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  1. finlo

    Firm closing

    Being a bank manager must pay well though.
  2. finlo

    Firm closing

    It closed then reopened with new proprietors and Ben has scampered off back to 3FM.
  3. Seems it's having a jolly around the island!
  4. finlo

    Firm closing

    You can piss off too!
  5. finlo

    Firm closing

    I couldn't give a toss really just pointing out that the likes of Asthehills was spitting feathers at my 'rumour mongering' yet in the next breath was himself accusing other establishments of dodging bills etc. Especially so when what I said was 100% factual!
  6. finlo

    Firm closing

    I'm still waiting for the apologies for the abuse I got for breaking the news about the Ginger hall some weeks ago!
  7. I heard months ago it was going on charter to Cal Mac, it wouldn't be a bad move as Pentland ferries are getting a million pounds a month for one of theirs!
  8. Laxey to Ramsey is the best part of it!
  9. The Marshalls ran the Tartan bar which mysteriously burnt down in about 1983?
  10. Sounds utopian except the electricity won't be cheap! (Other than to generate).
  11. Absolutely nothing to do with channeling all our heating spend back to the government then?
  12. The ginger one is back as I spotted her in Subway earlier this week.
  13. The latest rumour doing the rounds is that dredging fee's will amount to £20,000 per week!
  14. finlo

    Firm closing

    It is true I posted about it a few pages back. Anyhow I've just seen her carrying a bathroom sink into the Central!
  15. finlo


    It's more likely to go up!
  16. The Sally army used to give members cheap mortgages from donations is that still a thing?
  17. Why is Sulby in Onchan on these flight radar maps?
  18. finlo

    Firm closing

    On a similar note I heard that Glen side has ground to a halt due to lack of funds.
  19. We don't, and that suits them just fine.
  20. Well this is kind of what I was alluding to!
  21. What makes you think that the price will come down?
  22. They make it cheap and sell it dear comprened.
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