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  1. In regards borders reopening: I read that the UK Government is set to possibly announce (29 June) air bridges to & from Schengen countries that have the spread of the virus under control, effective mid-July. Playing devils advocate, if that were true, it would heap an enormous amount of pressure on Messrs. Quayle, Ashford, Allinson etc to lift restrictions.
  2. There have been a multitude of DOI f*** ups down the years but this little gem must top the lot. The sad thing is, there's somebody in the civil service, actually several, who have sat around a table and thought this was a good idea before signing it off. Imbeciles.
  3. I think you’d have to question that given our borders will very likely remain closed until end of July earliest (being optimistic).
  4. This. Absolutely no need for commissioners on an Island with a population as it is. Steamline & centralise.
  5. High Speed Internet? He was referring to the UK then.
  6. All is relative. Property prices will be affected globally. Values are almost certain to decrease in the foreseeable however.
  7. I think you’ll see a shift in mindset when the Government support monies are suspended toward the back end of this month & employers start shedding jobs in VERY large numbers. The economic climate isn’t picking up any time soon & the Govt. won’t be funding the Prosecco garden parties for much longer. Reality is going to bite hard & quickly for an awful lot of folk here & across the water.
  8. The TT is dead now. Time for the announcement so local businesses can make contingency plans, sorry … I mean close.
  9. I think you’ll find it’s Jonny Moss this week ...
  10. Did you know that a pavement exists & runs all the way from the bottom of Summer Hill to the bottleneck car park (with the exclusion of the Broadway junction). There would have been plenty of room to accommodate all if designed correctly. Horses running on busy roads (and getting busier by the year) is a worse mix believe me.
  11. Why these tracks (single track with passing places) are not being laid on the promenade walkway is beyond me. Complete madness.
  12. It should be the site of the Islands only 5 star hotel. The setting is idyllic & a golf course surrounding it that is quite superb. As is the case with everything, it all boils down to £ & returns on any investment. Its such a shame that apartments are destined for the land and the hotel will likely be nothing more than a Sefton Express.
  13. I've found them to be courteous but efficient on the whole but then I try to treat people with the same level of respect as I would expect from them.
  14. Indeed it would after you've tried to recoup the initial £1million investment ... That's a lot of nuggets & chips & one hour sessions in the pissy & puke filled ball pen.
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