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  1. 45 minutes ago, TheTeapot said:

    Contract parking. Check further back in the thread for the Cowley Groves link.

    It's well dodgy.

    Thanks for that. Just went back through the thread and seen it. 

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  2. From the DOI Facebook page:

    The Douglas Promenade Refurbishment project will start shortly, with preparatory and enabling works beginning next week.

    Starting on Monday 17 September, work will take place in several locations, the most prominent being major carriageway resurfacing on King Edward Road and the removal of the raised garden area on Harris Promenade

    It will also include the removal of kerbing, benches and other highway furniture.

    The Department is in the process of finalising the construction programme and traffic management strategy for the scheme.

    During the construction period, which is expected to take up to two years, the Department will provide regular updates and feedback on progress. A dedicated Project Liaison Officer has recently been appointed to ensure promenade users, residents and business owners are kept up to date.

    Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer MHK said: ‘The preparatory works will mark the beginning of a period of transformation and we are delighted to make a start on this landmark project, fittingly during the 'Year of our Island'.

    ‘This is an exciting time and will see a substantial investment into a major route into Douglas. Ultimately this will create something that residents will benefit from for years to come and will represent a lasting legacy for future generations.’

    The preparatory works are not expected to lead to significant travel disruption, with every effort being made to limit any inconvenience to promenade users.

  3. 22 hours ago, Andy Onchan said:

    Now that they take contactless cards it takes the fun out of travelling. My usual trick of handing over a £20 note to the driver for a one-way Onchan to Douglas fare generally makes for an amusing scene:

    Driver: Haven't you got anything less?

    Me: Nope, sorry. 

    Driver: (Harrumph, Corkish style) But I'll have to give you loads of shrapnel.

    Me: No problem. I'll use it for the Douglas car parks next time I use the car to go into town!

    I handed a £20 note and the driver gave me a credit note receipt with the change on it and I had to collect the change from the welcome centre. Won’t be doing that again. 

  4. Just a quick question, Does anyone know when they are supposed to be starting the works? The news pages and planning said September 2018 but I haven’t seen or heard anything recently. Just wondering if anyone or an insider on here knows anything more? Cheers. 

  5. They are trying to get customers to buy the go cards which will thereabouts have about the same discount on them as return tickets anyway, although you have to buy either 6 journeys or 12 when you buy a go card, but it’s valid on them for 15 months and whether you’re not a regular Bus user, it works out. Looks like they are trying to phase out money altogether and get people using go cards or contactless like they do in London for example. 

  6. 7 hours ago, ecobob said:

    They might have done it at one time but they certainly don't do it now and haven't done for some time. I know someone who leaves their van there for hours every single day and he's never been challenged about it.

    Well, in a few weeks time they will be receiving a £60 fine. Well what I’ve been told from a worker there, they have hired/ paying for the council guys to come and ticket cars like they do on the prom for example. 2hr disk zone. It is happening and it’s about time it happens too! 

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  7. I’ve heard today from someone that works in Tescos that the Douglas council have taken over the rights to Tesco car park and starting in a few weeks time, Some of the car park will be resurfaced and also it will become disk zone only. Anyone else have more news or is it all kept quiet so the council came slap £60 fines on most cars parked there all day? 

  8. Thanks for using my pictures. Brought great laughter to us all. I thought it looked weird when i left work and took a second look at it and posted it on Manx shops page on facebook. Someone is going to have a bad day at work tomorrow!

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