me they must have been paying Morgan Freeman well to appear in it. Had a nasty edge to it that I really didn't care for, and would require the viewer to have had a full-frontal lobotomy to not find it offensively braindead. Utter shite. 2/10 LAW ABIDING CITIZEN - Bit similar to the above, started off strongly but got more and more stupid the longer it went, by the end I was finding it hard to believe that it was attempting to take itself seriously. 4/10 BLUE VELVET - 'Iconic' film that somehow I've never seen before. Watched it with the missus and my closing comment on the whole affair was 'Utter twaddle, I want those two hours back.' Dennis Hopper is intense, but he's about the only watchable thing in it. (Well, Isabella Rossellini and her baps are too.) 'Surreal masterpiece' my arse, nothing fucking happens! For two hours! 4/10 (3 for Hopper, 1 for the baps). GRAN TORINO - I liked this, even if it was about as obvious as Dirty Harry's magnum with its message. Clint still kicks ass too. And the girl was cute. 7/10
  3. Is this on the PC version? After the initial couple of wobbly weeks, it's been pretty much completely stable for me and my mates. I believe the 360 version still has its fair share of problems, particularly with lag.
  4. I got interleaving turned off and got nearly a 1Mbit increase in my sync speed (with the same increase in download speeds) and took an average of about 35ms off my pings. (The lower latency was my main focus.) Very pleased with that result The guys at Wimanx asked for our line stats before putting in for the change and said they looked fine, and went ahead with it. Took 4 or 5 days for the change to be made. (In other news I'd heartily recommend the DGND3300 router, just sits there for weeks on end completely rock solid and needs no mucking about with whatsoever.)
  5. The low-level n00btubers need something to take the higher level guys out with
  6. It's been passworded for a while, we've been, ahem, erm, cough cough, doing a bit of stat-padding. (The default search won't return passworded servers.) I've taken the password off, it's now running 32 player rush on the full map rotation. I wouldn't normally condone stat-padding but when everyone else is running around with all the best guns and gadgets, you need a level playing field - especially with Mental M60 Magnum Ammo Medics running amok. Rumours are the M60 is getting a nerf in the next patch.
  7. Had another excellent evening playing this, including a truly insane rush round (Nelson Pass map, or something like that) where it got so intense as defenders we were reduced to broadcasting Aliens quotations at each other ('Stay frosty', 'You're not reading it right', 'RIPLEEEY!', 'You want some of this? Fuck you!', 'They're coming out of the goddamned walls!' etc). Obviously it helps if you've seen Aliens fifty times. Absolutely awesome game, I'd be inclined to say it's the best multiplayer ever, overtaking Quake 2, CounterStrike 1.6, and BF2142 in my personal hall of fame.
  8. Yes it's ranked and PB streamed, was on there 10 minutes ago so it's definitely up and working OK The server browser is monumentally shite (and half the backend tools don't work properly either ) - standard DICE fare really, absolutely awesome game, but they got the company's crackhead hardcore porn addict to do the UI. 'Yeah I'm sure it'll mostly work, now fuck off and leave me alone, I need to smoke more crack whilst watching extreme DP action. I'LL FIX THE UI TOMORROW!'
  9. It is indeed run by Chinese people now who are absolutely fantastic, the place is cleaner, the food is better, the service is better - and the people themselves are really friendly. The menu is still very much an English affair and there's nothing overly fancy going on, although the specials they do can be quite interesting. We actually use the place as a cafe even if we're not going swimming, our little girl loves it there and the staff are very understanding with her (she's autistic and has lots of little routines she needs to go through as part of the visit). They gave her a Milky Bar as a present last time we were leaving and she was thrilled
  10. PC version got patched today, nothing major but a few little bits of tidying up. Steam of course just handled it all automatically Recon definitely needs a nerf though - on a Rush map last night the 'attacking' side weren't even trying to win, they just stuck about ten snipers up on the hills with GOLs and took potshots from there, only about three of their team made any effort to destroy the M-COMS! Our server has changed name, it's now: The Manx Headshot Society Rules are - no spawn/base camping, keep the teams fair, pursue your objectives, eat more fruit.
