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  1. Just fit pneumatic wheel to the trams and fuck the rails off altogether!
  2. A song from the a Italian job springs to mind there!
  3. You work for government you should know "saving face" is no1 priority.
  4. Eddie Teare sorted that one with his "commercially confidential" bollocks or whatever it was.
  5. I could name another doctor who swore by that "treatment" quite effective too by all accounts!
  6. If the rumours are to be believed its £5 per day per cone for a cone that costs less than £5!
  7. So it's more efficient to dig up 2km's worth? The rental on Watling's cones etc probably outstrips our GDP!
  8. It's not getting done though Dilli, there's not a single yard/metre of it completed after ten months in!
  9. DBC would go bust! It's not just a dozen or so businesses it's every business on the prom with their insistence at digging the lot up!
  10. Fully kitted out in Lycra riding furiously down the prom?
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