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  1. Obama, clean up your own shitty country before coming over here telling us what to do.


    He is a war criminal who has a lot to answer for covering his tracks with scripted bullshit statements!



    But he supports West Ham! He can't be all bad!




    Thought you were referring to a certain shopkeep when I read the thread title (and I'm sure I wasn't the only one...).

    The "Buy Local" w



    Perhaps it's about time you desisted slagging off local politicians so offensively. You're starting to seem quite bitter at not getting your seat on the gravy train.


    I wasn't slagging off any local politician on this occasion - but then why let that stop your personal dislike towards me, ey?


    And just for your reference: I knew my chances of winning would be slim but unlike many others, I decided to not just sit on the sofa and complain (or bitch about using an anonymous username) but try and do something about it. I learned a lot during that campaign and I can assure you that the last reason I would ever put myself foward for public office is money.


    Should I stand again (never say never) then it's not to join the gravy train but to serve the public and the Isle of Man. In fact, if I was to stand and be successful, then my bowl of gravy would actually shrink in size as a result, based on income and the standard of living I am priviliged to enjoy right now.




    Hear, hear, Amadeus! How many on here actually attempted to change things by putting themselves forward? Not enough to fill a 'phone box I bet.

  3. Some of the trees are doing very well and other are really stunted and have hardly grown since they were planted. The larger trees will need thinning out soon. When I was up there the other day I noticed that down the bottom, it was getting quite dense in places.


    Once fully grown, I doubt whether the area could support more than fifty oaks if that. Maybe its time to start digging some of them up and replanting them around the Island.


    Money spinner? £50 each? Who's in?




    Meet you at the gate, 12pm, bring digger.

  4. If the posts are yours, why can't you just have a section of fence on your side? you'd lost what? maybe an inch?, you can then leave whatever panels on the other side as their problem as its in their boundry.


    We have already, we just need to take down our fence whilst building work goes on and as the original fence has been removed, the dogs will escape. I really don't care that the boundary is a bit their way or a bit mine, just that if they have removed the fence will they have to return it or do we? Or can we insist they return it?


    Thanks for the info John, may have to sort this out legally before we sell.


    I would still quite like magnets in the side of my ring finger, it adds a sixth sense.

    Aye, that was discussed last year here



    I think I'm going to have my knuckles tattoed. You know that L - O - V - E and H - A - T - E

    thing they do. Well further to what I said in another thread about TT entertainment, I'm going to get:


    I L O V E ........Q U I L L


    but too many letters. Maybe:


    I L U V ........Q U I L


    Not quite there but it'll do. I know it is a groovy idea but I admit it is not original. Didn't some 1970s group have that on one of their LP covers? Still, I just might go for it.


    Hmm. thats all your credibility gone right out the window.


    A L A N........B E L L could look OK... If in the right place...

  6. What I was really asking for advice on was the removal of the boundary fence which, as far as I can see from the deeds,belongs to the neighbour, as we own the posts only. If we take our fence down, it will leave a gaping hole through which the dogs can escape and I would hate if anything happened to them.


    Talking to neighbour will never happen. End of. Boundary has been encroached by a few inches, so not worth the argument with him.


    We did look into the boundary issue when the conservatory was built, which is why we bought a copy of his deeds and as I said, it says very little compared to ours, so he can 'ignore' what we have stated is contained in our deeds, as it doesn't appear in his.


    House if fairly new, under 10 years, so I would hope deeds are accurate and it would appear that we don't own any boundaries around our garden.

  7. Andy parsons said it best. Give them a P.U.B.E. a Pisspoor Underachiever of the British Empire. Which could be a hair sitting on a bar of soap.



    With the amount of flannel they give us, it would be most appropriate!

  8. Send them the same message you just have to Declan; that'll get the ball rolling


    Only message I wish to send neighbour would be via a medium...



    x-in-man, conservatory built before planning permission needed and planning came out twice, first time they said it was ok as long as deeds changed and when they came out second time, it was a 'well, we told you so'. Deeds were not changed and no plans ever done for the conservatory.


    We are putting decking down, up to boundary, and then our fence back on top, to hide the conservatory. The fence will have to sit in a bit, so as to allow for conservatory. We did screw new fence to old fence, but fixings were angle grinded through, as fence was touching the conservatory.

  9. Ok, I was trying to be nice but,


    OP, a 'please' would have been nice in your post.


    Try: Help needed for lawn mowing.


    Hi, I need help mowing my lawn. Would like it mown once every three to four weeks, but am open to suggestions as to frequency. Would prefer you didn't fill my wheelie bin with cuttings and would need you to supply your own mower, so you would probably need to be in the garden maintenance business. I was thinking of about £15-20 for the job? Please PM me. Thanks




  10. Sorry Albert! Original fence, 3' high has posts on our side and the pailins on theirs. We replaced our posts with 8' ones and put up a fence, which is just under six' high on our side, so two fences in place, attached to the one post. The original has been partially removed, leaving just the new fence on our side. Our fence (new one) is not the original boundary fence in the deeds.


    x-in-man, houses built at an angle so straight conservatory 'pokes' onto our garden by a very small amount. The new fence bends in to accomodate this and original fence would have gone straight through their new wall.


    Shame MF doesn't have a draw facility!

  11. Overheard an irate woman on the prom telling of her experience on the beach:

    She had been walking her dogs and saw another woman with a retriever, who watched it shit and just walked away.

    She challenged her and the reply was - I am an ecologist and don't use plastic, nature will take care of it !


    I don't think the problem will ever be gone with people like that around.



    Bio-degradable bamboo (or should that be 'bampoo') bags? Maybe if someone challenged her again and stuck one where the sun don't shine, she might find out how quick the actually take to compost.


    Maybe am educational van, equipped with various form of poo remooval methods, could visit popular spots and give advice for those who seem not to know or are unwilling to acknowledge the problem.


    I see as sort of 'Duff Beer' type of van.. Oh yeah!

  12. OK, fence is jointly owned, we own posts, neighbour owns pailins. Nightmare! We replaced posts and added fence panels, as their dog was jumping over three foot fence into our garden. Our new fence does not extend full length, so technically the bpundary has not changed, but the pailins have been removed from the top 8-10' and we now need to take our fence down for building work (it will be replaced, but in about a weeks time). Garden will be unsecured, so dogs will be able to get out onto road


    Sure this is going to be an issue when we sell, as boundary has been encroached by neighbours building work. Do we have a right to reinstate the boundary? and if we do, by what means can we do it?


    Talking to neighbour is not an option unfortunately.

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