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  1. You are both right, cant work out how, but you both are.
  2. Yep driver in a black car, just done our street, my bloody wheely bin was dead centre of my front garden after the binmen emptying it this morning.
  3. Community service on a sunday morning is cleaning up the mess albert.
  4. Are they black same as the last ones.
  5. I don't know, what do you think? Incidentally, as you edited gave to like, have another go and get rid of the full stop Aye a FULL minute before your innane reply.
  6. Naughty that, still i bet its buried in small writing in the contract somewhere.
  7. A novel reason for abandoning the birch was produced by the local politician who piloted the repeal bill through the local parliament (the House of Keys), Mr George Waft. It was now far from a deterrent, he said, as "The individual and families of anyone birched would benefit considerably by selling their stories to the newspapers" ("Isle of Man to scrap birch at a stroke", The Guardian, London, 6 March 1993).
  8. Unfortunately Declan they are copy and paste quotes, i dont dispute your assessment of said quotes, i just feel they were writtten by an intellectual superior to paul, and that you give paul to much credit.
  9. Central heating - yes Double glazing - ideally but this usually comes under the heading of insulation. Properties should be reasonably insulated and wind tight. What if the rent reflected the fact there was no central heating or double glazing? As far as I am aware there is nothing that stipulates if you are renting out a property it must comply with these guidelines, I would have though change of use through planning would have covered it,if there was something official?! I would also point out that home owners may not have funds for central heating or double glazing, we have to be ca
  10. Was it purely because you were abroad terminal, if it was local to local was or is it the same for you ?.
  11. I agree with hard consistent prison sentences for theft and voilence at the very least. Trouble is, justice is so inconsistant, and uses certain cases to send out a message, instead of letting them ALL send out a message.
  12. And what particular message would that be? Rip someone of for under 40 quid and get free board and lodgings for 90 days? As Moghrey Mie asks - At a cost of? The UK average figure being I believe a figure somewhere around 40k a year Plus the court and case costs, legal aid etc Not that the offence should be condoned in any way. Its at next to no added cost, the facilities and staff are in place whether its full or half full.
  13. I suppose it had to happen, that we agree on something i mean. and the way he talks outta the side of his mouth, just makes him look ad sound like a spiv in a suit.
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