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  1. Over hyped shite like VW's require major disassembly for simple bulb replacements.
  2. Car's these days require about 6 hours in the workshop to replace a sidelight bulb!
  3. Binned mine year's ago bad enough having to have a mobile!
  4. Who still has a landline (businesses aside).
  5. National speed limit by stealth, been going on for years.
  6. Surely everyone knows by now that at the first signs of illness or injury over here you first journey is to the airport!
  7. The cost to Nobles must be horrific although I think they do try to claim something back from those mutilated.
  8. An attempt to keep Jackson's viable!
  9. You think? They'll look at lot's thing's to drum up extra work but do little else.
  10. Some government bod said on MR that the plebs were to drive less to offset it!
  11. A "full service" rarely goes beyond an oil change using barely more than £10 in materials!
  12. The world's most expensive MOT's coming to an island near you soon!
  13. I keep reading that as feces (sp)!
  14. With the obligatory refugee camp upstairs!
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