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  1. finlo

    Peel Marina

    Similar to Peel poo's then!
  2. I wonder if it's wearing one of these?
  3. finlo

    Peel Marina

    Into the Scallops albeit more slowly.
  4. I certainly wouldn't it was Raffles who brought them up!
  5. I was talking about electric combi boilers not heat pumps.
  6. Try telling daft Daffers that!
  7. And they'd snap your arm off for it! Makes you wonder what we pay our taxes for.
  8. Your main service fuse might have other ideas!
  9. At an (educated) guess 100% of the islands network, these things start at 12KW and go up to 30KW and beyond! There are still plenty of places on the island where if one person switches on a heavy appliance all their neighbours lights dim!
  10. Sounds good in theory but our electrical infrastructure could nowhere near support them.
  11. It's all just 'soundbites' or all piss and wind as we like to say!
  12. Somebody employed there must have a child/niece/nephew etc coming back from uni shortly.
  13. So what are all the other houses on the island supposed to use as this flawed technology is trying to be forced upon us and is clearly not fit for purpose.
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