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  1. I think you’ll find it’s Jonny Moss this week ...
  2. Did you know that a pavement exists & runs all the way from the bottom of Summer Hill to the bottleneck car park (with the exclusion of the Broadway junction). There would have been plenty of room to accommodate all if designed correctly. Horses running on busy roads (and getting busier by the year) is a worse mix believe me.
  3. Why these tracks (single track with passing places) are not being laid on the promenade walkway is beyond me. Complete madness.
  4. It should be the site of the Islands only 5 star hotel. The setting is idyllic & a golf course surrounding it that is quite superb. As is the case with everything, it all boils down to £ & returns on any investment. Its such a shame that apartments are destined for the land and the hotel will likely be nothing more than a Sefton Express.
  5. I've found them to be courteous but efficient on the whole but then I try to treat people with the same level of respect as I would expect from them.
  6. Indeed it would after you've tried to recoup the initial £1million investment ... That's a lot of nuggets & chips & one hour sessions in the pissy & puke filled ball pen.
  7. Great news for Manx residents, horrendous reading for MF crabs.
  8. You can’t buy the knowledge & insight people like Roy Moore bring to the commentary team. Time served TT enthusiasts. Horrendous decision by the TT licensing team to seek alternative broadcasters if true.
  9. Is it £26K basic they start on, plus overtime, drivers uplift & a pension provision? In addition to one week off every six weeks worked & full sick pay? That’s what the man down the pub said.
  10. The HR brewers have joined H&B I was told. Good Okells just got better!
  11. Is it any wonder given every commercial break during a sports broadcast is riddled with live in play offers. Shocking how this has been allowed.
  12. Why would you follow him or read his content if it bothered you enough to comment on it & demean elsewhere?
  13. I’ve always respected CR’s comments, the man talks a lot of sense. He’s completely right in his synopsis of the current & future situation but it will ultimately fall on deaf ears amongst those that can make a difference. Front line services being seriously compromised is always a great headline grabber but we are already witnessing this at our hospital & amongst the police. Action needs to be taken now but I’ll be buggered to know how this effective IOM Govt. dictatorship can be challenged.
  14. A Fynoderee was a term referring to people who ‘were a bit soft’ from my recollection growing up in a non-pc tough Onchan street many moons ago (lol). Funny name for a Gin. That said, I’ve tried it & it’s decent.
  15. Without wading through the usual petty squabbling & juvenile clap trap amongst (I'm presuming half educated) fucktards, can anyone tell me whether H&B have actually put a halt to beer production at the White Hoe?
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