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  1. 8.15 this morning the queue was right back beyond the Manx arms!
  2. finlo

    Black Lives Matter

    One of the biggest employers on the island that I'm not going to name plus many self employed people when all the unchargable hours are taken into account. I probably fall into that bracket if I was to add up all the work I do for 'free'
  3. finlo

    Black Lives Matter

    Plenty of people here working for below minimum wage.
  4. finlo

    Black Lives Matter

    Sort of level some would stoop to gag awkward questions.
  5. Pissing in the tent now instead of out!
  6. Can't be much room left under the lumpy rug!
  7. finlo

    Rob Callister

    And if they need to bring in any subcontractors it's only their golfing buddies thar are permitted to do any work on them!
  8. finlo

    Black Lives Matter

    Once had a south African woman demand that I 'fill ma caa up boy' even though I was also a customer at the petrol station,
  9. finlo

    IOM camping

    Chav's would descend there from Douglas every weekend music blaring all night then leaving all their shite behind including tents which then blew into the river etc.
  10. Care to enlighten us as to who the cost will be shared with?
  11. You jest but there's yet another one who's been found out doing just that!
  12. We pay £46 pcm plus £19.19 line rental pcm!
  13. I think you already know the answer but it's good to live in hope!
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