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  1. People who are smart enough to avoid Ronaldway and all it's constantly fog bound and ripoff status!
  2. finlo

    Mountain Watch

    Nice to know "job's for the boy's" is alive and well, you must of upset someone then Derek?
  3. finlo

    Mountain Watch

    I don't mean to ruffle too many feathers Derek but where exactly are the positions advertised? Mark Kerrush has quietly sliped into a similarly lucrative role!
  4. Until they saw the books!
  5. Can't see if happening though Max, apparently they have more rotations some day's than Ronaldsway!
  6. finlo

    Mountain Watch

    Assimilation to the Borg will be painless and swift!
  7. It was said with more than a hint of sarcasm!
  8. Only problem with Andreas is it's a bit bumpy and is still an active airport!
  9. finlo

    Mountain Watch

    Slightly O/T but talking of cop's did I hear inspector Andy Kneen on the radio as some sort of high flying roadworks expert at the Doi now?
  10. It's an even worse ratio in other areas of government!
  11. Good, other countries use sleep deprivation as a means of punishment!
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