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  1. finlo


    Front page of the local rag, OFT I think? Sent a marked car into Eurocars after customer complaints, promptly blamed it on a mistake by an apprentice!
  2. finlo


    The secretly marked oil filter case was only a couple year's ago wasn't it?
  3. I don't, but it shows in my list of posts in my profile?
  4. @John Wright, did you get my PM regarding a possible trailer solution?
  5. finlo

    Rob Callister

    Bitter or Guinness?
  6. finlo


    Disappointed to find this wasn't about hairy growlers.
  7. finlo

    Chips, Cheese & Gravy Day

    Are they still sending the cheese off island to be grated?
  8. finlo

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld

    I thought that said fake tities at first glance!
  9. finlo

    Third Worlds Safest City

    You are quite correct, his name kept cropping up for numerous misdermeaners before he got lifted.
  10. finlo

    Third Worlds Safest City

    I think you should have quit when you left the Manxy!
  11. finlo

    Rob Callister

    Like the pic of Mv Arrow as a visiting cruise ship!
  12. finlo

    Third Worlds Safest City

    I'll go out on a limb here and say it was the guy fron Laxey!
  13. finlo

    Third Worlds Safest City

    Wasn't the Laxey one allegedly disposed of via the drains? And partially recovered by a scallop dredger in Laxey bay.
  14. finlo

    Third Worlds Safest City

    That would be the little old lady by Akinmurele.