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  1. Talking to the bus driver tonight, he said there not getting Bendy buses. It's bullshit and that new double decker that's on trial, most likely won't be getting those either because there opting to but up to 15 more of the Volvo B9TL's. All depends on which type saves the most fuel too.
  2. Hi, Has anyone got any infomation on this new bus? I understand it's an enviro400 but is it here on a trial have we brought a few off them? Also anyone got any pictures?
  3. Yup, Flew over us aswell. Had to look twice!
  4. Is there a reason why it has to move from where it is currently? I don't think the sea terminal is right although the facilities are ideal, its further away from town and does get quite busy at sailing times. I was run over there the other day in a frantic parking fight. Got to move it from lord street to develop that new hotel.
  5. Get rid of the parking on the street, Not that there's many anyway then everything wil be fine. Buy the lower floor of the RBS building, Redevelop it so it has a waiting room for passengers and toilets, coffee stands, Shops etc, massive bus timetable on screens and when the bus pull up, people get notified by speakers and just go out. Right in the centre of town. What more could you ask for. It's that or walking all the way to tescos.
  6. If your trying to find out how many times a year it gets shut for, shouldn't you start it on January the 1st or are you going from today too 16th June 2013? lol
  7. I heard it was not coming back to the island again.
  8. The bread man who delivered to my shop said, they said that to get people buying the bread. The yeast comes in small boxes they can easily arrange for it to come over by plane.
  9. So today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ok…’WE HAVE KIDNAPPED YOUR FAMILY, GIVE US £2 MILLION OR WE WILL SHOOT THEM’
  10. Get the bus station back in there, Proper waiting room etc like it used to be.
  11. It would be better if i didn't hear the same songs 5 times a day at work and get some better music on lol. Still doing well tho.
  12. Amedeus, you sure it wasn't you? lol. You seem to know the what you need. Ha, just messing. No more news? ''Bet you someone must have said ''you can do it when you B&Q it'' Just a joke lol.
  13. Anymore updates about it? Just heard on the radio, no arrests have been made and there looking for public witnesses.
  14. I got on a bus the other day and someone has wrote, 'I wish josh's mum was as dirty as this'. Thought it was pretty funny but i heard they can't wash them as often as they did because they haven't fitted the was time into the timetable schedule.
  15. Great set of pics there! first one near keiweige? or however you spell it?
  16. Nice photos Amadeus - but hardly serious snow is it? Erhhmm it is now..
  17. I would pull my trousers up and smack him in the mouth if he was playing in my back garden What would you be doing with your trousers down anyway....???
  18. I heard at work a bus had overturned? not seen it on here or heard on the radio.
  19. One drove up past anaghcoar shop today so i had to do a party move.
  20. Got the bus this afternoon and it went through st marks but on the way back it came down richmond hill, must have been when they finished working. only one lane and traffic lights set up now.
  21. Which way are the buses going? surely they can't get down mount murray back road....
  22. I am not Y2J no more. I am chris jericho. The best in the world at what i do. Do you understand what i am saying to you right now?

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