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  1. you,ve seen the post regarding the witness coming forward,well unfortunately i cant find the original posting i have been in touch with the moderator(Amadeus) who has been very helpful..but its like finding a needle in a hay stack. there are hundreds of posts,i have spent days trying to find it.i was wondering if anyone of you can help.I've been going threw everyone's posts around the 8th of may this year and have been unable to find it..go on give it a shot see if you can help someone you don't know,and find this post you will be gratefully appreciated .the witness you see may no longer be on this forum and not seen my appeal
  2. you could easily get 1 from plum center on the quay
  3. lazybones


    if the person is reading this please,please pm me urgently!!!!!
  4. lazybones


    i have pm'd Amadeus and hes trying very hard to find this post,i thank him for that.Going to advocate this week so will have a word with her ..but this gentleman is an independant witness and could clarify the incident and be of a great help to me.
  5. lazybones


    unfortunately all the posts were deleted in a spring clean in june or july,it seemed a little odd at the time but the out come was the same all the post were deleted
  6. lazybones


    in may a gentleman on this forum said he had seen the incident....he could really clarify the incident and would be a completely neutral witness
  7. lazybones


    this will bein going to court if the witness doesnt come forward....please contact ramsey police
  8. lazybones


    anyone knows the person in question could you tell him hes needed..thank you
  9. lazybones


    No i could really do with the witness to contact the polce.....Please...please!!!!!
  10. lazybones


    could the witness to an assault after the laxey blues festival please contact Ramsey police your evidence could be vital in police investigations
  11. you get a service visit with the alpha care ,call out and parts.....but no out of hours visit,cant get cheaper than that i think
  12. when are you lot going to learn,you jump on people who have made a effort and are just incredabily rude,,,,some b and b could be having some new customers now IDIOTS!
  13. only been on the island for a few years and the first time i saw these fellas i thought wow look at the age of these two i thought they were brilliant,they were the real deal proper tt riders .what the tt is all about! i was at the grand stand and you dont need the radio to say anything you can usually gauge the seriousness of the accident by the pit lane,they all lose their smiles and the talking stops as they get telephone calls from the other riders out on the course.age wasnt a issue with these guys,like old footballers, what they lost in speed they made up in knowlegde .RIP to the old timers
  14. went yesterday and had a good time,and its cheap compared with across,stop moaning get up their and enjoy what we ve got!!!!!!!!!!
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