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  1. I didn't realize that there was actually anything still open in PSM!
  2. Indeed, the sort of person who makes a real contribution not someone in coat tails poncing about on the hill going look at me.
  3. He's got living standards to maintain you know!
  4. Ego's and the glory which you've failed to notice!
  5. You were holding them in a god like esteem the other night!😃
  6. i have to admire your unfailing faith in all these useless fuckers Dilli!
  7. No, but he's got the measure of all these slimey fuckers!
  8. Sorry er Scotty but Rogers iq is about ten times of all these clowns put together!
  9. You seem to be totally starstruck by these clowns?
  10. So called improvements in infrastructure are exempt from planning i think?
  11. finlo

    Fancy a pint?

    Hope they get fuck all for it after their antics regarding its sale in the past.
  12. Yes, Watty is soon to be without a job!
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