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  1. VOR will be apoplectic at the very suggestion!
  2. finlo

    Come on Arleen

    You're a braver man than me!
  3. finlo


    If it walks like a duck.....
  4. We had the PE teachers whistle on a lanyard across the back of the legs from one and the blackboard eraser to the back of the scull for daring to turn around in class from another!
  5. Common sense ain't that common!
  6. No jealousy about it just pointing out constant remedial work will cost us a King's ransom!
  7. Oh I'm sure it will keep the likes of Carey's in clover for the rest of their days!
  8. And now there all snowflakes.
  9. It will be blamed on pilot error.
  10. You spend so much time on here defending your staff how do you find time to run the country?
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