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  1. finlo

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Well, sad to say if they haven't jacked already they soon will have!
  2. finlo

    Housing Development`s

    FFS don't give Dandara any ideas, they'd build up to the summit of Snaefell given half a chance!
  3. Yes, they mostly run the country.
  4. finlo

    Plans for lord street

  5. finlo

    Plans for lord street

    Citroen Suzuki and Peugeot will lose them plenty
  6. finlo

    Flat Earth?

    Of course how stupid of me, some must have been taken with a giant zoom lens!
  7. finlo

    Flat Earth?

    I'm not talking slight differences here look a variety of"photos" and they range from dot in the distance to full in your face mahoosive!
  8. finlo

    Flat Earth?

    It would give them some credibility if they could decide amongst themselves how big the earth should look from the moon as all the pics vary wildly in this respect.
  9. finlo

    Cafe Lingo

    Coming in person to deliver our lottery wins/dead relatives inheritance.
  10. finlo

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Iom today article suggests refurbishment consists of £323,000 on carpets wallpaper and IT, eighteen month's really?
  11. finlo

    More death and destruction

    The rise of the "entitled" generation.
  12. finlo

    Cycling news

    And let's not get started on the golden handshakes on top, and people wonder why it raises a few shackles. I also know of another plod who recently retired in his forties although he seems to have gone back for a spot of double bubble.
  13. finlo

    Cycling news

    Flinty for one, plus the millionaire airport fireman to name but two.
  14. finlo

    Cycling news

    It's not but I fail to see how someone (pick your own department) retiring as early as their fortys is somehow more worthy. Even Watterson was quizzing Cannan about the vagueness and unfairness of it all recently.
  15. finlo

    Cycling news

    So do their contributions go towards those things also?