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  1. It was utter bullshit then about all these 50 limits being to facilitate road works/ TT setup then?
  2. 1886 did. Though government seems to please itself!
  3. Well he got "bagged," but I know of a couple of other what I would consider dodgy fuckers who are being surveyed.
  4. Anything worthwhile will have already been exploited.
  5. There's plenty of high profile "business," men here who's company's are propped up by shifting gear.
  6. They can drill sideways enough from miles away to suck dry anything that we may be sitting on!
  7. They probably include it in the GDP!
  8. There's always one picky fucker!
  9. Whilst pushing wheelbarrows full of cash!
  10. Would anybody fall for the claim he has any mates?
  11. And a big new fancy limo!
  12. They'd be all over your ass the second that first hour was up.
  13. Yes but very selective wordings.
  14. At a guess managers aren't much use at hands on stuff.
  15. I see what you did there!
  16. I appreciate the airport is on route but 4 per hour sounds overkill?
  17. Unfortunately about 95% of the population are just that!
  18. You don't need to be Einstein to work out he's full of shit!
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