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  1. Now we can move on to Sunak & his shareholding in the Moderna vaccine company. Obviously after we’ve dealt with the Johnson, Raab & Bravernan issues first. This swamp needs draining.
  2. We have a 'wine bar' ???? Where ????
  3. This place is bloody grim for young adults. Level 7 at Chester Street with your Fiesta, a trip to Maccies with your squad or a bag of 'Lemmo' and a trip to 1880sniff being the current nirvana offerings.
  4. Your walk or taxi ride home after food or beers would cost zero to little in St. Helier. Here it's £15 to Crosby or a three mile hike on an unlit & flimsy pavement.
  5. The mere fact he's having to repay circa £3-4miliion in unpaid taxes suggests there were wrong doings before HMRC's discovery. This is the chair of the Conservative party. One of many top Tory brass lecturing the great British unwashed that they can't afford to pay our front line services a fair wage yet evade tax through offshore family trusts in an effort to negate paying their fair share. The apathy toward this story tells you everything.
  6. How odd this story hasn't been ran by the BBC or Sky News, how odd indeed.
  7. Seems to be doing a very good job of suppressing the mainstream media.
  8. Do we want to attract 20,000 new residents or not? Fucking deluded imbeciles in Tynwald, the lot of them - no exceptions.
  9. Tax (heavily) multiple home ownership - it's very simple. It will free up the market & deflate the ridiculous pricing we are witnessing almost overnight.
  10. Who in their right mind sanctioned this? We've got teachers depriving our children of an education, a hospital asking patients to stay away for lack of staff, a police force in crisis, an airport that's barely open, doctors surgeries & dentists unable to accept appointments, etc etc and we're about to spunk a wad of cash on this nonsense. Stop the fucking world.
  11. The money you would save on property / cost of living etc would give you an enormous opportunity to purchase private healthcare. I pay £177 per month currently for a family of five through Vitality. Whether it’s right or wrong is another question but the NHS is irrevocably broken so it’s Hobson’s choice if you want looking after properly.
  12. It's a fairly bleak picture isn't it. You suspect that if 20,000 more souls were introduced to the Island, 10,000 of them would be pensioners and the other 10,000 employed within the civil service to look after them. Hardly an economic Silver bullet.
  13. The recipe for demise: Smoking ban Drink driving enforcement Taxi prices Social media Cost of living Beer prices Fitter more educated younger population Amongst others
  14. OMG! Is this still a thing? How are Jersey getting on? Did anyone make it out alive ..........
  15. I spoke with a well placed person over the weekend in regards my initial question over the number of people here employed directly by the Government. 16,000. I nearly dropped my Christmas Baileys.
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