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    Any good tattooist would give advice on a tattoo, size, placement etc and will always trace it on you first so you can preview. Always take time and think it over.
  2. Could too many desperate doggies needing a wee have killed them off?
  3. I wasn't 'commenting' , just giving some what I hope was, helpful advice. Lawns grow really quickly at this time of year and someone who mows for a living would prefer doing a professional job once a week, rather than a bad job very three or so weeks. Lawn would look much better that way and if you want someone else to mow it, you obviously want it to look nice and take great pride in it. Composting has an added bonus of becoming mulch for the flower beds. Any good gardener would appreciate a free source of that.
  4. Had trees removed recently and the feller would not remove until birdies had flown and quite rightly so. Great bloke, quick, clean and really reasonable too!
  5. Snowflake


    If you don't follow instructions about aftercare, then a tattoo can become raised and bumpy. It has to be looked after whilst it heals.
  6. 3-4 weeks in the growing season? think you might need it every week or you would need an industrial mower. If it's a field, how about some livestock? Rent out to someone for this purpose? Buy a sit on mower? Compost heap for cuttings? Just trying to help!
  7. But you're not a tourist. And if you feel you are paying more for something you have already paid for then maybe you're wrong and taxes should be increased. Unless you think that the issue lies with generating more domestic financial support of these things. If your wife is spending too much money on these things though you're going to have to tell her to get the bus (and leave the House of Manannan, it's not that good) Are you on benefits if so do you get concessions for the use of IoM transport? Disability benefits, yes. Jobseekers, no. Maybe we could apply the PWWT (pay what we think) principle to the buses too? And, as a joke, our esteemed MHK's!
  8. Married, with a flat in Ramsey?
  9. Saville, Brown, all worthy of the OBE.
  10. A maze ing!! Cheese naan - ace! 10/10
  11. Not so sure about that. My last telly was bought at Tesco, paid in cash, and at no time did I give anyone my address or was I questioned about my licence or lack thereof. Did you use a clubcard?
  12. Getting DLA is not very easy,take a look at the form that has to be filled in,one would have to be a complete vegetable to be eligible,like getting fed by your wife,having your nappy changed by her,led to the toilet and getting cleaned up etc,so what amazes me is,I have seen people who get the full DLA,not in any of those conditions,so what was put on the application form?. and the new forms for DLA are easier, but very, very repetitive. I think that many filling one of these in would qualify on the grounds of RSI, but fail dismally on stamina. DLA has two sections, with three rates for the care component and two for mobility (these will probably be changing soon). So, someone may get, as you call it, 'full' DLA, but only get the lower amounts for both, whereas someone with more complex needs would get the middle care rate or higher care rate and either the lower or higher rate of mobility. Some may not even qualify for both, despite looking 'disabled'. If there are doubts about anyones eligibility, call the benefits fraud hotline and ask to speak to one of the investigators directly.
  13. DLA is NOT income based nor, afaik, is Incap. They are awarded on a needs basis, so if Just be Fairs 'mate' is claiming, then he would only be doing it wrongly if he were NOT actually disabled/sick. If there is reason to doubt his incapacity or sickness, then report him. I am sure that the nice people at Markwell House have done all the relevent investigations and found his claim to be justifiable. I, about 11 years ago, was offered social housing and I own a house in the UK. Everything was declared and accepted by the Corpy. There are circumstances in which, I think, you would accept this as being OK.
  14. You mean the one for orange sub-humans? I already knew about that. Don't worry, I couldn't afford a subscription if I wanted to. Tynwald sub forum?
  15. Washing machine review 2012: 10/10 + "Wife plumbed it in without me!" - "She keeps telling me she plumbed it in without me"
  16. Come on, he's only trying to get to the root of the matter. Get (arbo) real, will you?
  17. Snowflake

    Tt 2013

    Has anyone seen the amount of rubbish at Keppel Gate? Bloody disgrace! I know they won't be taking a bin lorry up there until at least tomorrow afternoon, just hope there is no wind tonight. Maybe next year a few bins, of the gull-proof variety could be placed there and at other sites?
  18. Graffiti has been erased. shame they weren't as quick to erase the dog mess on the streets.
  19. 7.5 ton from Lancaster and Kelly, £2k We added up cost of replacements and such, which exceeded £3k Steam Racket prices went up recently too. Good Luck with the new job, if you take it!
  20. I'm considering a move to Switzerland, actually. I've rung the clinic. they can fit you in Thursday.
  21. The point was: supply teachers have irregular employment and --- assuming they're lucky enough to be asked to go in and work --- they get lousy pay. They might only get phoned once a week, once a fortnight, or maybe even only once a year. Or maybe once every couple of days. There's just no way of knowing. It's not guaranteed employment; it's certainly not a good way to exist if you have a mortgage to pay. Isn't that an ideal job for all the 'yummy mummys' that were offered the PGCE course? Sit at home while hubby goes off to work in his nicely paid office job? It would be a little pocket money for them, not a wage to support a family and a mortgage.
  22. I think the word you're looking for is 'Bump'.
  23. Sorry Andrew, 2 questions. 1) Is Kelly your surname? 2) Which MLC are you talking about? Nothing surprises me anymore, they must have heard the Stu Peters show recently about this.
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