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  1. It's a big wide bi directional cycle lane at that!
  2. finlo


    To go with the regular free new kitchens?
  3. I think those coming through governors bridge from Onchan are even worse!
  4. Flyovers and all sorts wasn't it?
  5. But I thought we were having to dig down 3 metres anyway because of all the bus swallowing voids?
  6. That's only for the likes of you and I to be hounded by.
  7. finlo


    If it comes over the interconnector we'll get what we're given!
  8. The wheelbarrow fund?
  9. finlo


    Has he been taking fashion tips from Howie?
  10. finlo


    Well they do claim to have been to the moon!
  11. finlo


    A raft of new taxes ought to sort it!
  12. Hasn't he subsumed into a financial genius by now?
  13. Don't you just know that any repairs will be done in plain black Tarmac.
  14. finlo


    It always boils down to more tax like somehow that will save the Polar bears!
  15. It's too cold now, knobheads!
  16. finlo

    TT 2022 ??

    And I'll bet that's the finished article!
  17. Big plumes over the Douglas skyline!
  18. It was the terrace of tiny houses for the station staff maybe ten topps, it probably still functions but I don't think the plant runs much if at all now?
  19. finlo

    TT 2022 ??

    I suspect we've seen the last of it.
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