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    Dog Fouling

    The more of this the better IMO. The dog shit situation in Douglas is the worst I can remember it ever being, with massive great horrible turds being left even on 'major pathways' such as the prom area around the Sefton and the Villa, Finch Road, Kingswood Grove, all around Derby Square etc. In all fairness I do see many responsible dog owners diligently cleaning up after their pets and taking the mess away with them in the bag, but there is certainly enough of a minority of irresponsible owners to make some areas of Douglas really quite distasteful to walk around.
  2. Twonky

    Recommend Me Do

    Erm, you're not on some sort of crazy Mac arrangement are you?
  3. I think it's the former, I found it really quite moving. Derek is played absolutely as the good guy IMO, he's almost used a mirror to the rest of the world, and it's through Dave's goodness that you see how shit 'normal' people can be.
  4. Twonky

    Recommend Me Do

    The real Theme Hospital is now available on GOG! http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/theme_hospital
  5. Honestly Ms Bees, if you're capable of using your opposable thumbs, you're capable of doing LFR. I've been in LFR groups where the worst players in the group were clearly AFK and/or fondling themselves to the exclusion of actually pressing any buttons. I get the vibe that LFR difficulty is based on around 50% of the group having any idea of how to play their class and being able to follow basic raid orders. I've had Deathwing go down in some pretty ropey groups, just give it a try!
  6. Surely you can at least get in on LFR? It's not ideal perhaps but at least it's a way to see the content. Have to say though that were it not for me doing my pally (levelled 15-84 entirely in instances as tank) I'd have probably dropped the game a little while ago. And now I can't be arsed to ding 85 with him Probably just wait for SUPER PANDAS now I think, and DIablo 3 isn't far off. Until then there's always blackjack and hookers.
  7. What's the interest in playing a beta? It's a broken unfinished game, but will still ruin the surprise of playing it for real when it's released properly.....
  8. Eh? I have no idea what you're going on about Ms Bees. We generally have a Battlefield+WoW night once per week, Friday or Saturday until late, all are welcome I did see you in Shoprite the other day though, but you were at the checkouts and I was browsing the pogger bins, so I didn't say hello. You had a nice summery dress on.
  9. We don't know that they've actually changed the contracts yet, in all fairness. Also, the new contracts seem roughly comparable to the old ones, it's the new FLEXTRA tariffs that replace the old SIMPLE tariffs where they seem to be turning the screws. I also note that to get the (ahem) 'full benefits' of FLEXTRA you have to sign up for 12 months (which for a SIM only arrangement is taking the piss), otherwise it looks like you get the FLEX tariffs except without a subsidised handset. So for example you sign up for FLEXTRA for 12 months, which for £15 gets you 350 mins/texts and 15MB of data. If however you don't want to sign up for 12 months then it goes down to a £15 FLEX tariff, which gets you just 300 mins/texts and 15MB of data. So if you're not prepared to sign up to a SIM only tariff for 12 months, MT will deprive you of 50 mins/texts per month for the privelige. Nice eh? Every little helps!
  10. The problem with Sure is that the data is so hit and miss you'd sometimes be better off with a bloody flock of carrier pigeons carrying bits of paper with 1s and 0s written on them. Have to say though that if MT are going to decide they want an extra tenner off me per month for less service (at a time when our household budget is as squeezed as it's ever been), a lesser data service may be a knock worth taking. The other option (and one I'm seriously considering) is 'de-smart-phoning' and just getting a couple of basic handsets on the cheapest PAYG possible, after all, none of us had the internet and Facebook and email and all that shit in our pockets a few years ago and it wasn't really any great hardship. In fact, if no one could afford smartphones maybe they'd actually be able to look where they're going instead of walking around like a fucking zombie with their iGizmo held in front of them and precisely zero brain cells focused on not bumping into other people.
  11. I guess this is to squeeze the people who could get by on a £5 or £10 top-up every month, now they're going to have to at least top up by £5 twice per month, so a 100% increase in costs. The £20 top-up with 9999 minutes is a laugh, who the fuck is going to get through 9999 texts/minutes in 15 days? They may as well make it a million, since it's effectively just a theoretical number. I notice that nothing rolls over from one top-up to the next either. http://www.manxtelecom.com/terms-and-conditions/mobile-pay-as-you-go-60kb/payg-terms.aspx#FreeMinutesTexts
  12. It doesn't look too bad, but not brilliant either. The £10 SIM only tariff appears to have been eliminated and is replaced with a £15 minimum SIM only tariff. Bit annoying as I was on the cheapest SIM only tariff with a 2GB data bolt-on, speaking of which data has gone up £1 as well, so that's an extra £6 per month on my phone. For Mrs Twonky it doesn't look like anything much will change, she was on Flex 600 at £25 per month which is still the same. Where they've really gone to town however is on data, IIRC you got 100MB on all the tariffs before, which whilst not a huge amount was probably enough for folks who just checked their email and did a bit of Facebook. Now however you're pretty much going to have to get a data bolt-on even if you're a very light user, which is a minimum of £6 extra per month. I'd be very interested to see if they try to make this retrospective or not. Someone who's just signed up for a 24 month contract on the basis that they had 100MB of data per month is going to be really narked off to see that go down to 30MB or even 15MB. Guess that's a question I'll have to ask MT tomorrow!
  13. Twonky

    Game Over?

