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  1. Yeah it looks great and is excellent value. I think if I wanted something a bit smaller I'd go iPad mini but only as I love the Apple ecosystem and Facetime is a must now. Would you have got the mini if it was out when you bought the Fire?
  2. The new iPad is an obligatory upgrade to feature the new dock and no doubt iron out some of the "issues" from iPad 3 like the heating and battery charge time. Only the super needy will be upgrading. For everyone else, if you always waited to see what may be released, you'd never get anything. In its current form, the iPad is about as good as it can get from a hardware standpoint. Hopefully this upgrade will buy the development guys an extra 6 months to come up with something revolutionary again. iPad mini will be popular but isn't competing with Kindle Fire. It can do everything a full siz
  3. It's always tough to try something a bit different, especially without a household name at the top of the bill. Numbers are OK and lots more have said they are coming. If you haven't got your tickets yet, Idles are very highly regarded and their EP 'Welcome' has received rave reviews. With support from Cartesian Jetstream and the Ballagroove DJs, it should be a great night. Here's a track from Idles
  4. Here is Cartesian Jetstream's latest track. They will be supporting Idles on 23 November at the Villa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ovYSMvrFSo
  5. Idles are a UK band tipped for big things and being touted as one of the best bands coming out of Bristol. They are a popular local festival band headlining at Dot to Dot and Simple Things. They are coming to the Villa on 23 November. Videos and gig information here - http://www.villagaie...38;menuid=11570 This is how they describe themselves - Idles sound has always been a hard one to categorise, but imagine something between the intense rock and roll of The Walkmen and the dark post-punk of Joy Division and you'll be somewhere close. However, anyone who has witnessed the bands
  6. Grambo and Caution Runners will be playing the Promenade Suite at the Villa Marina on Saturday Night (12th Feb). Doors open at 8pm with free entry all night.
  7. Hi, just a quick update to let you know that tomorrow night’s (17th August ) Scouting For Girls concert, doors open at 7pm not 6pm as stated on some tickets. The show will be starting at 8pm.
  8. Grambo will be supporting Doves tonight at the Villa Marina. Tickets are still available priced from £25 on the door, at the Welcome Centre and on 600555. Doors open at 7, Grambo on at 8 and Doves on at 9
  9. Tickets for Ian Brown are now on sale online - http://www.villagaiety.com/eventinfo.aspx?eventID=1253
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