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  1. Well for starters cars get recalled all the time for various faults and fixes, some of which could be life-threatening. On top of that Microsoft (or anyone else) are not, as far as I'm aware, in possession of crystal balls and time travel machines, hence when they release an operating system or application they have no way of knowing what threats or vulnerabilities may appear or be discovered in the months and years to come - if they didn't patch and fix these issues then people would be shouting from the rooftops about it. The fact that MS supported Windows XP for as long as they did is entirely laudable IMO, they're far better than Apple who treat their own operating systems as abandonware after a few years.
  2. Have to say as this drags on the £34.94 per month I'm still paying for 'not-VDSL' is starting to rankle a bit. It'd be nice if WiManx had perhaps made a gesture towards customers they've had for years and automatically just billed them for regular ADSL until they get this sorted out. On top of the shit pings I had on Saturday even HD streaming has had a wobble or two the last few evenings. They're clearly totally overloaded at peak times now, I had cause to download a file in the middle of the afternoon earlier in the week and it absolutely flew, once the schools had got home, it all dropped through the floor.
  3. Absolutely shite playing Battlefield tonight, on a 48 player UK server - I had the highest ping out of everyone. Really felt it as well, an extra 100ms is life or death in an online FPS. Come on WiManx get it sorted.
  4. Who was the 'good authority' SWD? (PM me if you want, or fair enough if you can't say at all ) You do have a point though, and I remember why I originally switched to WiManx from MT all those years ago, because I was so fed up with MT. (I remember them absolutely flat-out lying to me on more than one occasion.) My download speeds on WiManx are still a load of arse at peak times, relatively trivial downloads that should take a few minutes can be half an hour or more, but it's not like I'm being shot at in Syria. On top of that they do seem to be keeping latency in check so you could argue the traffic shaping is doing its job, plus I've had no problems with streaming HD Netflix/YouTube content and neither has anyone else in the household. I've had years of superb service from WiManx so putting up with a brief period of sub-par provision is no great hardship, especially if MT are pulling dirty tricks on them.
  5. Yeah that's my take on it too (well, apart from the upload bit since i can't get VDSL+) - download speeds are well shonky at peak times but by all accounts they're keeping latency alright and my online gaming experience is fine too, after that first really dodgy weekend. Just allow a bit longer for downloads seems to be where it's at. I'd like to see them get this sorted in due course though, as overall I'm still left with a significantly worse service to what I had a few weeks ago for the same price. Certainly at the moment I'd be better off on a cheaper ADSL package as my download speeds are back down to about where they were on ADSL!
  6. Yeah as long as they can keep latency stable I'm happy enough, downloads are like a piss, they always finish in the end, so it doesn't really matter how fast they go. Headshots in Battlefield though, they can't wait.
  7. Hmmm, everything was fine whilst gaming last night, maybe Wimanx have been doing a bit of tweaking behind the scenes? Also managed to download a 4.5GB file and it maxed out my connection like it used to in the past.
  8. The thing that bugs me is was there really any massive demand out there for VDSL Plus? Yes I appreciate Wimanx are saying they've had a big uptake but considering it's a free upgrade for those in range that's hardly surprising (I asked about it for this reason). VDSL was able to deliver pretty stellar download speeds of around 4.5MB/s, which is plenty enough for every device in a household to be streaming/downloading at the same time, and do it with very low latency too. (And since the range on VDSL Plus is so limited a lot of folks are flat out just not going to be able to get it anyway, we live very close to the centre of Ramsey and apparently we're out of range, so everyone gets crapped out VDSL for the benefit of a few folks who can saturate the network with their VDSL Plus connections.) What we appear to be seeing now with the roll out of VDSL Plus is download speeds haven't increased much for people, and latency has gone through the roof, which is by far and away the major determining factor in how good your online gaming experience is going to be. 150ms latency is, not to put too fine a point on it, utter shit - and I'm a bit narked that my previously 100% solid VDSL connection has been flushed down the crapper by VDSL Plus that by all accounts the network isn't capable of handling. I only get one night per week of online gaming with the guys, and it's something I really look forward to after a week at work, last week was crap because I had the highest ping on the server, I really hope it's not the same again this week. At the end of the day I'm still paying the same £35 per month but the product I'm receiving is now seriously degraded from what it was a few weeks ago, and I'm a bit disappointed that Wimanx have resorted to that old stock answer of, 'Yeah well, contention innit' - except this is a new thing, it's been absolutely fine for years.
