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  1. A bloke near me had FAT 61T, but it was 25 years ago and he had had it a good few years before then. I should imagine he sold it for a very large sum...


    And talking classy plates, CLA 55Y was another local one.


    and a mate who paid £10k for 1 ANC, as it was his name. Shame everyone thought it stood for the African National Congress. More money than sense.

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    These faggots should not be forcing legislation on anyone, telling them what to do with their personal property.


    You do know that 'faggots' is a derogatory term for male homosexuals? They're women in this case. Still I expect you're a bit backward, so just letting you know.

    I think you'll find the term is 'lezzers' MANANNAN.

  3. It doesn't matter of what sexual persuasion my tenants would be. But no fatties, they increase wear and tear too much.

    Put in tarmac betwixt sofa and kitchen then.


    I can't see what the problem is, a good tenent is a good tenent, whatever their life choices are.

  4. ocean ford are a bit OTT on any damage to cars, I have heard i.e. any small scratch, stone chip eyc and Michael Car Centre only usually hire long term now, 6 months minimum I think.


    Missed it.


    What happened?


    Precis preferred, not the full waffle :-)


    My time machine is broken this morning. But if you can wait it's first airing on: BBC1 11am Sunday 19th May

    Duh! thanks for that! makes note to self - more coffee needed.

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    ...you have timber floors it will be easier but again a cowboy plumber may not know the rules, or choose to ignore them, about the cutting of notches and the drilling of holes in floor joists. Get this wrong and you could end up with needing all your floors replaced at best or someone being hurt when the floor collapses.

    If this cowboy plumber doesn't know the rules, he/she isn't a Plumber, just a cowboy diy'er. Cutting/notching joists is basic basic stuff that even 1st years know

    I've heard of joists cut through so far in a new build, that they had to be replaced and pipes bent round joists which resulted in excessive 'pipe hammer' every time a tap was turned on, or toilet flushed. A days work fitting the proper angles and job properly done.

  7. Maybe it's because of our inactivity, less muscular legs nowadays.


    Or a positive re-inforcement for a fitter nation.


    Or maybe someone official prefers a shaplier male leg in stockings...

  8. If it turns out to be a capacitor issue (usual symptoms are it just not switching on/relay clicking) Samsung may repair it for free outside warranty. I've had 2 repaired well outside warranty free of charge just by calling Samsung support directly. They got Waltons to pick it up, repair and return it within a couple of days - they even left us a loan TV.

    Sounds like a known problem with Samsungs then.

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