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  1. The clipboard jobs worth type rule supreme here but those implementing the rules are to stupid to realize it.
  2. Never a good business case to bump off paying customers.
  3. 208 sounded quite good on my trusty Binatone back in the day!
  4. Must have been down Strand street on a weekday!
  5. Plus an unforseen 6 figure annual ongoing cost!
  6. The smelly finger rules supreme!
  7. Is the internet quality as poor as listening on A.M. as that sounds like it's being broadcast from the moon.
  8. Is the inflation here that bad? It was only £2 for fuel yesterday!
  9. On a similar note there's a story on IOM today where a young lass puts out a cry for help and ends up getting fined for her troubles!
  10. The same could be said for most walks of island life!
  11. Grub is ok but is a proper greasy spoon!
  12. Chris Thomas will be along in a bit to tell us it's not really £11 that's just how the stats make it look and it's actually the best value in Britain.
  13. Word on the street is there's been a jumper?
  14. I don't think it was outright, 99 years or some such thing. Won't be in our best interest that's for sure.
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