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  1. I am neither a scientist nor an active pity party attendee but they do sound intriguing. Mandatory mask wearing in all public indoor spaces would be the mitigation measure needed most urgently combined with vaccine passports for all over 18's asap. No double vax status, no flat White in Costa or pint down the Woody. Time to turn up the heat on these vax dodgers.
  2. Stop reporting case numbers. Andy Wint ‘hates this’
  3. The mere notion of this is madness. Has this Island not got enough on it's plate already without spunking hundreds of thousands of taxpayers pounds on something that will achieve the grand sum of fuck all. I really do despair.
  4. ‘They’ don’t want it to be over - ever. The unions & shirkers.
  5. Possibly. I’m not expecting to get in mind you. Too radical & progressive for this place.
  6. No Ireland service, London flights are a joke. It needs sorting asap.
  7. @BenFairfaxhad us dying on the streets of Douglas by mid-September. The likes of him & the University of Warwick (SAGE) types are still the most dangerous threat to society, not Covid 19.
  8. Having seen what’s out there trying to get into the Keys in their place, my conclusion is this: We’re fucked. Sell up & get off.
  9. The Manx Twitter Covid cranky club are urging for all members of the ‘Council of Morons’ to be ousted at the polls today. They can’t seem to work out the correlation between increased cases & schools returning. They want (our) your children to be denied a valid education so their retirement is quiet & risk free. Fucking lunatics.
  10. Covid is here for the foreseeable future. Double jab recipients are being reinfected. More people need to step forward & receive their vaccinations to at least attempt to mitigate transmission & we all have to accept this is now a part of our lives. A few of us here have been consistent throughout. Live with it & take your chances or hide yourself away but please do us a favour if so & stop crying like c***s all over Twitter regarding hidden figures & conspiracies.
  11. I’ve not been out of the house since March 2020. It’s terrifying Isn’t it.
  12. Can't see it happening. Ben's FiloFax said we'd be in our sixth wave by then. It was in the papers and everything.
  13. I wonder how many actual flu deaths the UK will record this winter. Anyone remember the flu? Highly transmissible, viral condition, particularly debilitating to the elderly, infirm & those of a less active nature. Nasty bugger it was, used to kill thousands and thousands.
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