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  1. On my holidays guys, apologies for not dipping in. Are we shipping the ventilators back?
  2. Look, I'm sure there's a very plausible reason for us and likeminded folk like us getting this all wrong all the way through the last 20 months or so. The obvious one being we are morons, but we already knew that.
  3. Testing centres across the county deserted in comparison to three months ago. Guess what happens …….
  4. That is the conundrum and uncomfortable truth RM. As I say, without drastic (and I mean drastic) action this Island will sit & rot with little to no private investment.
  5. I'm a glass half full guy by nature but I'm afraid I speak the truth on this one. We need the next administration to prioritise the housing sector if this Island is to move forwards. Some very uncomfortable policy decisions to be made.
  6. There is no appetite for leisure or commercial developers to invest here whilst our population is so small & house prices so high (and spiralling). We need a huge increase in footfall everywhere but I'm afraid our housing policy has killed everything. We will remain stagnant for decades. Sorry.
  7. Good morning, Very encouraging to note case numbers in decline across the water. Hopefully two to three more weeks of crying here & we’ll be through the worst of it. Enjoy your week people, s’all good.
  8. How’s it going Pilgrims? Peel buzzing this affy. Not a face nappy in sight … weirdos out West like.
  9. Stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself. Go back to bed.
  10. Staggering is a word that doesn’t do it justice. There is no word.
  11. Most of them are retired, Government employees or living off free money ….. 99.9% in fact.
  12. After the sunshine of Covid & those halcyon days of fully paid furlough Summer 2020 Prosecco ‘working from home’ garden parties, the rain will soon start to fall and the pain will truly begin to be felt ……. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57958178 …. and a generation of half educated kids …. and non elective surgery waiting lists reaching 3 years ….. and, and, and.
  13. Of course they aren’t. The Mary’s have us down as some sort of Josef Mengele experimentation camp.
  14. The concise definition of living with the virus MF style. ‘Whine like fuck that the Government should do more & spunk more cash’ Take your own responsibility ffs & deal with it.
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