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  1. It probably is a bit more than a quick mow once a week, but at those prices, why not just employ someone, supply the kit needed and probably get all the work done for a third of the money.


    My source will remain anonymous, as it could be disasterous for them if they were found out. Let me add that they are very reliable.

  2. Not bad, BigDave!


    £30k, per annum, for one hour per week.


    Contract went to tender to approved contrators only.


    Surely, with this and another contract just outside Peel, tendered out at £100k, the government should have employed someone full time, to do this work?

  3. Mow grass?


    Old play park, Strang Close, Union Mills, plus another small area nearby.


    OH says 'could be done with a decent petrol mower', couple hours per week approx.


    answers below please.


    So think carefully about this scheme before you jump to any positive conclusions about it. Otherwise, here but for the grace of current employment, good training and the ability to save, lies the future for many of us.


    I've thought carefully about this scheme and come to an obvious conclusion.

    I'd rather pay for a work-shy long-term unemployed person to do something rather than pay a work-shy long-term unemployed person to do nothing.


    If he/she can't find work on the Island then he/she is probably either too lazy or too fussy. In either case he/she should leave to seek employment elsewhere. After all, hundreds of enterprising job-seekers from the EU have found the Isle of Man and taken employment that he/she has rejected.



    So, are you suggesting someone should uproot family and move to the UK etc., in the hopes of finding work?


    People who reject job offers lose their jobseekers allowance (which is nothing new).


    A lot of unemployed are of the older generation nowadays, not just neets and training would be a waste of time, as they usually have a lot of experience/qualifications already. The IT market is dead for the over 30's. Why pay £30k per year to an older person, when you can get a post grad for £18k?


    Could the government not offer the jobseekers allowance to smaller companies, as a wage help if they take on an unemployed person, or help with the cost of training/qualifications to help someone into a position? The long term savings could make it worthwhile.

  5. There are lots of classic vehicles on the island, perhaps it will save a lot if we go back to the 'Heartbeat' model of policing here, especially since most people perceive life to be like that here still.


    Plus, instead of those annoying sirens on their way to 'emergencies' we could hear a few 1960's hits.




    'Stop!' (in the name of love) = Diana Ross (no relation to Nick Ross...)

  6. I heard that there were no alcoholic beverages to be served at the garden party.


    Am I misinformed?


    Tea and cakies only, with lots of refined backbiting talk.


    A most enjoyable afternoon!





    Damn, we failed to burn down that useless Queens pier again...!

    Maybe that's because it's made of metal.

    Apart from the wooden bits.

    And the limpets.



    Mmmm roast limpet...




    Will they be weighing your shit to keep it fair, and will pensioners get a reduced rate ?


    will there be an extra charge for condoms and sanitary towels ?

    Can't see too many condoms or sanitary towels being used by pensioners to be fair.

    Although it is my ambition to be shot by a jealous lover when I'm 93.

    The jealous lover being 98?


    whilst wearing continence aids.


    Lucky sods...


    apart from the fact you seem to have the biggest chip on your shoulder that i've ever witnessed. how will this materially assist the situation? i mean we are now talking about a situation so dire that MHKs are prepared to risk not getting re-elected, and i don't think that ever happened before.


    the pooh tax is, i've been told, to pay the design and construction fees for IRIS 2 and 3. it has been delayed for some time, for reasons cited in my first paragraph. the water rates are already planned to increase to massively more than at present over the next 10 years or so.



    It doesn't matter how you bullshit us; we all know the reason the taxpayer is in debt and having to pay more and more taxes and endure less and less services is because of the salaries of the oversized civil service. That is a fact and it doesn't matter how much you cut here or tax there, the elephant is still in the room and costing us more than we can afford. If you want money to pay for the design and construction fees, try getting rid of civil servants. I pay taxes in return for services, not to maintain other people's opulent lifestyles.


    But you do, Jobseekers etc. OK, opulent lifestyle may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you do pay for it.



    Ok people what is the alternative to work, buy, enjoy life, do things, experience things, live and then die (which is what it really is) ......sit around like people in Africa doing very little and living in poverty......................I only ask because there seems to be criticism of what exists but little about what would be realistic (not fanciful) alternatives.


    This isn't a dig or a p**s take, I genuinely am interested in your ideas.


    I have my own ideas and values in life and hope to goodness that my children live differently as I and my wife are bringing them up with very different ideas to the mainstream but using the mainstream ways to their advantage.

    I think we should all have our own land and live off the produce of it. That's what people did on the common lands before they were fenced off and privatised and the peasants were forced to go to the cities to find work in factories.

    I think we could happily go back to our agricultural existence, or go all out and back to caves, where the only things to worry about was that bloke from the next cave eyeing up your lady, which would be taken care of with a large rock attached to the end of a stick. It's what we were designed for.


    Lol! if only... I like a good neanderthal. Love a bad one better...


    But to go back on topic, I have seen maybe 100,000s of tattoos. And I have never ever seen one that I thought looked good or worthwhile. Please don't get me started on tramp stamps (the ones on women's lower backs with the arrow pointing to the arse and the swirly bits in code writing that ses "anybody's") and as for a random dolphin or flower or wtf, don't even take me there.


    I love a women with good tattoos, sexy as hell!


    Nasty tattoos are horrible though, scripts are probably the worst.

    Like one saying "I L U V...Q U I L?


    Scripts in black, as well as tribal tatts are so predictable. If you are going to do one, do something meaningful and worth looking at.

    Especially on a young, fit, body...


    Just thought, a braille tattoo, with micro dermal implants...




    Will you be bringing your abacus to add up figures? This is the 21st century; nobody accepts cheques anymore.


    smile.png Been paying cash in the main.

    "Less 5% for cash" ? biggrin.png , perhaps I'm showing my age!


    Cash is a pain for businesses (unless they're on the fiddle). Expensive to handle/bank etc.



    Card handlers charge, don't they? about 2%?


    Anyone heard of judopay?

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