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  1. HQ is going to ask someone (no idea who) if he can furnish the Manx people with the medical advice he has used to lock down a nation with no plan to get us out of it. Oh, he’s good like.
  2. Can’t believe the press didn’t pick up on it ... stuck out like a sore thumb. The Director of Public Health was initiating politicians are charting our course which is harrowing.
  3. The chatter I seen from the same idiots that spout the same shite was re-open the Comis as the Covid concentration camp for the students. How about we let them back & the FB halfwits hide away for Christmas. They seem more than happy to be cut off from the rest of civilisation - let’s give them a trial run.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-54619730 Well how about that for a turn up? The Chinese are selling a vaccine.
  5. Andy Burnham standing up for humanity right now.
  6. Liking the look of this Loop mediated Isothermal Amplification (Lamp) test that’s being rolled out by Virgin, BA & Cathay Pacific pre-boarding to Hong Kong. Saliva swabbed test & almost immediate result (£80) which satisfies the county of entry that passenger is negative prior to arrival. Has to be the way to go if we want to get moving again but obviously it is not without risk but so be it, there will inevitably have to be risk.
  7. It’s only money, the kids will pay for it ......
  8. Oh there are some blinkered eyes here alright.
  9. You can bet the Chinese won’t be losing ;0)
  10. I am staggered, like actually proper fuck me staggered.
  11. Brainwash & terrorise the people so they can bestow anything they like on them.
  12. They’ve averaged 1 Covid death per day since June haven’t they? They are locking down a country on the back of that. This is MENTAL now!!!!!!!!!! What in Gods name is happening to the minds of once reasonable & sane people?
  13. Sweden now one of the lowest mortality rates in Europe with a policy that was rounded on by many. Their initial high death rates were down to large scale catastrophe in the care home sector. No masks, no lockdowns, no SD. But, but, but .... everybody lives miles away from each other. But nothing. Lets get on with it ffs.
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