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  1. Well they do have a record of uncontrolled borrowing!
  2. Seems to be de rigueur for every other government department!
  3. Are the bendy busses still hiding there as well?
  4. It's shown as totally depleted in the government economic dashboard thread.
  5. finlo

    Audi footage

    They look pretty but Always Under Diagnostic Investigation.
  6. Can speak about now but they definitely used to.
  7. Reading between the lines she sort of admitted that the plebs shouldn't have cars and should rely on the bus oh and electric scooters!
  8. That's not correct as I only get a single bill, as far as I know only Douglas and Onchan get two. Although that doesn't mean you're being charged more it's just that everyone else's are lumped together.
  9. By having Christmas every other year?
  10. Pah, chicken feed compared to when an eight thousand pax cruise ship keels over on the new Douglas cruise ship berth!
  11. finlo

    Firm closing

    I thought the Haven shut a while ago to become a Spar shop?
  12. finlo


    Top of the pile for golden handshakes and the like.
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