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  1. Bet he gets some funny looks at customs!
  2. I seem to recall when the Majestic apartments were first built there was a hoo ha with the MEA as they had been fitted with electric boilers of some 20KW!
  3. More regenerations than DR Who!
  4. Yanks, all that's wrong with this world!
  5. finlo

    Manx Radio

    He was at the Met office not MR.
  6. Did anyone actually believe people would receive a penny from this (and other) government shams?
  7. I'm sure it will find it's way into "right" pockets.
  8. More likely to become another lump in the lumpy carpet!
  9. finlo

    Firm closing

    It's looked closed for years though I noticed a few weeks ago that the showroom had been tarted up and rebranded.
  10. I was in the gents of a busy pub/club one night when a girl came in hitched up her skirt and pissed in the urinal next to me citing "fucked if I'm waiting in that queue" and was totally at ease doing so!
  11. How does a 5w led cost the same to run as a 60w halogen lamp?
  12. Never fear, there's always the NI fund to plunder!
  13. Wasn't the last flood also October 1st?
  14. I remember a brewery wagon derailing one when it's wheelnuts caught under the sidestep.
  15. Maybe not but the Mrs is though!
  16. Charity begins at home I'm afraid.
  17. I'll bet they were recounted every time they went for a piss!
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