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  1. Didn't the riverside one just get knocked back by planning?
  2. The airport director thought he'd get ahead of the curve and demanded cat 5 many millions later we ended up with a reel of this!
  3. That was the year we had the highest murder rate in the British isles!
  4. At the risk of sounding like a broken record it's perfectly clear Oop north.
  5. You won't find many/any electricians or plumbers "admitting" to earning 2 million a year!
  6. You just know we'd get stung for millions and end up with a Tom Tom!
  7. Nice to see since the government got it's grubby mitts's on the racket it's gone from highly profitable to something else that looses millions every year and having the neck to call it a " marked improvement"!
  8. A bit like the "graves" at the roadsides in Ireland.
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