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  1. Someone needs to count your teaspoons!
  2. finlo

    Fancy a pint?

    Deviation from standard across the board menu is a fairly new thing because they were all broadly similar for years after a new chef was appointed to standardise and cut costs.
  3. Ah, but they're all pent up with two years of savings!
  4. A lot of things that could be brought to light would more than pay a hack's wages!
  5. finlo

    TT 2022 ??

    Not enough teaspoons?
  6. finlo

    Fancy a pint?

    Exactly the same menu in every outlet is also very off-putting.
  7. finlo

    Fancy a pint?

    A chef or a microwave operative?
  8. It's the arse end of nowhere, a similar mistake was made moving the Royal show from Sulby.
  9. Indeed, saw it as a great opportunity to further fleece the GMP and jumped right in!
  10. finlo


    More wonga for the free bar!
  11. How long until someone stuffs it into those stone street sign things in the middle of the road?
  12. Government offices, they must be pretty bored having nowt to do all day?
  13. Every if they're holding their grubby mits out!
  14. Wasn't some porky dude strutting down the beach in his budgie smugglers on some advert?
  15. Not just consumers all of us are now bankrolling the greedy bastard's!
  16. So how much were the greedy fuckers angling for then?
  17. finlo

    Legco 2021

    Drinking buddy?
  18. finlo

    Legco 2021

    It takes lots of skills/brainpower to collect dirty glasses I'll have you know!
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