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  1. She’s had a double dose, ready to party!
  2. I’ve just had the double Indian variant from Ghandi’s. Particularly nasty strain, extremely virile!
  3. .... and will be scrapped at the next meeting of CoMin without doubt. The hearts & minds speech by Howard yesterday was the start of the fluffing process in an effort to prepare the Mary’s for a much earlier than expected reopening.
  4. Complete overkill. You're going to be very, very disappointed if you believe that's what will happen. I'm starting to think they could have ran the Festival of Motorcycling but obviously nobody knew that Covid would be effectively gone by the end of May in the UK.
  5. I don’t see how they could try & justify otherwise. We, as Islanders, would or should have exactly the same rights as anyone travelling here & be expected to follow the same isolation protocols in place at that point in time.
  6. That’s the point I’m trying to make. Howard Quayle intimated that we are taking our advice, or at least some of it, from academics at the University of Warwick. The evidence, as we’ve discovered to our peril, is quite clearly contrary to what they (UofW) have fed CoMin. I’d have thought the provenance of the science, data & advice for all the U.K. and Channel Islands would be from the same sources. That would make sense? Why are we using a University in Warwickshire! Maybe the U.K. do use them?
  7. Our advisors say it doesn’t matter ... (in case you missed it 😉) https://warwick.ac.uk/newsandevents/pressreleases/new_research_finds_no_evidence_that_schools_are_playing_a_significant_role_in_driving_spread_of_the_covid-19_virus_in_the_community1
  8. They’ll do what they want & you’ll like it son! Or it’s Jurby for you my boy.
  9. We'll see how serious Boris & his Government are when the travel 'Green List' is published next week in preparation of the May 17 skies reopening.
  10. Did I hear correctly that we (well, the IOM Government) are taking advice and using data provided by the University of Warwick? The same people who told us there's no correlation between school children returning & infection rates rising? New research finds no evidence that schools are playing a significant role in driving spread of the Covid-19 virus in the community (warwick.ac.uk) Confused of Douglas.
  11. My experience within a brief spell in Govt. furnished me with the belief that promotions are rewarded by years served not suitability or competency in the role. Ergo, the shite, not necessarily the cream, can rise to the top.
  12. Anyway, HQ referred to a reduction in isolation requirements when ‘we’ reopen our borders at the start of May. What are we saying people, 7 days? Test on entry, passive surveillance on negative result & further day 7 test? Isolate if positive? UK 7 day rolling new infection rate at 28 per 100,000 UCL claiming (though contested) that herd immunity was reached last Monday in the U.K.
  13. I’ve referred to both HQ & DA as buffoons in the past here. I should clarify they are certainly buffoonesque in their Govt. ministerial capacities BUT on a personal level they are actually very nice guys. I’ve met them both & they are genuinely amiable, chirpy & decent blokes. Which I guess is the problem we’ve always had here.
  14. Ripping the skirting boards off at the airport. Make of that what you will .......
  15. Yeah but that's still a 7% chance of a 0.008% chance. Keep the boarders slammed shut as a precaution until we know more and the Isle of Man medical & scientific advisors have dissected and analysed the data. Then they can put it to the Emergency Advisory Group at the start of 2022 for review and bring it to Tynwald before the summer recess. I know we'll lose another TT but we've got to air on the side of caution.
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