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  1. Norovirus is currently doing the rounds on island.
  2. It uses a version of the Jumbo jet engine so unlikely to become scarce anytime soon.
  3. Where the bar is Robert Faragher was doing car bodywork in the 80's then I think it was a lawnmower repair place.
  4. You won't be missing much unless you have a fetish for I'll fitting suits!
  5. 697440 might need to move a bit further north though.
  6. 1 licence and insurance please 2 The twiddling of thumbs during a mass burglary period.
  7. Don't you just know the powers that be's answer will be thousands more civil servants!
  8. Could even get Kev Bacon round!
  9. We do seem to have more than our fair share of chavs/ chavettes here!
  10. Are we allowed to hear the joke?
  11. finlo

    Peel Marina

    Similar to Peel poo's then!
  12. finlo

    Peel Marina

    Into the Scallops albeit more slowly.
  13. I certainly wouldn't it was Raffles who brought them up!
  14. I was talking about electric combi boilers not heat pumps.
  15. Try telling daft Daffers that!
  16. And they'd snap your arm off for it! Makes you wonder what we pay our taxes for.
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