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  1. Men in hi-viz jackets??


    Now I have to admit I woudn't climb over a biker in leathers for one of them, but TT hasn't started yet......


    Now, a good old fashioned donkey jacket and your talking......

  2. Now it's all in the open and clear, This is what happens at LibVan meetings. And as for members, well you can see the calibre....


    I am not in Douglas East, but I wish Kate 'Good Luck!!'

  3. Wii Sports resort = 2 controllers - £25 delivery and it would take up to 2 weeks!! Couldn't get one in store here or at any other well known purveyors of fine gaming material.


    Ordered it for delivery to Tesco store accross, son collected and posted to me for a grand total of a fiver.



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