  11. I quit last month after reaching total burnout with it, had two L80s (mostly endgame 10/25 IL245/IL264 geared), an L71, an L69 and an L63 - until I finally hit that 'I just don't want to fucking do this any more' wall. Will probably be back for Cataclysm (will carry on with my two 80s (one tank, one DPS)), leave the others and level a new char from L1 as they're redoing all the original zones and I believe making them flyable too. Won't be tempted back before then, but would be interested in any Manxie type guild at that point though. (All my chars are on Darkspear - but would be amenable to the idea of starting a new char on the Manx server of choice and realm-switching my 80s to that realm for boosting and cash duties - I retired with about 17500G spread across my chars )
  12. They didn't properly test their latest driver release on the most popular PC game in the world? I'm glad I binned off Nvidia years ago and moved to ATI. Nvidia have only been selling rebranded derivatives of the GTX 8800 architecture for the last three decades anyway, and their cards run ridiculously bastard hot, even without the extra-toasty drivers
  13. Does it run other games OK and specifically have a problem with WoW, or are all games a problem? Pressing ALT+R in the game will bring up a realtime framerate counter, so you can see exactly what's going on. That PC should be able to run it in ULTRA mode no problem, my PC is quite a bit less powerful than that and could run WoW in ULTRA at 1920x1200 in Windowed mode, I just had to drop shadow detail down one notch - so there's definitely something amiss. What OS is he on? Got the latest Nvidia drivers?
  14. Personally I'd rather put up with the odd cheater, (who stick out a mile in BC2 and are also very rare), and have over double the framerate, over double the resolution, no input lag, proper VOIP, proper server browser, and a keyboard to type stuff to my team/squad with - than spack around with the 360/PS3 version of the game. (And that's before you get started with the far superior graphics of the PC version.) It's no issue for us anyway as we have our own server, we're running PunkBuster with all the plugins and any cheaters who evade that will find themselves kicked and banned in double-quick time. (Although since the game has been released we haven't had one obvious cheater on whenever any of us have been playing.)
  15. The PC version certainly seems to have calmed down, haven't had any login problems for the last two nights now, and connections have been solid throughout (I never had the PB issues anyway, but a couple of my friends did, they seem to have been resolved now too). Mainly sticking to the Manx Maniacs server as I like conquest mode and there are a few familiar faces turning up on there regularly now, always seems to be a good game, decent squad play, no lame shit like base-raping, and a decent mix of n00bs and better players. (I'd count myself as just about out of the n00b category, but not by much ) Averaging about 1000-1250 points per round, up to 2000-2500 when I get a few pins and/or awards (had a 3500 pointer bonanza earlier though) - so the unlocks are coming at a reasonable pace. Going to get assault sorted first and then specialise in one of the others, the plan is that our regular Saturday night crew will be able to make one rounded squad with some extras available (assault, two medics and engineer for starters I would think - going to see how recon goes as well). Truly excellent game, and it's such a bloody good looker as well
  16. Just had another glorious 90 minutes playing this - only me and one chum on (well it is Monday) but we squadded up and had a lot of fun, even if we didn't do very well. It's quite nice to be playing a new game because a lot of folks have as little clue what's going on as we do, although the better players are already coming through, but as is always the case, watch what the good guys are doing and learn from them. Had a lot of n00b moments but also some nice streaks of really good play, starting to get the first reasonable unlocks coming through now too, in particular have been able to ditch the AWFUL starting assault rifle. (And already getting a nice collection of dogtags.) Manx Maniacs was full (less reserved slots) for the duration, if any MFers fancy a crack at the PC version let me know in advance and I can add your name onto the reserved slot list (can't add it/leave it permanently as the server never lets people on equivalent to the number of reserved slots - so on a 32-slot server with ten reserveds, there'd never be more than 22 on there, even if only two reserveds were playing). Our 'main' games night is Saturday (beers and increasingly awful play as the night wears on.....) but we're thinking of putting the server to passworded for Tuesday and Thursday nights to get practice in amongst ourselves (and get lots of points, of course, since it's a ranked server ) We're also on Teamspeak which guarantees profanity and usually singing too as the hour gets later...... This game is so good - I've cancelled my WoW account, it's the game that's finally persuaded me to make the break The EA master servers were totally fucked over the weekend but seem to have been OK tonight, if you're still having problems clean out the beta install and PB beta, and take it from there. Pretty shoddy in that regard though I have to admit.