  9. Our connection seems to have been OK this week although admittedly it hasn't really been stressed much. Tonight (Saturday) will be a good test though as I'll be playing online with the guys and Mrs Twonky and Twonky Jnr will be iPad/Netflix/browsing/etc on their devices at the same time, and according to Wimanx it's one of their peak times. Historically Wimanx have been 100% solid in this scenario, delivering plenty of bandwidth for all the devices and also maintaining a very low ping for me online - last week however it was shit, and if that's repeated tonight I'll be raising a ticket with Wimanx over the issue. (This is why I originally moved from MT to Wimanx, as MT just weren't delivering a solid enough connection at peak times.) I've also got some downloads to do this afternoon so I'll see how the connection handles that. All that said, Wimanx have been absolutely superb over the years and their customer service remains unparalleled, so I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt for a month or two until this new capacity comes onstream in March/April. And as you mention yourself somewhatdamaged, when you ring them up you can be speaking to a clued-up techy in a matter of moments, they don't make you sit through a load of scripted nonsense if you know who it is you want to speak to and what it's about. Ultimately however, an ISP needs to deliver a fast, solid, stable, low latency connection - so if things are still as there are now by the end of April, I will start to look elsewhere.
  10. Definite and substantial deterioration in my WiManx experience over the last few days. Download speeds are all over the place (as has already been noted, 'download' is no longer a nice way of saying piracy, I can't remember the last time I bought anything on a physical disc), streaming is generally OK but not fantastic, and most significantly for me (I can live with erratic download speeds), latency has gone through the roof. This was particularly noticeable playing Battlefield 4 on Saturday night when my ping was pretty much the highest on the server, the split between my mates was clear, those on MT had low(ish) pings, those on WiManx had high pings (peaking up around 150ms, which is higher than I could get on a good dial-up connection back in the day). Something's changed, and not for the better.
  11. So this still isn't fixed then..... Yes it's easy enough to set up a VPN, and also get icons on the home screen to quickly turn it on and off, but it's a poor show IMO. It's a ballache because on my phone at least (and Mrs Twonky's, and also a friend who I've set this up for), it 'rehomes' to the Isle of Man after a while and decides that anything that shouldn't be available here will stop working again, at this point I need to reboot my phone and VPN it BEFORE opening the Play Store or any application that doesn't like being here. (Spotify, games/apps with paid content, iPlayer etc) Some apps/games will let you install them as they're free, but then block any attempt to access any paid content, and some apps/games just flat out say 'Not available in your country' - yes you can VPN around both of these scenarios, but still far from ideal. It just seems a bit..... crap.
  12. Mrs Twonky and I were in there today and were rather dismayed to see that the menu has changed, and that our two favourite things (the fajitas and the sweet chilli chicken stir fry) are no longer available That said, what we did have was very good, but the menu has definitely been trimmed a bit.
  13. Is this really still not fixed? I don't even understand why it never worked in the first place, what's wrong with the IOM as a country that we're not supposed to have access to the Google Play Store? It's all very well using VPNs and suchlike, but for folks who are accustomed to iPhones, it makes Android a pretty tough sell.... 'Oh yes it's got all your favourite apps on it, you just need to configure a VPN first.....'
  14. What fruit machines have they got? And do they have a pinball?
  15. The guild leader is still active bees, I think it's 'bubblenine' but I'm not 100% sure as the guild has changed hands a couple of times since I left. Whoever is guild leader definitely still logs in reasonably regularly because the guild never enters the 'your guild leader is inactive' state. (I know this because one of the regulars from back in the glory days of the guild logs in periodically to see if he can steal it.) We're all still on Doomhammer, Horde side, in the Essence of Mercy guild if you ever fancy joining us In fact a few of us were reminiscing about it the other day, those nights spent raiding ICC and waffling a load of crap in guild chat, looking back it was pretty cool that as an all-Manx guild we did at least manage to get to ICC and take down bosses in there, even though we never managed to kill Lichy himself until we went back with a load of 85s
  16. It was on a special offer for a week or so, you didn't have to do anything special to get it for £15, it was just how much it cost for the duration of the promotion.
  17. ans is quite right in what he says, Blizz have actively and deliberately been moving away from the model of the game as it was back in vanilla and BC, to the 'quality of life' improvements that they introduced in Wrath, even more so in Cata, and as I'm discovering now, even more so again in MoP. (I quit last year just as the pandas were launching so didn't get to appreciate the changes at the time.) It's simple stuff like you don't have to visit a class trainer to get your new abilities, they simply appear on the screen and float down to your action bars. Hunters don't need ammo or to feed their pets, talent trees are gone in favour of the game giving you all the abilities you need for your role automatically, you just have to use them correctly. The quest structure of old 'Kill 20 of these and come back to me', 'Ahhh right now go and kill 20 of these slightly different ones', 'Ahhhh yes now kill your way through another 20 of them just to get to the one special one at the back' - and so on. Whereas before you'd have to effectively repeat the same quest two or three times, now you just have one over-arching quest that delivers the same amount of XP and does it in much more fun ways too. LFG and LFR makes seeing all the instance and raid content easy to do, the hardcore hate it of course but for someone like me who has neither the time or the inclination to play the game as it demanded back in the day, it's absolutely perfect. Health and mana regen are massively improved too, I remember levelling my first mage years ago, the poor fucker had to stop to drink to mana up every third mob, now you can just chain them all day without going OOM, which is a good thing IMO - the game is so vast now that it simply doesn't need the old time wasting stuff in there that adds nothing whatsoever to the game. I've only been back for a month but I'm really enjoying just bobbing on for an hour here or there, there's no real commitment required and no sense of 'YOU CAN'T SEE THIS CONTENT UNLESS YOU DO X, Y AND Z FIFTY TIMES FIRST' any more either - it's just like, y'know, a game.
