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  1. finlo


    All perfectly doable, until some scrote swipes the camera!
  2. Well we are proper empoverished these days!
  3. No but it must be part of the induction program!
  4. Erm what? I regularly have to deal with government types regularly through work and a disconnect with the real world with them could not be believed if not encountered first hand!
  5. Showed such promise to begin with too.
  6. Do they not already have one of those new fangled computer thingys that could tell them which vehicles are currently unlicensed?
  7. That's an easy one to get out of without paying!
  8. Several ANPR vehicles on this evening's Manannin sailing along with the usual plethora of UK police vehicles.
  9. It must have been compulsory to wear a hat back then!
  10. finlo


    Indeed, austerity is only for the plebs!
  11. finlo


    What's wrong with a £10 dash cam in these times of austerity?
  12. The first one allegedly the second one definitely!
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