  17. Never had a problem with Steam or PB in all honesty, Steam is my preferred way of buying games now and I always get my games on there if I can. PB used to be a bit dodgy but the version with BC2 I've found just works without issue. EDIT - And better than the MW2 'solution' which is to apparently let cheaters and glitchers do whatever the fuck they want with complete impunity.
  18. The unlock progression is pretty tough, but don't forget there's nothing stopping you going onto an empty server in conquest mode, capping all the bases and then just waiting for the timer to expire - it awards the full complement of points Our server was pretty quiet yesterday afternoon so we had a 2v2 going in conquest, absolutely loads of points capping the bases over and over, flag attacker pins and all that stuff.
  19. Server name = ------ Multiplay.co.uk - Manx Maniacs ------ It's case sensitive, a search for 'Manx' in the server browser will bring it back. 32 slots (6 reserved for me and my chums so only 26 available even if we're not on, can't set it to allow all 32 at other times unfortunately), full Conquest map rotation at the moment. No functionality yet to allow auto-rotation of modes, which is a bit pants, so it's stuck on the 6 conquest maps. (Changing modes is a manual config and then restart job.) Punkbuster running, friendly fire off for now, will probably turn it on later.
  20. One other thing, Punkbuster is mandatory on BC2 servers, and since they're dedicated servers (none of this P2P crap), not only are glitchers and hackers massively reduced to start with, any tossers who do bugger around quickly find themselves getting kicked and banned. The last time I played MW2 the level of cheating going on was absolutely fucking outrageous. Me and a few chums will probably get our own dedicated server anyway (£30 per month for a 32-slot server, split between five or six of us is very reasonable), if and when that happens I'll post the details here.
  21. do you need something eles to get xbox controllers to work. or is it if the game supports it it work never play shooting or diving games on PC cause i allways found the controllers they have as pants (to be fair havent looked at them for the past few years as anything like that i use the xbox for) Anyone voluntarily using a gamepad on a PC FPS game, when everyone else is using keyboard&mouse (which is a massively better control system), is both mad and about to get pwned big style.
  22. bigger battlefields, vehicles, a real emphasis on teamwork, destructable environments...imho a more rounded online gaming experience, I really enjoyed the single player campaign of the first one as well so hopefully the sequel will deliver again. Yeah it's the *scale* of the game, none of this running from one side of the map to the other in 60 seconds like you can in MW2. Generally speaking you'll squad up and your squad leader will give you orders (or by all means form your own squad, someone will usually join it, some servers automatically assign people to squads who don't do so themselves), if you don't work with your squad and on a larger scale with the rest of your team, you'll get owned. (Certainly in BF2142 there was an overall commander for each side, I'd guess this is retained in BC2.) I had a quick knockabout on the PC version before and first impressions are that it's pretty awesome, even with a relatively modest PC you'll be able to run it with all sorts of loveliness turned on that the consoles just can't manage, and DX10/11 open up other options beyond that. MW2 is a kiddie shooter compared to a BF game, MW2 is just men and guns, BC2 (and all the other Battlefield games) are teamwork, squadwork, vehicles, a large variety of weapons, big maps, tactics, and of course a decent lick of ability at FPS games The destructible environments in particular seem to be pretty cool, I was on a map before where a couple of snipers were making my team's life hell. One of our squad got in a tank, another one got an armoured vehicle carrier with heavy machine guns on it, and completely destroyed the house they were camping in (and killed them in the process, obv.)
  23. Yes the PC version gets proper dedicated servers, unlike the rancid pig's abortion that was the MW2 server system. Console assfaces might put up with that shit, but PC owners most certainly do not. I've already got it pre-loaded ready to go through Steam.
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