    The other problem is that GAME have absolutely no goodwill with the publishers at all, due to them pushing pre-owned sales so ruthlessly over the years. There was a time that the pre-owned selection was a scabby section at the back of the shop, for quite some time now they've pushed pre-owned as aggressively (if not more so!) than brand new boxed copies, and of course the publishers get nothing from a pre-owned sale. It's not unusual for them to have pre-owned copies of new releases sat alongside the new copies, and only charging a fiver less for them too. Now that digital distribution has really taken off, and the supermarkets have picked up on the big selling games as physical copies, the publishers are more than happy to just let GAME die. Next-gen consoles may well be digital only.
  14. I thought 'In Time' was alright TBH, Timberlake can act when the mood takes him (he's excellent in 'Alpha Dog'), and he was pretty good as the lead for In Time IMO. The film as a whole is an impressive rabid-anti-capitalist howl of anger, and I liked it on that basis alone.
  15. TANGO AND CASH was last night's 'entertainment'. Yes the Stallone and Kurt Russell thing from 1989, which I probably haven't watched for twenty years or so, and which I remembered as being pretty good. FUCKING LOAD OF BOLLOCKS! It just about kept me watching to the end, but that was mostly just to stare agog at the parade of late 80s shittery. And a young Teri Hatcher, of course.
  16. Their Clubcard database is recokned to be one of the most commercially valuable databases in the world. I don't even have a Clubmann card for Shoprite, I don't want them to track how many litres of vodka I drink per day whilst using Fetherlite condoms with my army of concubines.
  17. That's all I do, as I'm quite fussy about how my shopping goes in the bags, but I've no objection to giving a couple of quid to charity. Shoprite is excellent, it's almost they like don't want to make money, there's no other explanation for how amateurishly it's run, but I find that quite endearing. Tesco is a manifestation of pure evil.
  18. THE BEAVER was this evening's film. Yes I know it writes itself, MEL GIBSON PERFORMS IN JODIE FOSTER'S BEAVER! But you know what, it's a pretty damned good film. Mel may be as crazy as a box of old frogs, but the man can still damn well act (and direct as well, although Jodie directed this), and he carries the whole film by the sheer weight of his presence and commitment. Ends up going to some very sad places, it's almost a companion piece for Lars And The Real Girl in some regards, but stands on its own right as well. Recommended - 7/10
  19. You know the phrase 'a man of excellent taste'? THAT'S NOT YOU! * * In all fairness each to their own of course And Hobo With A Shotgun is a solid explotiation flick!
  20. Emotionally stunted American teenagers might like it, I suppose.
  21. THE MACHINIST last night, came out back in 2004 but I've never seen it before, and wasn't really drawn to it since I'm not a big fan of Christian Bale. However, got to hand it to the man he gives a stunning performance in this film, including physically, as he lost a massive amount of weight as part of playing his character. (His gauntness is genuinely quite shocking and really adds to the intense sense of darkness and dread that permeates the film.) Don't want to say too much as it'd be easy to be spoilerific, and having had a look at the trailer that gives too much away. In fact, I'd say the less you know about this film going into it the better. Just watch it would be my recommendation! (NOTE - It's not gruesome or violent particularly, it's only a Cert 15, but it is very dark and brooding and ultimately not a feelgood film, so not one to watch if you're after some 'special cuddling' as the credits roll.)
  22. I vetted that trailer beforehand and concluded that it was a proper 'old fashioned' trailer, that just gives a flavour, a sense of the film, without actually giving anything away. As such I deemed it suitable for incorporation into my post
  23. Last night's film was BLUE VALENTINE, sort of appropriate for Valentine's Day except it's a harrowing, upsetting, unflinchingly desperate portrayal of the end of a marriage. Well regarded at the usual haunts (imdb, rottentomatoes, metacritic), I was drawn to it 'cause it has Ryan Gosling in it (DRIVE, LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, THE IDES OF MARCH), he's fast becoming one of my favourite actors, and he doesn't disappoint here either. It juxtaposes the early blooming of the protagonists' relationship and marriage with its final few days when it all finally comes to end (these aren't spoilers, there's no 'twist' in what the film is about), and at times it's dreadfully upsetting. Very highly recommended. Was originally given the 'kiss of death' NC-17 rating in the USA by the MPAA (senseless violence appears to be fine with them, bit of sexy stuff not so much so), which was lowered to an R on appeal. There are sex scenes in there but they're contextualised and relevant. Few quotes from rottentomatoes:
  24. I would honestly advise people to steer clear of trailers full stop these days, they're often 2-3 minutes long and in many cases are basically a synopsis of the entire film, including plot development, twists, major events etc. I've got into the habit of watching a film's trailer AFTER I've seen the film itself, and time after time I'm like, 'Bloody hell I'm glad I didn't see that before I saw the film.'
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