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  1. We're in the process of looking at nurserys on the Island, and I was wondering if anyone had children in the Little Darlings Nursery in Hutchinson Square, Douglas? The website looks great, and we're going to have a look round the place in a few weeks, but first hand reviews are always handy!
  2. Hi, Apologies if this has already been covered in another topic, I did a search on the forum but couldn't find any threads. I'm looking to book a table at JAR for my Parents 30th wedding anniversary, the menu they have online looks pretty good but rather ominously there are no prices attached.... Has anyone been there recently and can give me a ballpark idea of an average price of a meal there? There'll be 5 of us, I'd imagine the majority of us will have 2 courses with maybe the greedier of us managing a dessert as well. Any reviews of the restaurant as a whole would be welcomed as well - If you don't recommend there where would be a better place to take them? Cheers in advance!
  3. Hi, I've heard rumours of a wedding fair at the hop Garden at some point, but can't find anything listed anywhere and no one there is answering the phone at the moment. Has anyone heard anything about it?
  4. Thats the number I've been trying, not sure if anyone is there as I've been trying since Friday.
  5. Does anyone know of any dentists over here taking new NHS patients on? I've been ringing Crookall House constantly for the last few days with no luck, and any dentist I've managed to get through to so far has said they're not patients on and can't point me in the right direction. Cheers! D
  6. I've read that one, I was looking to find out a list of channels you get as standard over here, rather than read about the issues some people are having with a few select channels .
  7. Does anyone here currently have freeview, and if so what channels do you receive? I know the IOM does not get all the freeview channels currently but I'm just wondering if its still worth the money to buy it?
  8. Ahh good to know Must have just been the typical IOM rumour mill cranking out another story, I've been up there a few times this year and the food was always great so it did seem a bit strange. Thanks!
  9. Just heard a rumour The Hop Garden has changed management yet again, and the reports of the food at present aren't the best... Anyone know if this is true? I'm only worried because my wedding reception is due to be held there in a few months and I'm getting a bit worried!! Unfortunately no one there seems to be answering any messages. Does anyone know if there are indeed new people there or if Mikey and his Wife are still looking after things? If it has changed, has anyone been there recently and could comment on the standard of food now?
  10. Matching coffee table and side table, silver curved metal frame and glass top. Very good condition, regretted sale due to house move. £60 ono, or can be sold separately for £40 (coffee table) and £20 (side table). PM for pictures and measurements, buyer collects.
  11. Due to a house move in 6 weeks I have the following I'm looking to sell: Dark wood dining table and 4 upholstered chairs. Good condition, available now, £50 ono. Stand alone Electrolux Inspire fridge freezer (fridge at top, 3 drawer frost-free freezer at bottom) Brita water filter integrated into fridge door, with 4 litre water container on inside of door & dispenser on outside. Dimensions are H - 6ft 1, W - 2ft, D - 2ft. Very good condition (bought for £400 from MEA just under 2 years ago), £250 ono. Only available from 18th March, but thought I would advertise it from now anyway. Only selling all items above due to down-sizing, PM me for pics or details.
  12. The ceremony is in the Catholic church on Prospect Hill (St Mary's) and I was advised about the marriage classes by the Secretary when we booked it last year. I know a few friends who have been to them for CoE weddings, I was just wondering if we should expect anything different for a Catholic class really.
  13. I know this will probably just cause a heated discussion over religion v atheism instead, but have any forum members attended the marriage classes run by the Islands Catholic Churches? We haven't been given an awful lot of information about them and I was just wondering what to expect! I know sometimes they are run as a series of 1 hour classes over a few weeks, and sometimes its one day-long class but apart from that we know nothing. Any tales to tell or warnings to give?!
  14. Probably going off on a slight tangent what with the way this thread has gone..... but I have to say I couldn't be happier with whats happened to this guy, and I agree with one earlier poster who said it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. I've had 2 ops by Mr Hoehmann and the whole thing was a nightmare from start to finish. Both ops were paid for by my Employer through AXA PPP (total amount for both approx £15k) and at least every other bill was chased for 'late payment' when I had clear monthly statements from AXA confirming exact dates each one was paid. His secretary (when she bothered to answer the phone) was extremely rude, and I too had the phrase 'Mr Hoehmann does not make mistakes on his accounts' repeated to me so many times I began to think that was the ony thing she was allowed to say. I was chased by his solicitors on 2 ocasions so had to provided certified copies of my AXA statements, and even after I'd receieved a letter from them saying all accounts were upto date I recieved a letter from a County Court judgement company in the UK who were chasing the same bill. I've actually yet to hear from them, even though I forwarded all documentation to them and despite several attempts to phone them... Eventually I refused to be treated by him anymore, and now he's actually been removed from the hospitals staff I might finally feel comfortable going back to the Drs to get the problem sorted once and for all. I could go on and on, and mine isn't even the worst story I know about the treatment given by this guy and his dreadful secretary. I complained to Nobles but was fobbed off, so I guess its nice to see an investigation was probably already underway at the time.
  15. Dorothy


    Agree with above - both Jaks and The Highlander do amazing steaks
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