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  1. The second one was a wayward fire engine!
  2. Is she still wearing those leather pants?
  3. Most likely as she's about a foot taller than him!
  4. It's true though lot of mid 2000 stuff right up to 21/70 reg brand new car's.
  5. My daily driver is older than most of the entrants! Then again was the criteria classics only?
  6. It was very poorly advertised then again I don't suppose they wanted the plebs lowering the tone.
  7. Pissed up? Couldn't have been in the Villa it's impossible to get served often enough there to get pissed!
  8. I take it you're old enough to remember the Tomorrow People?
  9. Teleportation will be the next big thing where do I claim my fiver?
  10. Haven't other people always pulled his strings?
  11. Especially if there's a Polar bear hot on your heels!
  12. I did wonder if she would be unveiling a statue of herself
  13. Judging by this pic it's a woman in high heels.
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