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  1. To big it up and remove liberty's from the plebs.
  2. Along with the two uk reg campers overnighting at the picnic area just below Guthries!
  3. If I was a betting man I'd suggest he witnessed a sailing bereft of trailers?
  4. He's just said there was very little cargo aboard?
  5. finlo

    Political Comeback

    It's all to do with keeping the real brains out!
  6. Currently watching the news and it says 41,000 Covid deaths but in the small print below states (deaths from any cause within 28 day's of a covid diagnosis)!
  7. I was chatting with someone yesterday who told me there was radio program that stated that the true death count in the UK from Covid was 307 all the rest were people who just happened to have it while actually dieing from an unrelated cause. How true that is I have no idea.
  8. finlo

    TT 2021 ??

    That's a new one on me, the SPCO selling anything at street prices let alone below!
  9. They'd have to come with a large entourage to provide all their meals rest rooms etc etc.
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again it's time to let the genie out of the bottle then we would be able to put all this nonsense behind us in a relatively short order.
  11. At least two of them will be shut.
  12. That was just the ginger ones.
  13. I think it was a combination of stale ale, stale smoke, puke, piss and Christ knows what else!
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