  18. I quit the game for over a year and have only got back into it in the last month or so. Playing it a lot more chilled out than I used to, haven't even got a Level 90 yet. Can't be arsed with questing at all these days so just do everything through instances. The good thing is that the Panda expansion is over a year old so it's not a dreadful struggle to get geared enough to jump straight into instances. (In fact endgame Cata gear is good enough for the starter Panda dungeons.) A fair few of Shill's guild can still be found on Doomhammer in the Essence of Mercy clan. (That's where I am.)
  19. I just want BF2143. They could literally just remake 2142 with the Frostbite 2.0 engine, and I'd be like a big fat happy pig in the world's biggest pile of lovely warm shit.
  20. At £550 for the lot this really is a very keen bargain, I'm surprised you haven't had any takers majin.
  21. Well if it doesn't get any better I'll definitely be off to Sure when me and Mrs Twonky's contracts are up. Sure may or may not be just as crap, but at least it'll be cheaper crap.
  22. My data has been shit on MT for two or three months now. I'll be quite honest and state I don't use my phone much for calls because I'm an anti-social bastard and very few people have my number, so I can't comment on that. I can however say that Monday-Friday, particularly from 12pm-2pm but starting earlier and finishing later than that (11am-3pm is about the range) MT's data totally goes to shit, it's almost like it's the sort of 'lunchtime load' when people are wanting to hit their emails and Facebook and the internet on their phone, when it all just falls apart. I went down to the shop about six weeks ago and we went through all the settings on my phone and agreed it was all correct (it's a HTC One X so not some crappy little thing), and the guy didn't disagree with anything I was saying, and said it was mobile data so 'couldn't be relied on' at which point I said I didn't want to rely on it I just wanted it to be of the standard it'd been a couple of months earlier. I could hammer the data on my phone now for example, and it'll be absolutely rock solid, and it will be all weekend, come about 11am on Monday morning and certainly by lunchtime, it'll be struggling for a data connection at all and be lucky to lob through a few kilobytes at a time before it drops on its arse, attempts to reconnect, rinse wash repeat. Thing is, both me and the missus have MT phones on contract, and we pay a premium for that, which I was previously happy to pay 'cause MT's data was excellent, take that away, and why wouldn't I just go and save a tenner per month per phone with Sure, when the contracts are up?
  23. It's all very reasonable, for a main course and a drink you're looking at about £10 per person. The platters (which feed two) are all between £15 and £20. I'd say they're basically pub prices (give or take a pound or two) but restaurant quality food and service. For five of us on Friday the bill was £52 and that included a couple of sides, the previous time six of us went and it was just under £60. Off the top of my head starters are in the £3-£5 range, mains are around the £8-£12 range, with more expensive options such as steaks and what have you on there. We've paid the same or more for a lunch at Jak's (which I really don't rate food wise at all).
  24. Just thought I'd give a quick shout-out for this place, me and the chaps have been there twice for lunch and both times it's been absolutely excellent. http://www.nexus-bar.com/ One of us has been of an evening with his missus and gone for the sushi platter for two and said it was fab. Personally I don't dig on raw fish but each to their own I guess. Really nice place, excellent service, and the food is great - the menu is fairly limited but they seem to have the philosophy of doing a small number of things very well. There's a pasta dish, a pie dish, a fish dish, a burger choice and so on - definitely enough for everyone to find something they like and not the usual pub fare. (Plus paninis and baguettes and a choice of platters for two.) Yesterday for example we had Hot Thai Beef Salads, Manx Beef Burger, Thai Fishcakes, and two Steak & Guinness pies - and the choice of the dishes was completely different from the last time we went. Freshly cooked lovely chips too. The previous time we went they were doing lamb burgers, one of the guys asked for mint sauce and the waiter said they didn't have any on hand, but returned about three minutes later with a freshly made mint sauce that the chef had just knocked up. Only worry is we were the only people in there between about 12pm and 1pm, which isn't great for a Friday lunchtime. Give it a try! It's our lunch venue of choice now.
  25. I got this on Steam, it's fecking brilliant.
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