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  1. finlo

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    It used to be six monthly but now it's monthly, but our lot are so greedy they insist on being taxed constantly for something that sits in a garage for 9 months of the year. Having just looked it up the monthly one has disappeard but the 6 monthly one still stands.
  2. finlo

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    Yes it does, you can buy your road tax on a month by month basis.
  3. finlo

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    Yes, that's how it work's on the adjacent isle!
  4. finlo

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    But they're not using the roads when laid up for the winter.
  5. finlo

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    Because lot's of these things never move for months at a time.
  6. finlo

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    Doubt it, they want you to have the bugger taxed at all times hence no 6 month disc for motorbikes and motorhomes etc.
  7. Rob Callister's old man's Nick name is knock em stiff, draw your own conclusion from that.

  8. finlo

    Year Of Our Island

    Get yourself up, you'll be able to listen the the TT on FM while your there.
  9. finlo

    Manx Radio

    The "core" audience listen on FM that's why the TT is on AM.
  10. finlo

    Manx Radio

    Agreed, everything we do here seems to be half baked!
  11. finlo

    Manx Radio

    It conjured up visions of some really fancy system!
  12. finlo

    Manx Radio

    Transmitters or receivers?
  13. finlo

    Upsetting the nutters

    I'd need a better reason than that!
  14. finlo

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Holyhead for the win!
  15. finlo

    New trend: the rise of "anti-natalism"

    None of this applies to IOM, we need all the new taxpayers we can get!