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  1. Manx gas's only regret is this didn't happen three months ago!
  2. Something involving a bus I think?
  3. I'm fully aware of what's coming down the pipe, but your posts were coming over very cryptic.
  4. finlo

    Future Mann

    The government could become an insurance underwriter stemming the many millions that flow off island in home/car/bike premiums.
  5. finlo

    Future Mann

    Agreed, but they can't seem to get their heads around that fact!
  6. finlo

    Future Mann

    Their answer to everything is to leech even more from the general populace.
  7. I know myself included dozens who never get a holiday across let alone abroad!
  8. finlo

    Future Mann

    It would be a bloody cheek to raise taxes on the back ot this when the funding they're proposing is to be robbed from our own pension pot!
  9. UK advice is/was 1m apart and is probably where they got their instruction from?
  10. Asking you back to man the riot shields?
  11. I've been stalked by many a beast in the Lido back in the day!
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