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  1. I’d be shocked if it wasn’t Alf Cannan.
  2. It now turns out you're 83% immune to contracting the virus again once you've had it (according to the latest reports). Roughly same as if you were vaccinated. There's a significant amount of people that won't need jabbing then.
  3. Very good line of questioning to be had here at tomorrows briefing if someone has the cojones ... Ah, Paul from MTTV.
  4. So 21 in total, from community transmission. That's a fuck load of T&T ... impossible to reach every contact. We've just got to hope everyone hankers down properly for the next two weeks.
  5. Look, I'll lay it out. I'm sure many, myself included, aren't that enamoured with the sycophantic Rachel Glover love in - she does come across as a bit of a gobshite on social media (don't we all) but it's quite clear her professional skills would be beneficial to our Island right now, conflict or not. Jose Mourinho isn't everyone's cup of tea but the guy can manage football teams.
  6. A lady who clearly knows her onions. But Henrietta, Howard, Ashy & co. know better.
  7. I’m confused (easily done some might suggest). Henrietta gets very mardy at the suggestion of mass (surveillance) testing, continually telling us it is a waste of time. Chris Witty, Patrick Valance & JVT are having the UK Govt spend billions on testing within the UK. If they didn’t, case numbers would be in the hundreds daily rather than thousands and maybe the population wouldn’t be shitting their kegs via the media & their daily figures wankfest. Whos right, Henrietta or UK public health?
  8. I read a poll on Facebook whereby the majority of respondents deemed the IOM Govts handling of the pandemic to be excellent. Just saying.
  9. There will always be Government apologists.
  10. Mr. Ashford is very keen to compare our vaccination rollout & % of population complete with the United Kingdom. How about a comparison with those cheeky Channel Islanders? You know, the Crown Dependancies like us.
  11. The chickens are coming home to roost. Stay safe & remain vigilant everyone.
  12. Paul Moulton alluding on Twitter to a press release / briefing this morning confirming “new unexplained cases”
  13. The problem is, 60,000+ people are being infected everyday - which suggests many people are visiting many people all the time!
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